Wombatt55 / Press

“Wombatt55 ties the track up with some hopeful words about how all parts of the city have direction in the progressive sense and killing dudes ain’t right. The way the verses play out sounds really intentional, a narrative—like a cutting open of the city’s facade to reveal its grim interior and ending, finally, with a positive look forward. Also note: The music being rapped over here is a Nina Simone song, which is properly weird and poignant, and lifts the track way up. It’s refreshing to hear a Baltimore track that’s boosting Baltimore—and not the DMV. For more information visit wombatt55.com. ”

““Baltimore been holdin’ it down since the War of 1812” is not high on the list of things to expect in a rap. But here it is, along with a whole verse talking about Baltimore as a historical city and a city of neighborhoods, like a little Chamber of Commerce primer before Wombatt55 goes heavy in the next verse on the realities of street life—not snitchin’, not gettin’ shot, the hustle, and generally doing what you have to do to stay alive. You’ve heard this before but maybe not with quite the same degree of soul or structure. ”

“The man is nice! I like 6 or 7 joints. To me that's no different then listening to my favorite rappers, including myself :^), and only digging 7 or 8 on theirs.”

“An excellent display of true hip hop.”


“Lord! ...Baltimore is a serious CD representin' Charm City. For those that really love this city AND good music cop that Lord! ...Baltimore. Spencer co-signs! ”