Wound Upon Wound / Press

"Playing meaty blackened Death Metal with a rasping vocal bite, these 5 tracks are a good foundation for this Dublin band to build upon. The hefty drum battery holds everything together and a strong sence of melody from the guitars makes this a confident all round, solid debut"

PW - Terrorizer Jan 2011

“The tracks themselves are in a word, strong. Production is solid and clear, and there’s very little lacking about the material, With the production being strong, and the drums in particular clear as bell, this CD makes for satisfying listening. It’s an awful lot cleaner than what might be expected, but ever member can damn well play, so it’s no chore at all hearing them blast it out. Just the right amount of experimentation and variation is on offer to keep things interesting. When was the last time you heard an Irish Black Metal demo that satisfied with a meaty sonic impact like this? Probably not since Sol Axis, that’s when.”