Zuprowski Connection / Press

“Grunge may have fallen out of favour with many, but Zuprowski Connection are on a mission to keep it alive, and tonight they don't disappoint. Their alternative take on the genre is unique in it's own right, as they rock through 'The Mirror's Light' with it's speed-funk drum intro it is the perfect headbanger to start a set. Singer Mark Smith's powerful vocal range can still be heard over the noise despite limited amp use. Although there is limited interaction with the crowd they are far from sombre, tearing through sludgy number "I Am" (one of my favourite songs off their s/t album). The biggest crowd pleaser has to be their unique cover of the Divinyl's smash hit 'I Touch Myself' which get's the biggest sing along of the night. With time to spare they finish with a cover of Tool's 'Stinkfist' bringing an end to an eclectic night of heavy metal madness!”

“‘Zuprowski connection’ have had some decent support acts of late with Testament and Senser; they were nothing but impressive. The singer climbed onto the PA to spew forth doom-laden tidings with vitriol and bile while the rhythm section was tighter than Anne Widdecombes Bra strap!!! (Taken From Misstallica Gig Review)”

Paul Reay - Glasswerk

"Hard-rockers Zuprowski Connection demonstrate how mixing opposites isn't always a bad thing in music. Combining the best bits of metal and grunge and bringing their own hard-hitting style to the equation, They have continued to stun local audiences since playing their debut gig."


"Zuprowski Connection are the North West's very own alternative/grunge 5 piece, loaded with riffs you can bang your head to. Definitely worth looking out for if you're in the mood for something heavy yet very different."


"Slick, tight growling guitar melodies and a stunning vocalist in Mark Smith - worthy of Pearl Jam in their heyday. A distinctly retro sound that aquits itself by virtue of sheer quality."