Young Markie / Press

"First off....this beat is knockin!! We really feeling it. We feel you could tighten up on some of your lyrics though. For example, some of the punch-lines could use a little work. Also, the auto-tune sounds good on this track but you should re-recored the auto tune part to make it go with the track better a bit better. Otherwise, it's a great track and has club banger potential. We hope to hear more from you soon. Peace" Cool & Dre

"We digging the swag you bring to this track. Your lyrics and delivery are on point. You kinda sound like Too Short, but you still got your own style. The hook is cool, but we just think you sound a lil' out of tune on some of the singing parts. Try using the auto tune plug in to fix that but don't make the effect so mechanical (like T-Pain). Also, we feel the track sounds really thin so try getting with the producer of this beat and add more instrumentation because you all it sounds like you have is a kick drum, clap, and the sine wave synth. Try adding a pad or and bass line to thicken up the beat so it doesn't sound so thin. Other than that we love the energy you bring to the track and the promotion for your Myspace page. It's all about putting yourself out there. If you have any other songs or make changes to this one we'd like to hear what else you got. Keep up the good work. Peace!!!"