Bree And The Whatevers / Press

“Stoli Loves How Bree And The Whatevers Address The ‘Homewrecker...I have seen the video and this is a collection of music not to be missed”

“Their recent EP [Homewrecker] is reminiscent of a variety of Motown influences, including The Supremes, The Temptations, and Smokey Robinson. The lyrics to "Homewrecker" is an ode to Klauser's relationship with Kessler, that went from friendship to falling in love, and was arranged and performed with Kessler and producer, Scott Hollingsworth; known for his work with Sean Lennon, GOASTT, and Yoko Ono. What you get is a four track EP filled with funk and soulful songs...”

“For fans of: Amy Winehouse, Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings, James Brown, & Gin Wigmore ...The group has brought the vintage style of the single to life by pairing it with an equally retro cinematic setting... With a refined modern sound portrayed in their new single “Homewrecker”, Bree And The Whatevers are making bounds and leaps as they gear up for the release of their highly anticipated EP.”

"One critique I have here is that Bree has always struck me more as a performer than just a singer. There’s always a lot of energy on stage and a feeling that she loves every minute of her time there. I love that about her and think it’s what makes this band more enjoyable than average."

“Along with their jazzy pop blue rock-ish vibes, Bree and The Whatevers strive to provide a very cathartic entertainment experience.”

“Bree Klauser of Bree and the Whatevers melds together a few of our favorite things: amazing music, true talent, determination, and humor. As it's stated on their facebook fan page, Bree is, "The musical love child of Amy Winehouse and The Doors." Bree and the Whatevers have a certain enthusiasm and excitement that a lot of indie acts lack....”

"we happily settled for an attractive blues/jazz/pop chanteuse, Bree Klauser, who playfully delivered lively melodies with a skilled combo of guitar/bass/drums/keys. We heard some nice bluesy guitar on My Cocaine (by another Klauser), jazzy drums on The Strain, rolling piano on Come My Way, and keyboards sounding a world music string/piano interplay on Isolde. ...." "Bree has a wonderful voice that can go anywhere and do anything. Her breathy instrument dances flirtatiously on jazz/blues-tinged pop songs "