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“Next up tonight I got a band with quite an unusual sounding name . I am gonna spell it for you The name of the band is AEUR. But apparently and I've had this direct from the band there is no incorrect way to say this! In some parts of the world some people say "OR" . Other parts they say "YOUR" . I see it more like "AIR" . But again there is no wrong way to say it. They are a grungy sounding band . And it's all about vanity and honoring that 90's era. And the NIRVANA times. And spokenly enough one of the co- collaborators is called KURT. So here we go . We have "YOUR" / "AIR "/ "OR" depends how you say it. The #EmpressOfRockShow will be getting underway at 7pm. Tonight Evelyn has tracks from Nocturne Wulf // KinStrife // // Those Damn Crows // Waiting 4 April // ÆUR // Incognito Theory // HARSH // The Latitude // Sweet Electric // Jared James Nichols // Broken Empire // EMPYRE // District 13 Listen live at www.erbradio.co.uk, www.Mixcloud.com/erbradio from 8 PM”

“A short and interesting work that makes great use of his gear. The track comprises a multi-instrument percussion bed, an acoustic 12-string guitar and a basic bass sound of unspecified origin.That said, we found the 12-string tone here to be articulate yet mellow, avoiding much of the “twang” that can often accompany the instrument. Well done! We absolutely love it when we receive an example of someone creating a successful track with the tools at hand. While we would all flip for a vintage Neve console and a bag full of Neumann mics, reality is quite a different thing. Often in our haste (guilty as charged!) to get to the next big thing, we fail to explore the potential of the gear we have in front of us, often to our detriment. Kudos to Joaquín for creating a pleasing result with what many would consider a bare-bones setup. A great reminder, “It’s not the car; it’s the driver.””

“one thing you've got to know about me is that i love me a little bit of the 90s again i mentioned I’m reading the dave Grohl autobiography at the moment and man it's bringing back some awesome 90s memories of mosh pits and sweaty crowd surfing and loud amps and marshall stacks and all the rest but um this is a you air how am I going to pronounce that that you with you are but it's lustral let's give it a spin on your music live That's some tasty licks and some tasty grungy guitar chords going on there. Can the 90s come back next? You know how everything's 80s and everything is purple and pink and neon, everything is flannel shirts and doc marten boots next, please yeah Alice in change with a sound garden bit of screaming trees you named the 90s grunge band and they were there like a a modern version of grunge which is cool i love me some grunge I’m bringing bringing the grunge very do very good very tasty licks ...”

“Lustral [Best Rock Song] 2021 🎵 FINALIST / FINALISTAS World Music Festival 2021 - ROCK The WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL, spot and celebrates music from all around the world. The Festival creates a platform that connects professionals with music industry. Our goal is to provide a windows to show and connect talents.”

“World History Encyclopedia The Phoenician Alphabet & Language he Phoenician Alphabet & Language written by Thamis and narrated by Jennifer Sabir: https://www.worldhistory.org/article/17/the-phoenician-alphabet--language/ Phoenician is a Canaanite language closely related to Hebrew. Very little is known about the Canaanite language, except what can be gathered from the El-Amarna letters written by Canaanite kings to Pharaohs Amenhopis III (1402 - 1364 BCE) and Akhenaton (1364 - 1347 BCE). It appears that the Phoenician language, culture, and writing were strongly influenced by Egypt (which controlled Phoenicia for a long time), as king Rib-Adda of Byblos admits in one of his letters to the pharaoh.”

“Invocation (Ancient Egyptian Melody), an interesting new project by ÆUR , presenting an interpretation of what Egyptian music could've sounded like..”

“In this audio article, DW Draffin takes you through the history of Ancient Egypt, from the Old, Middle and New Kingdoms and the Intermediate Periods in between. This introduction to Ancient Egypt will take you through the most prominent Kings and Pharaohs of Egypt, and discuss its strongest periods, and its gradual decline. If you like our audio articles, please support us by becoming a member or donating to our non-profit company:”

“ÆUR is a rock/thrash/experimental outfit from New Rochelle, New York and today I will be reviewing a track they sent to me, where they ‘honor the memory of NIRVANA/STP 90’s grunge era style’. I was quite excited to review this entry as it was one of the submissions I got while I was taking a much needed mental health break, and so I was eager to tackle it when I was back and writing again.”

“Sounds amazing. Love the intensity of the guitars and the mysterious dramatic vibe they created with the middle-eastern vibes. Great job! [ Invocation (Ancient Egyptian Melody)]”

“‘Lustral’ kicks off with some hard and vibrant guitars and percussion that blend together really well. They counterpoint well with the vocalist whose voice is clear and pronounced but softer in comparison. I really enjoyed this track, it reminds me a lot of the kind of track you’d hear in an early 2000s superhero movie, something for when the character is just discovering and beginning to enjoy their powers/status. But of a weird mental picture I’m sure and it may be the exact opposite of the group’s intention but it’s what it does in my head. It’s just a great track that’s busy without being overwhelming, has a lot of great individual elements that add up to something powerful and engaging and honestly it’s just well worth giving it a listen.”

“From their chilled out riffs to the Stone Temple Pilots style vocals ‘Lustral’ is a showcase of what the band can do. There’s an effortlessness to the track as a whole which is entirely endearing and the groove at the heart of the song pulls the listener’s attention towards it. The variation of the song is like something from a Jack White track but it always comes back to that main riff. A riff that after a couple of minutes feels like home.Pronouncing their name is the only hard thing about ÆUR as they’re one of the easiest bands to get into you’re likley to hear.”

“This hard rock band hails from New York and are bringing their own brand of music for your listening pleasure. Their release ‘Lustral’ is a great introduction to what this band has to offer.The track is all about vanity and popularity culture. This is a topic that seeps into everyone’s lives whether you notice it or not. This uneasy theme is handled in an easy manner making the band one to watch.‘Lustral’ hits you with driving guitars from the first note. The opening hooks you and the continuing driving melody keeps your attention. While the melody is driving, it is not aggressive and gently draws you through the track. The guitars in the song have a great rhythm to them without being overpowering.The vocals are a smooth upper layer to the track that drape over the melody. They are soft on the ears while engaging and make you want to continue listening. There is something captivating about the vocal performance that makes you want to listen to the track again and again.”

“As the weather gets cold and grey, nothing warms the soul like a bit of Grunge. This week on the “New Grunge Forever” playlist: [Lustral - ÆUR ]New Grunge Forever We all know the 90's Grunge and Famous that made it, but this Playlist is dedicated to New Grunge music. Submissions @ FB: Musimplorer . There are bands producing great Grunge tunes today and this playlist aims to support that.”

“Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. [INVOCATION] Doom tek ka tek tek doom tek tek tekka 🥁 sounds like modern Zaffet Al Arous👰‍♀️ An eternally relevant rhythm”

“Hiya! You will be played on ALYX PLAYS PUNK tomorrow (8th November!) I am presenting submission only specials as underground bands really need the exposure right now! The show will be up on my website and facebook page at 8pm (GMT time) for you to tune into! Big Love Alyx [ALYX PLAYS PUNK SHOW #63]”

“Wow that sounds really badass guys. I dig it a lot. Imma add it to our Underground playlist on spotify.”

“So this next one I'm going to play actually, it's going to be kind of a departure from like the hip-hop vibes but you know nevertheless we gonna kind of just see what it's about it's "Lustral" it's a single by ÆUR and Kurt Borst. This seems like some electronic music that's kind of like from Europe so let's check this out. You guys know I love all music. Anytime anyone tells me about an Artist and refers them to my platform here. I instantly go and like & look them up after the show. They told me this is a track done as a tribute to honor the memory and spirit of nirvana's grunge-era style. I could hear the Nirvana- ties bro like uh like i said we don't discriminate on the show. You Know listen to everything. The sound is tight man, it's tight, like you can just tell when a band sounds good together. All the instruments are getting in, nothing is like distracting or hurting your ear, you know what I'm saying and just like too not to loud and the balance is a huge Key. Super fire.”

“Vosk21 -Highly commend you for doing a cover for a game that deserves way more covers. Pedro Anderson B. Pinheiro Awesome for a Metal cover! that’s how it should be, powerful, melodic and grim. Well done, as TheEternalVortex said, your cover maintains the dark, grim and heroic vibrations of the theme. I would suggest continue elaborating on this, adding some turbo fast drum breakdowns and perhaps some rapid guitar scale-escalations or a solo. Chal0099 Well done, as TheEternalVortex said, your cover maintains the dark, grim and heroic vibrations of the theme. I would suggest continue elaborating on this, adding some turbo fast drum breakdowns and perhaps some rapid guitar scale-escalations or a solo. Förruttnad I really like the "low quality"-production. gives the song a nice black metal-ish feeling. Awesome cover! arkvvulf Feels offbeat which is sorta bugging me, otherwise it's pretty cool. higor huann HELL YEAH! VERY WELL DONE! THIS SONG ROCKS!”

“Reminds me of some nirvana.That's how I'm feeling with this through.Even in the the cover art is slightly Nirvana-ish . You know you remember the little baby going after the dollar bill in the pool and shit ? This is a little similar like I feel the vibe now it's a 4-minute track which is slightly long for what we do on these shows and stuff but I really really like this track alot. One thing I always notice and I don't know if Spotify kind of changes the quality or anything of that nature maybe a little bit but when you have I'm assuming that this was recorded with live with live instruments and live guitars & drums and all that stuff and his vocals they're not super drowned out but they are I would have liked to hear him real up close and personal in my headphones. I want to listen to the rest of them, they actually sent me the entire album to listen to and I'm definitely gonna check it out I don't know about you guys but I'm definitely gonna check it out. I hearted!”

“I like it. It does have that STP feel to it. I would like to include it as part of Little Rage Radio vol 10. Is that cool? Little Rage Radio 10 is now available. 40 Bands/Artist made this episode special. The Mind of Little Rage - Little Rage Radio Volume 10 #10 Song “Lustral” included in segment. A podcast that focuses on underground Rock, Hard Rock, and Heavy Metal bands. TMoLR offers interviews, reviews, and reactions with the spotlight band/artist. Little Rage is also not afraid to go outside the genres of Hard Rock and Metal. If the music is good, it's good. Genre be damned! The show is completely UNCENSORED!”

“Hello! Thanks! Your other tracks sound dark and heavy. With the addition of vocals, Lustral sounds as if Nirvana had released a new song. I followed Spotify. Added to playlist. I'm here as well. Follow me on the list, my band, if you like”

“Song shared as an Instagram post”

“Hey man! Heather here from Quarantine Fm. Really like your tune, I'm gonna give it a spin on next week's Garden Gigs show. Keep rockin, Heather”

“Hey :) Cool name guys. And a very nice song! I'll share it in my account. Even tho I'm not a very big profile I hope I help you in some way <3”

“Hey! Nice job, guys!! I added your track to my playlist. Best wishes for you! IG: @isabellamatz”

“Interested in adding "Lustral" to the weekly series "Discoveries of the Week" which will be posted on mangorave.blogspot.com every Wednesday. The post will be available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Telegram. It will feature a link to your song and a Spotify playlist. Discoveries of the Week: 29 July - 04 August 2020 - August 05, 2020”

“Hello! this is our SUPERNOVA RADIO SHOW playlist on spotify. your music is on there. if you can like, follow, share, the team thanks you!”

“Exclusive sound at this Tuesday's Supernova Radio Show! Straight from New York, the ÆUR project, formed by Joaquin Velez and Kurt Borst, shows its grunge-influenced sound in the song “Lustral”, which you hear first hand this Tuesday, the 4th, at 6 pm, on Supernova Radio Show, on Clube do Rock 87.9 FM!”

“‘Lustral’ – ÆUR ‘Lustral’ is a song about vanity and popularity culture. ÆUR like to keep it simple and let their music do the talking”

“Thanks for sharing your tune with us and for supporting our cause. Cool tune, the production is mint and I like the main guitar riff and the hardrock edge it has. The "yeah" bit in the chorus reminds me of Alice in Chains and there are definitely some distinct grunge elements throughout. I've added it to our Fresh Rock playlist.”

“Great Submission .It's truly lovely! Quite a heavy emotional piece.[Astraea]”

“Sounds dark, love it! Amazing work once again. [Astraea]”

"Cool song I added to my Rock 'n Roll isn't Dead PLAYLIST . " Rock 'n Roll is not dead if you want to suggest your band go here www.edgarallanpoets.com and follow @edgarallanpoets music here http://bit.ly/edgarallanpoetsmusic

“Ancient backing beats perfect for Egyptian themed parties and festivals. Unearthed to be the background music for the printable escape room party kit THE LOST MUMMY. On the official SPOTIFY Playlist for The Lost Mummy Play-At-Home Escape Room Experience”

"Bloom where you are planted There is magic in the unknowing. There is magic in being that seed that is waiting to sprout. Even though you may feel buried in darkness at first, it is how all creation begins. Keep trusting the process of becoming." A showcase track that exemplifies that guitars do not have to be distorted to sound heavy. Good news! I would like to share ÆUR - Invocation (Ancient Egyptian Melody) as part of an Instagram post.

“Great, pure music. Good instrumentals, excellent vocals - love the gritty style of this track. This song is quite solid and well written. Overall the main issue I have is I felt the chorus could have been just a tad bit more catchy and explosive. The current chorus is already good - I just wanted it to hit the next level to really stand out. But this is a very good song with quality vocals and instrumentals. My favourite part is the note at 1:27 "she gave him a (bow?)". The usual choice of note during the word "bow" was quite excellent.”

“Cool song! Singer reminds me of Chester Bennington a little. - Regarding vocals on LUSTRAL”

“On their work,I took some freedom, I studied and explored it till I found something that for me was convincing pianistically and musically. Sometimes I followed your piano demo, sometimes the original recording with guitar, other times I gave my version of a specific section. Also I cut some parts or replaced with sometimes slightly different. There's a reason for each decision I took. Also I've found useful to use the technic of overdubbing, in fact in some points it's like two pianos playing together, it was technically impossible to render some passages otherwise and I felt I needed it to give that idea of power and, desired, sense of chaos. [Astraea]”

“Off to a good start! “Deep in The Mine” is an acoustic rock instrumental with world music flavors. As the track progresses, the guys do a good job in increasing the sense of urgency and intensity with every additional part that gets added,..."”