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"Working with Zoe Ann was a blast. In addition to being an exceptional human being, she's incredibly talented, loaded with drive, and works her butt off! She's clearly at the beginning of an extensive musical journey."

“Want some insight on the next big rocker chick? This girl. Single “Girlfriend” blazes with emotion. @ZoeAnnMusic http://ow.ly/i4CJS”

“Our music artist of the day! Meet Zoe Ann. She's Kate Perry with a slightly harder edge... turn up the speakers! http://www.mycinsay.com/c/zoe-ann/girlfriend”

"Zoe Ann does it again! 'Better Than Revenge' is a JAM and this girl is the real deal! A true indie teen rock star!"

“Zoe Ann has her acclaim and roots in Texas but her fame is growing to the corners of the world be it vine tangled Brazil or arboreal Vancouver Island. So let me do my best to be a Johnny apple-seed and hurry it along because progress does not need be a slow process. Here is the score…Zoe Ann is a young rock siren with tons of enthusiasm and a very professional band and support staff dedicated to giving their best. This is some old fashioned maniacal 80′s stadium and recording quality ethics going on here behind these fresh and modern pop-rock tracks. So if that sentence didn’t make you recoil in terror and want to experience that large sound and fun spirit, once again or for the first time, then check out Zoe Ann !”

“@ZoeAnnMusic truly a breakout artist for 2012. Zoe is the complete package, an Artist by every definition. Watch this one closely! ”

"Zoe Ann is, without a doubt, the BEST teen artist on the scene today! This kid gets it! A true star!"

“Zoe... killer track and cool vid, well done! (Girlfriend)”

“Zoe Ann is one of the most talented young artists you'll hear in Dallas! She's got the perfect combination of hard rock, perfect vocals and great lyrics. ”

“ZOE...you got it, kid! I'm a fan always. You are a fine bottle of wine and when you get older you'll know that wine gets better with age! Your music is maturing, your look is FABULOUS and your voice is kickin' hard! Love where you are taking things and I'm real excited for you. ”

“Rock Queen Zoe Ann titled this latest release in one word and that aspect nicely sums up the gist of her song. It is simply an emotional declaration of what has and is being thought by many girls all over the world. Everyone has a some point been a victim of the Friend Zone and here Zoe just belts out the sentiment that everyone wants to scream “No I don’t want to be your bestfriend””

“Congrats, now you hold 2 chart records! Lipstick Lies with the most weeks at number 1 and the only artist with 4 songs on the top 40 chart. ”

“Well great news, you did it! I just checked the final stats and you have 4 songs in our top 40. You are the first artist in the history of the Tween pop 40 to do that. The new chart will be released tonight before 10 PM central time. Your song Girlfriend is rising fast! - Scott, TPR”

"SOOO proud of you. You're going to make it and I'll be cheering the loudest. LOVED working with you and getting to know you. Go HARD Zoe Ann! Love, Kidd " — Kidd Kraddick In The Morning

“If you're a fan of emotionally charged songs from a teen vocalist who can truly 'own' the music, then Zoe Ann's Alternative/Rock with a punk flare is for you. From the first time I heard Zoe Ann's music, I was hooked. A 'True' Texas Rock Powerhouse!! (The full review can be read a the link below) ”

“I’ve heard of Zoe Ann before, as I’ve seen her name on the websites of some of the Dallas area clubs when she has played them. That’s all I knew about her, though, and when I went to her page, I was immediately ready to write her off as a pop singer, in the vein of those Disney stars. I couldn’t have been any more wrong. She and her band have a superb rock/alt rock sound, with hard-hitting, catchy melodies, while Zoe’s voice has a great range to it, and at times sounds quite fierce (i.e. “Burning Hollywood”). (I would even go as far as to use the word “impeccable” to describe it.) And though she’s only a teenager, the songs, lyrically speaking, have a real sense of maturity to them. Remember that name, because this is one artist you should definitely keep an eye on.”

“A well deserved "tip of the hat" to the hardest working most talented young artist in the world!!!!!!”

“Zoe Ann continues the Texas tradition of crafting heart felt music and songs that speak to fans, reaching them in their everyday lives. Zoe Ann is building on buzz from her time on Kidd Kraddick’s rock camp, her energetic fan base generates support for long and continued drive. Expect to see this artist everywhere very soon. Zoe Ann stands poised to take her music to next level and carry the Texas torch.”

"Zoe Ann, Emerging Super Star from the Rock World"!!

“When Zoe performs it takes 5 days on average for them to find the roof of the venue!”

Rick Frost - Reverbnation

“ZOE's going places fast...youthful Dynamo and a Voice with smack.”

Sonny Boucher - Writer, Producer, Director - Facebook

“Dallas is big, Texas is bigger, but not nearly big enough for Zoe! Rock on Zoe! The world awaits...”

Ian Stokol - Jan Juc, VIC, AU - Reverbnation

“More Rock than Pop, great stuff, very infectious. TPS”

The Public Secret - Reverbnation

“the one & only rock princess!!”

Todd Stone - Reverbnation

“Zoe Ann - You totally rock! Greets from Helsinki, Hannu ”

Hannu Lepisto - Reverbnation

“Hey Zoe .... Deception really kix .... fantastic girl!!!!!!! ”

Stirling - Reverbnation

“Zoe.. You are a great rock talent! Pat Branch”

Pat Branch - Reverbnation

“Zoe Rocks the stage!!!!”

3 a.m. - Reverbnation

“Loving the track "someday" you could just be the next Paramore :)”

EX39 - Reverbnation

" back for more of my favourite rock princess!!!!!!! "

Todd Stone - #1 Rock charts - Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK. - Reverbnation

“Zoe Ann Rocks Curtain Club - Had the opportunity to check out Zoe Ann’s new sound live at the Curtain Club tonight and she rocked the house! Great lyrics, great band, great vocals, and AMAZING stage presence. This is a girl to keep your eye on. She should be very proud!”

"I know you were a part of that Rock Camp Band, but believe it or not they were talking about JUST you on the show and how you were going to be singing something live (or doing something like that, I can't remember exactly)..Lol however, what was cool was that they were talking about only you Zoe, and Kidd Kraddick even ventured to voice his belief that you are going to be a star ;)"

"I had the pleasure of working with Zoe Ann at Kidd Kraddick Rock Camp (July 19 - 22nd 2010). Zoe exudes such a sincere drive and passion for her music. Her talent was obvious after our first session together and I foresee an exciting future for her. I wish Zoe all the best on her musical journey and hope I get the opportunity to work with her and her team again in the future. YOU ROCK, ZOE ANN!!!"

Darryl "Daz" Coppins, Guitarist - Fefe Dobson - Quote