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“New Yorks Zeps elsker Norge - jamfør denne hyllesten - og han liker beats fra den norske flinkisprodusenten Zeps, her akkompagnert av levende bilder fra Eison, med cameo fra hele Norges hip-hop-guru Tommy Tee”

"ZEPS’ style is funny without trying too hard, a kind of natural and likable affability that’s reminiscent of a slam poet or Nuyorican Cafe artist"

“Among other things, ZEPS managed to record a new album for their Norwegian listeners, and in addition he took a visit to O-Zone battles to fight against one of the most famous in the environment, Dizaster from Los Angeles.”

“Som han forklarer på begynnelsen av låta “I Miss Her (Oslo)”, er Zeps en undergrunns rapper fra Brooklyn N.Y. som i løpet av det siste året har besøkt Norge en rekke ganger”

“Oslo tok en stor jafs av hjertet til Brooklyn-rapperen ZEPS. Så han laget en hyllest. Oslove-style.”

“Here’s an interesting track from an unsigned called Booger Sugar (cocaine is a hell of a drug).”

“Brooklyn rapper Zeps has become a regular part of the capital's underground scene in recent years, and this week released his new music video "I Miss You (Oslo)" in which he declares his love for the city.”

"No matter what style, the pace and the beat given to me, my goal is always to kill it."

“Kingsize in Norway loves Santa ZEPS!!!”