“Yung Babby has a goal is to make it and give the opportunity to other Artists that are interested in becoming a Hip Hop Artist. Yung Babby performs at many shows in the Chicagoland area. Yung Babby has been the opening Artist for local acts like Co-Still, Bo-Deal and Lil Whyte. Yung Babby started rapping as a kid under the encouragement of Mike Boykin, a cousin, and has stuck with the industry by writing music and using music to stay stress free. Yung Babby states “Writing music is a form of therapy to help get through a lot of tough times. Yung Babby is currently working on a mixtape called “Da Million Dolla Babby”. The music that Yung Babby releases is based on real life experiences. Yung Babby writes a lot of lyrics about the street life but plan to one day be a crossover Artist because there is too much controversy in lyrics about the street life.”

“king backdown smashville representing and the game is over ”