Zack Weber / Press

"Zack’s melodic tunes and thought provoking lyrics showcase a refreshingly mature singer-songwriter and entertainer. With a profound influence of pop, rock and jazz it is hard to pinpoint exactly what genre he’s playing in."

Nikki Cho Russo - Denim Therapy

““There are some artists and some tunes, that live somewhere in my soul and will be listened to over and over again forever... Zack Weber and his music fall into this category... He is a true musician and I love his work. He is surely a star in the making.” ”

Mary Balogh - New York Times Best Selling Romance Novelist

““Playing syncopated rhythms and smooth melodic sounds like early Paul Simon, this young singer-songwriter is a refreshing new talent with immense possibilities.””

Bob Moore - St. Louis Front Page

““Weber's lyrical maturity shines the brightest on the Daydreams and Day Jobs opener, ‘Sleep’ and ‘Famous’ which is sung beautifully in a ghostly, Jeff Buckley like manner, while ‘Lonely Butterfly’ is a melodic ballad that would most likely be given an Art Garfunkel seal of approval." ”

- Nate Smith - IndieMusicStop