Champagne Sunday

Powerful, honest, edgy, and refreshingly original, Champagne Sunday attacks the stage with a show that is heartfelt, engaging, and performed with a desperate enthusiasm and chemistry seldom seen in today’s rock bands. Champagne Sunday transcends genre enough to create their own, coalescing the multi-genre tastes of today’s fickle audiences into a catalog that defies traditional definition.

Formed in 2005 by husband and wife Jared and Jessi Fredeen, Champagne Sunday has always been accused of a severe “uniqueness” that is based upon the uniting of the vastly opposing backgrounds of Jared, a 90’s grunge-rock and folk disciple, and Jessi, a pop and musical theatre enthusiast.

Champagne Sunday has made their name known in big and small towns across the US. From clubs in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Nashville to venues in Monterey, CA, Stevensville, MT, Chapel Hill, NC, Yankton, SD, Cave Creek, AZ, and Cape May, NJ. They have played at bus stops in Tacoma, WA and sang for the “Marfa Lights” of Marfa, TX. Champagne Sunday has wowed crowds of 2000+ and shared intimate moments with one riveted coffeehouse patron. Their ability to put on a Grammy-worthy performance wherever they are is just one of the many qualities that keep fans returning.

With seven albums (and counting) under their belts, Champagne Sunday has written enough music to keep even hard-core fans returning to see what the show will hold for them. The joyful chemistry alone of this married couple is worth the trip, as the audience feels every ounce of the love, the hardships, the happiness, and the persistence that sustains them as a band and a family.

Champagne Sunday has had many opportunities to quit and hasn’t. Why? When you see them, you’ll know. You’ll get it. And you’ll be grateful.