Youngod aka Antony James was born in Birmingham, England August 16th 1985. After several trips his mother felt is was better for them in America and decided to move to Houston, Texas permanently in 1994. Growing up Youngod was always around music with a special love for playing drums, and following in his mother’s footsteps developed a strong taste for different genres of music.

With his favourite artist being Michael Jackson, Youngod learned quickly how to identify with good quality music and what it meant to be a great performer. His love for music and Michael Jackson became a bit more prominent when Youngod started entering talent shows and even made it in the newspaper for imitating the artist he had grown to love so much.

While being in America, Youngod started to shift his focus to sports and especially the game of American Football! Also, growing up in a violent drug infested area; Youngod began to fiddle with selling cocaine which left him faced with difficulties. It was during his time that he realised what his true love was and where his heart laid and that was music!

Youngod then made a life changing decision to go back to his birthplace of Birmingham, England to escape the ever growing statistic of repeat offenders and to have a fresh start in life.

Upon meeting family members he was introduced to an uncle who had a studio and was able to assist him in recording and releasing Youngod’s first two mixtapes in the UK. After learning the UK sound and using his hip hop influences of artists like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne and even UK artists like Chip, Tinie Tempah and Skepta, Youngod started to evolve his sound even more. He then met Birmingham’s own producer/musician Joshua Bailey and the two teamed up to work on his now soon to be released EP.

With a consistently growing catalogue of music, Youngod has released other solo mixtapes and even a few collaboration mixtapes online. Having had a small taste of performing in the UK Youngod is now ready to release his new project which he calls a glimpse into his life, and will be expecting a summer of performances throughout the UK.

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