Ben Wylde & The Zero Summers / Press

“If you've ever met a band with more charisma than The Zero Summers, let me know! Anyone who's looking for new music, may I suggest some 'Indie Bossa Garage Pop'? The Zero Summers are ready to hit the Utah music scene and bring their melodious goodness to your car stereo.”

“The Zero Summers were a fantastic listen...They left me feeling truly satisfied and can’t wait to hear more from them!”

“They, I feel, have a tremendous appeal for music appreciators of all genres. I heard real good music rings from alternative rock to brilliant ambient bands back in the early 90′s. The instrumentation was impressive with steady rocking guitar work, good grooves were highly noticeable by the bass and percussion sections and the gorgeous sounds brought in from instruments such as mandolins to cellos were extremely thrilling for FORKSTER’S music ears. I also was very satisfied how they could swith vocal responsibilites without losing sound quality!”

“These guys are the real deal: just real musicians making real music that moves people, inside and out, with a guitar, a cello, drums, the occasional piano, and their voices. No million dollar budget. No tricks, no gimmicks. Just authentic indie rock...shaped by [the bands] experiences...reconciling spirituality with human nature, overcoming culture clash, and returning home to a faltering economy and starting all over again.”

“The Zero Summers are truly a unique and awesome band! They really know how to entertain and their music will leave you wanting more!”

“...David Higbee could be the next great alternative rock artist to hit the scene. You should check this guy out, I'm sure you'll like his sound if you like this genre.”

"Pure awesome! Thank you David Higbee!"

“David Higbee is a very good songwriter/musician with a great compilation of songs on his latest project, Glass Canvas. There aren't a lot of independent artists who put together projects with as much consistency as David has done.”

"Can I say WOW again? Good because I am going to anyway. WOW!!!"