Xander Demos / Press

“Think Judas Priest meets Black Sabbath as you will watch this amazing guitarist in action.”

“Wow Xander's guitar work is very clean. Really dig it reminisce of Steve Via or Joe Satriani.”

Nick Katsouros - Musical Osmosis

“(Xander's 'Boys of Summer') is an amazing recording, and the vocals are flawless. To call it a cover song does not to it justice. I dare say that this is actually even better than the original. Xander is obviously a total pro guitar player, and this is top notch in every way.”

“It is pretty much impossible to walk away from hearing this album without being blown away by Demos’ lightning fast speed, blistering solos and screaming melodies!”

“Shred guitarist Xander Demos utilizes a powerful arsenal of speed, finger dexterity, and scale dominance in 'Under A Darkened Sky.' Aside from the guitar work, the song shines with excellent drums and vocals, making for a rocking metal tune.”

“If you want to show someone what heavy metal guitar playing is all about, Xander Demos‘ ‘Guitarcadia’ is definitely a reference work.”

“Searing leads, technical phrases and tight rhythm riffs..Think Randy Rhoads meets Zakk Wylde and spice up some of that Michael Angelo Batio flare, and you get close enough!”

“Guitarcadia' is an unrelenting barrage of guitar rock”

“Guitarist Xander Demos has chops for days. His technical prowess is undeniable, but I also believe that his artistic vision for his sound is what makes Guitarcadia stand out.”

“If you love guitar riffs fast powerful and loud mixed with some hard hitting vocals then this is your guy.”

“All influences are mightily evident in his latest release “Under A Darkened Sky,” which grinds and grimaces with tornado gusto. With a midsection guitar solo that will singe your eyebrows, this is the real thing. Bulls-eye, baby.”

Chuck Taylor - Former Sr. Editor, Billboard Magazine

“faster than humanly possible, smooth, hard and powerful. His solos are played with insane perfection, every note perfectly realized even though the finger gymnastics he’s going through are perceivable only to him. On Guitarcadia, Xander Demos’ technical ability is clearly defined as is his artistic vision. He’s not only a guitar player, he’s a musician. And while his technique is almost perfect, his musicianship and melodic sense are superb.”

“The Epitome of Metal Guitar Shredding...will make your jaw drop. You will find yourself holding your breath to see where the next solo will go!”

“The arrangements that Demos creates on this album showcase his technical skill, all while creating a narrative that is as rich and fulfilling as any vocal-heavy composition. Guitarcadia is an incredibly furious title that showcases both a guttural and an erudite side of Demos, with numerous compositions that will continue to surprise listeners after repeated plays.8.8/10”

James McQuiston - Neufutur Magazine

“Guitarcadia is hands down the best guitar driven album of the past decade.”

“Noisy and furious...exceptional. 8 out of 10 stars”

“Xander Demos is a great guitarist. There is no question about that. The man certainly shreds.”

“To me “Under a Darkened Sky” sounds a bit like Fates Warning. It’s a killer tune..Xander Demos is a shredding guitarist and a pretty good one at that. High energy and crunchy...8 out of 10 stars”

“There is no denying the talent of Demos...wonderfully powerful! 4.5 out of 5 stars”

“Awesome epic metal. 8.5/10 stars”

“His unique combination of speed, fluency, and melody does more than merely recall predecessors like Malmsteen, Lynch, or Vai, among others, but brims over with innumerable nods to the genre’s longtime practitioners. 9 out of 10 stars”

“This CD belongs in the hands of guitar heads around the planet immediately. Xander is a musical mastermind with more than enough creativity and speed to go around. The songs are extremely melodic, grooving, and hypnotic.”

“Pittsburgh’s own Xander Demos Band got things going and set the parishioners in motion with a blistering set of technical melodic rock. Think Dream Theater meets Dokken. Vocalist Mario Brescia’s voice was as crisp and sharp as ever, cutting through the silence like a straight razor and guitarist Xander Demos’ solos are the stuff legends are made of, rivaling greats like Malmsteen, Vai and Satriani. One day his name too will be held in the same high regard. The band frequently lands the opening slot for national bands coming through the Pittsburgh area and with damn good reason. They are the Burgh’s premiere musical export. At the rate they are going, it is just a matter of time before they are a household name. As usual, their set was a huge success and well received by the crowd. So were the shirts they kept throwing into the audience.”

“Xander Demos Has the Makings of the Worlds Greatest Guitar Shredder. To watch Xander Demos play guitar is like watching Picasso paint. I kid you not. Xander was born to play guitar. He has just such mastery over the instrument it is almost as if he is one with the guitar.”

“Xander Demos demonstrates a great amount of talent and skill with his musical style combing commercial metal and hard rock together”

“Anyone that has had the distinct pleasure of seeing The Xander Demos Band knows exactly what they bring to the table. Their music is a revival of 80’s hair metal with a much heavier edge. Think Skid Row meets Iron Maiden. The band’s fearless lead Xander is a greek guitar God whose ability to shred is unparalleled. Xander’s stage presence is undeniable and vocalist Mario Brescha has a strong command of the crowd and a vocal range that gave Mr. Scheepers cause to up his game that night. The band sounded amazing and played with technical brilliance and dexterity. They unleashed a blistering 6 song set of tracks like “White Knuckle Driving,” “Under A Darkened Sky” and “Dancing Through Dagger,” to an overwhelming audience response.”

“Up next, also from Pittsburgh was the Xander Demos Band who managed to work the crowd into a frenzy before ever playing a single note, having them pose for a few pictures. They proceeded to hammer out a devastating set of guitar based metal in the vein of Vai, Satriani, Malmsteen and Hoey, complete with the progressive song structures of Iron Maiden, Rush and Dream Theater. Xander is a Greek guitar god and vocalist Mario Brescia has exceptional, dynamic range which is complemented perfectly by the massive bottom end of drummer Jeff Anzelone and bassist Dan Bozym who are as solid as they come. They made the best of their time and only stopped once for Xander to thank everyone for coming and jokingly say “All our songs are really long, so we only play five.””

“..recalls the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Vinnie Moore, etc. Xanders powerful and speedy workouts maintain an upbeat melodic buoyancy toeing that fine line between chopzilla and songcraft. Guitarcadia is the musical equivalent of whitewater rafting down a swollen Class 6.”

Rockwell Butkus - Progression Magazine

“The Xander Demos Band rose to the occasion with an amazing level of musicianship that is unrivaled in this reviewer’s opinion.”

“As a composer, DEMOS boasts a musical palette that incorporate deeply melodic scorching instrumentals that bring you back to a time when rock guitar was the end-all-be-all.”


Patrick O'Heffernan - Music Friday Live

“Xander Demos is one of the modern-day cowboys of the fretboard”

““Xander Demos is dynamic. Raspy lyrical content is all we need for the holidays as this group will have your head banging through this jolly season. Electrifying sound is on par with the climate of the industry but the guitar riffs are what’s going to make this ensemble pop.””

Vaughn Lowery - 360 Magazine

“("Dancing Through Daggers") is killer..definitely deserves airplay!"”

Andrew Babcock - Hair Metal Mansion

“Fourth we had the Xander Demos Band . These guys were fast, heavy, and melodic. From Pittsburgh Xander Demos and the his played really are just amazing. Killer guitar, swift drums, and melodic atmosphere is what you can expect from these guys. These guys were on top of their game. They were certainly heavy and fast, Smooth flowing, and interacted with the crowd through-out their whole set. Xander himself ripped it on guitar, the drummer was fast and consistent, and the vocalist had a great range. Now this was one of the few groups to include a keyboard. That gave their songs an epic atmosphere, and really added to the melody. They also mingled with the crowd up until and after their set. I personally had the chance to meet some of the guys, and again they were just awesome. If you haven’t heard of these guys yet definitely check them out. Awesome group!”

““If you’re like me and love guitar players like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, but find that although you love watching them play, you can’t always sit and listen to them for hours on end, then you’re going to want to give a listen to Xander Demos…Now, I like a good shred fest as much as the next person, but I also like a good melody. Make no mistake, Xander Demos knows his way around a guitar, but he also knows his way around a good melody.””

“He has begun to gather momentum in the gunslinger space with melodic, speedy runs combining multiple techniques and flawless execution, with some untouchable progressions and speed.”

“Guitarcadia offers a guitar-shredding sonic paradise, ten tracks of full-force guitar fireworks. The overall sound is big and broad, showing listeners that this artist and his band are easily suited to rocking arenas and colosseums. Fans of guitar fireworks will easily salivate over what Xander Demos has to offer on Guitarcadia, while fans of melody, arrangements and virtuosity should find plenty to celebrate here as well.”

“For over 25 years, Xander Demos has wooed the world with his virtuoso guitar playing. In 2012, he released his first full-length record with his band, Xander Demos Band (XBD), to critical acclaim of shred enthusiasts around the globe and currently has a follow-up in the works, with even more scorching instrumental experimentation.”

“Xander Demos is badass. A hybrid of shred, metal and rock. Strong production coupled with powerful strings. These electric guitar riffs will mesmerize you. One of the best in his field – confident and poignant. In addition, this artist belongs to a band. His ability to be a solo show stopper has earned him a spot our 360 Watch List.”

“This album (Guitarcadia) screams to be played at full volume. His music can be described as beautiful melodic to just straight shredding madness! This dude sweeps more on his guitar in one songs than I ever could imagine. He places his melodies in all the right places and throws down when the time is right. The dude is sick!”

“Xander Demos is one of the coolest most talented guitar players I have ever seen.”

“Pittsburgh's shredtastic Xander Demos Band - named after their guitarist well-known locally for his fleet fretwork - opened the show. The band ripped through a short set of classic power/progressive metal, punctuated by some spot-on operatic vocals.”

“When I listened to the song, I could hear that he’s got a lot of talent as a guitarist; “Under a Darkened Sky” is a rather sold hard rock track, and I could easily hear it being included in a playlist with artists such as Queensryche, Dio, and Iron Maiden.”

“I have not heard this type of guitar playing since one of the worlds greatest guitarists Eddie Van Halen back in the 80's. Xander has a gift that most guitarists only dream of having. His ability to connect with his music is awesome and not to mention all his many accomplishments.”

“All really killer tunes. I really like this CD a lot.”

Wayne Smith - Classic Metal Radio Show

“witnessed Pittsburgh's Xander Demos Band at Aldo's on Thursday night. I knew I had heard the name Xander Demos before, but couldn't recall where...Until Xander mentioned that he had played Aldo's stage a decade ago as guitarist for Pittsburgh's Stronghold! I was at that show! Xander could wield a mean axe back then, and he does so now as well, this night showing full shred capabilities on original songs and select metal covers. Xander showed speed and precision constantly as his fingers maneuvered the fretboard, and singer Mario Brescia showed excellent range and grit. The group's sound brought to mind classic Yngwie Malmsteen and Gary Moore; they even covered an Yngwie number, "Rising Force." They also resurrected a former Stronghold tune, "Under a Darkened Sky," and did versions of Iron Maiden's "Trooper" and Judas Priest's "Painkiller." Although some people were in the house, these guys deserved a bigger crowd!”

Jim Price

“He is worth the trip just to watch him shred away on the guitar”

David Garlow - Examiner.com

“...from the lush ‘Right Angles’ it’s clear that this isn’t your run of the mill bored guitarist side project offloading riffs they didn’t know what to do with. Strangely too I found myself singing along to a couple of instrumental songs, making up my own words – the melodies are that strong!”

“When Demos picks up a guitar, you better get ready to be blown away. This guy absolutely brings it! If you're a Steve Vai fan, or a Joe Satriani fan, you don't want to miss Xander Demos.”

Brad Cooney - BC Podcast

“Top 20 Albums of 2012 - Honorable Mention”

“May God bless this composer. God bless Xander Demos. And you do a favor to yourself, buy it.”

“It didn’t take long to hear Joe Satriani-like guitar-mania grace my ear drums. Guitarcadia is just what the doctor ordered.”

“Hallelujah what the love Xander Demos presents here borders, almost to madness. No wonder that my comparisons with Dragonforce or the Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci come. ...A work of the highest class.”

Piety - Time For Metal

“Finally, a disc for lovers of wild dell'instrumental guitarcardiaco! The disc is absolutely recommended to lovers of pure instrumentals.”

“Full of fiery yet highly melodic and smooth passages...Xander Demos is clearly a highly talented guy, and fans of guitar instrumental albums should lap this up”

“He lets his guitar speak and sing like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai...a phenomenal axeman.”

“The pleasure one gets from listening to this alignment of notes and sounds that accompany them is indescribable. 8/10”

“This man has a kick-ass talent! Wow! Kick Ass!!!”

“Music for guitar maniacs who get off on lush power solos!”

“It's all brilliant what this man is capable of doing on six strings.”

“Xander Demos is on the fast track to becoming a priced commodity in the world of guitar shredding...the dude simply well…shreds. His guitar tone is smooth, super melodic and I dare to say wizardry-esque!”

“If artistic invention and eye watering guitar skills lights your fires, you should have a raging inferno inside over the new album from Xander Demos.”

“Behold the next guitar god! Breathtakingly stupendous, and yet unbelievably humble, the talent just oozes on “Guitarcadia”!!!”

"Guitarcadia"...claims a place in our hearts and in our record collection. Stand out moments are "Right Angels" , "White Knuckle Driving" , "Chase The Sun" , "Lady In Red." I recommend it..."

“I'm really impressed by this release!! This guy can play some serious music!! Stunning. This release has it all to listen to again and again!! Overall, I have to say that this album is not only for guitar sound lovers. This guy has it all! 8.5/10”

“('Guitarcadia') is crank it up, pedal to the metal, instrumental hard rock/ metal music...filled with wall-to-wall guitar shredding that will make you happy that you put out the extra cash for those top of the line stereo speakers as each new blast of guitar music flows out from them. ”

“Put "Guitarcadia" into the player, press play and enjoy the magic fingers of Xander, leaving him to mesmerize you.”

“...ten very solid tracks of instrumental 80's influenced guitar rock....Like Joe Satriani & Eric Johnson.. plus a bit of Dream Theater. It's straight out of the 80's school where there's a strong melody that actually can be followed.”

Aaron Joy - Roman Midnight Music

“Beautiful melodies...exhuberant and explosive!”

Flight Of Pegasus

“This man has talent just bleeding out of his hands...The overall musicality of this project floored me, as I had not heard a record of this style that felt this complete, since Malmsteen's Rising Force or the Speed Metal Symphony album from Cacophony (Marty Friedman and Jason Becker's project)...Man, what a crankable treat this is!”

“(Guitarcadia is) an instrumental guitar powerhouse of lighting fast melodic-guitar solos and space-time continuum chord structures and hard rock / metal arrangements...this CD is EPIC!”

“Xander Demos' Guitarcadia is guitar player's album, and his platform and canvas. His skills are impressive and noteworthy, and much of the same can be said of this album.”

“Guitarist Xander Demos may not be a household name, but his playing is causing an increasing number of new fans and equipment manufacturers to take notice. Demos' combination of Shrapnel-era shred and melodic phrasing makes for a combination that appeals equally to guitarists and non-guitarists.”

"What does pure talent look like? I dont know, but it has to look like this guy, Xander Demos! This is INCREDIBLE! "

"that sh*! is killin'. I can not believe how smooth and fast that stuff is..My top 3 guitar players: Randy Rhoads, Paul Gilbert, and Xander Demos,...in no particular order.."

Dave McNaught, McNaught Guitars

“Even more impressive after you listen to him play is the fact that he didn’t pick up a guitar until age 13, which is relatively late as far as guitar heroes go.”

“Nominee--Best Guitarist”

“This bad-ass guitar player from Pittsburgh is as impressive as any of the great guitar players we’ve had on the show over the years: Chris Dair, Fingers Forbes, Greg Martin, Chris Cooke and all the rest who are no strangers to the HTB audience need to look out, dang it! Whooo hooo! Xander is one hot Demo. Check him out at xanderdemos.com among other places.”

“Xander Demos is a monster guitar player from Pittsburgh, PA. How bad is he? Bad enough to play in a Racer-X cover band, and bad enough to make you wish you would have stayed home to practice.”

“This is certainly a showcase for brilliant guitar playing. Did I hear some sweep picking in there? As an instrumental song, I like the recurring musical theme throughout that gives it continuity for the listener. This composition is so full of action that it could be soundtrack music for a film or television show featuring extreme sports or some other exhilarating activity.”

Real Rocker Girl

“Progressive rock/metal guitar master, Xander Demos will be appearing at Guitar Con NJ on Sunday, August 28, 2011. The weekend-long event will be held at the famed Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus, NJ, beginning on Saturday, August 27th, and Xander will give one of his amazing clinics on Sunday at 3pm. You can expect to be blown away by the technical brilliance that will be on display. Xander, who's performance video of his current single, "Right Angles" is currently the number one metal and progressive music video on Myspace, is no stranger to the convention scene. His regular appearances at NAMM and his more than 20 years experience teaching have earned him the deserved reputation as one of the top clinicians in the business. Other guitarists scheduled to appear are Michael Lawlor (winner of Guitarmaggedon) and Steve Adelson.”

“I love this! This is GOOD stuff! Xander ROCKS! I will be playing this on our station. Got any more?”

“I seriously can't believe what I am hearing! What planet are you from? Keep it up!”

"Xander is an extraordinary guitarist; allowing every note to shine to it's cleanest and fullest potential. The flow of his melodies and techniques are of the talent of a true professional and master of his craft. As a fan of Xander, I know that people are not only drawn to his music, but his knowledge of musical gear."