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“Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Walker is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, teller of tales and quite a stage performer. His career has spanned over 40 years and his repertoire includes Blues, R&B, Soul, Gospel, Jazz, Rock, Americana and anything else that might seem appropriate at any given time. Almost Transparent Blues appears to be made up of tunes culled from his earlier works. You won't hear me complaining about that as, unfortunately, I was not familiar with the body of his work. After hearing this release, I will not be found guilty of overlooking this cat in the future. An exceptional guitarist with a voice reminiscent of Tom Waits, Walker is the kind of artist who follows his own muse, regardless of there that might take him. This album runs from straight blues to blues/rock, soulful ballads and so much more with an emphasis on Blues, the story, and his dynamic delivery. (Album Review Part 1: 'Almost Transparent Blues' by Wily Bo Walker)”

“He is accompanied by what he terms "and friends" on several cuts. With a full horn section and what sound like a full gospel choir at his disposal, he has got an impressive list of friends. Through it all, the song and the story it tells are all that matters...and Wily Bo Walker and company pour heart & soul into getting the job done right. This is a show that qualifies as an "experience". You can rest assured that you are in for so much more than just a casual evening's performance. Walker has a list of accolades too long to list...among them being the fact that he was inducted into the U.S. "Blues Hall of Fame" in 2016 as a "Master Blues Artist". Throughout the history of the blues in its many forms there have been a number of artists whose shows were much more than a simple musical performance. Ma Rainey, for example, was known to travel with a rather large entourage, an extensive wardrobe & any number dancers, acrobats and any number of surprises to delight her audiences… (Part ”

“Wily Bo Walker is a rare breed of performer to be sure. What makes it exciting is that he does it so well. Almost Transparent Blues gives listeners an idea of the experience. Give the opportunity, I would recommend getting out to see Walker perform live...solo, with a stripped down combo or with the full entourage, it is sure to be a memorable experience. (Album Review Part 3: 'Almost Transparent Blues' by Wily Bo Walker)”

“A Scotsman that’s a guitar slinging, growling blues rocker to the core who knows how to deliver the music from the true vine might have been born in the wrong place to play it as authentically as he does but you can bet you’ll never mistake him for a kilt wearing bag pipe player. Alternately rocking, sinister and low down and dirty, one listen to this will make you feel like you were Butterfield the first time he walked in to the Checkerboard---but he didn’t see white boys that could tear it up like this. Hot stuff throughout. (Album Review: 'Almost Transparent Blues' by Wily Bo Walker)”

“Treat yourself to a music experience you will never forget! Plain blues? no - Wily Bo Walker is responsible for the most eclectic and wonderfully diverse music you will find on here. Get ready for the ride, 'cause it's gonna be amazing!”

Monica Dupont - Modern Blues Productions

“UK bluesman Wily Bo Walker has reinterpreted the track into a soul-twisting after hours tale. Walker, no stranger to the road, late-night haunts and the subsequent loneliness of roadside hotel rooms, has produced an almost eerie cover in a palpable tone that is a bit more smokey café noir troubadour in delivery than what fans may be accustomed to (unless you’ve seen him live). But therein is the beauty of Walker’s powers. With subtle changes here and there from the original, a heavy portion of the magic is the masterful guitar work. The bluesy backbone of this updated version, driving the experiences of the traveler’s story into new, darker territories. (Single - 'Motel Blues' by The Wily Bo Walker Band)”

“Wily Bo Walker is one of Britain’s best songwriters and somehow one of the least known. Working in the Blues and Americana camps, his songs tell visceral stories that take you right to the emotion and the sensibilities of his subject. This is almost noir in the subject of a pickup in a lonely bar and the singer pleading with his waitress to “Come up to my motel room and .. save my life”. E.D. Brayshaw’s guitar is lonely and redolent of the Mexicali bars that run down the US/Mexico border and the whole song just appeals to the emotions of the listener – anyone who has been on the road alone will recognize the story. Simply a gorgeous song, beautifully played – there is a really good reason that he was inducted into the US Blues Hall Of Fame and you can hear it clearly here. (Single - 'Motel Blues' by The Wily Bo Walker Band)”

“A terrific single from the opening guitar solo and through Wily Bo Walkers growled vocals it is a great listen. Wily Bo Walker is a British master of the Blues and every time he releases another single you can be sure of modern Blues music of the best calibre. Featuring E.D. Brayshaw on guitar and Wily Bo himself on vocals (written by Stone McEwan) his growling vocals sync perfectly with Brayshaw’s guitar. Solid rhythm section from Clarky on bass and ‘bull fiddle’ and Ant on drums and cahon holds the whole thing solidly in the groove. And groove is about the right word for it – the whole band playing perfectly with each other and really delivering a passionate and dark Blues. Whether he is in Wily Bo Walker Band mode or Rattling Bone or any of a dozen other guises the end result is some great music and this is one of his best. (Single - 'Fool For You' by The Wily Bo Walker Band)”

“A man with one of the most distinctive voices out there at the moment, Wily Bo Walker! (Single: 'Running Wild' by Wily Bo Walker & E D Brayshaw)”

“One of the most respected voices in British Blues (and inducted into the US Blues Hall Of Fame), Wily Bo Walker has linked up with Ed Brayshaw on guitar for his upcoming album ‘The Roads We Ride’ and this is the first single from the album. A brilliant piece of Americana, Walker’s gravelly vocals and Brayshaw’s guitar almost define a sound of their own – harder edged than most Americana, darker than the Blues and more rhythmic than Voodoo Blues. The album will tell the tale of Johnny & Louise, natural born killers, among other characters on the edge of society and this brilliant single really takes you to the edge of their emotions. Brayshaw’s guitar positively screams in the break and I found myself cuing up time and again for the thrill of Walker’s lyrics and delivery. Bottom line is that Wily Bo Walker is probably the best Blues vocalist you never heard and in tandem with Ed Brayshaw this single is one of the best I’ve heard this year. (Single review - 'Running ”

“Wily Bo Walker & E D Brayshaw just released the single 'Running Wild'. The piece opens with some Nirvana-esque acoustic and ramps up into absolutely stunning guitar. I'm drifting back in time to some classic axe when a beautiful load of gravel rumbles in; Wily Bo Walker's voce descends. The story unfolds, the chorus kicks in and this is classic Wily Bo Walker. I'm in love all over again. (Single - 'Running Wild' by Wily Bo Walker & E D Brayshaw)”

“When you get a new song from Wily Bo Walker and you get all giddy… One of my favourite singers out of the UK! (Single - 'Did I Forget' by Wily Bo Walker & Danny Flam)”

“One of Glasgow’s finest musical exports, there are a lot of different sides to Wily Bo Walker. This sees him in his 'Rattlin Bones Theatre Show' mode and finds him doing everything except some great trombone from Li’l Neill and chorus from The Monks Of Unspeakably Dirty Habits Choir. It’s fab! Dark and dirty vocals along with a voodoo rhythm and zomboid step and handclaps. The whole thing is chilling and positively miasmic – your brain plays tricks and manufactures the smell and humidity of the Louisiana swamp. “I’m half way up to heaven, darlin’ I hear the devil knocking my front door…” One of those tracks that you just cue up time and again as the cackling laughter of Wily Bo dies down and you just need one more fix of that wicked rhythm. (Single - 'Ain't Gonna Dig My Own Grave No More' by Wily Bo Walker & Li'l Neill)”

“To say that Wily Bo Walker is a prolific writer and performer is about as big an understatement as calling Billy Connolly ‘quite funny’. In 2016, as well as releasing two compilation albums - ‘The Wily Bo Walker Story Volumes I & II’ - he also completed a trilogy that he started the previous year, of which ‘Moon Over Indigo’ is the final instalment....there was just no stopping the man! And listening to the album, it’s easy to see why Walker was a runner up for the ‘Kevin Thorpe Award for Songwriting’ at the 2016 British Blues awards. Unlike Billy Connolly, it’s hard to tell where Wily Bo comes from when you listen to him perform. To discover that he is also a Glaswegian may come as a bit of a shock, if you’ve only heard him sing. The ‘Delta drawl’ is reminiscent of Dr John, to my ears anyway, and is entirely in keeping with the style of music (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' by Wily Bo Walker)”

“If you heard some of these tracks coming out of a bar on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans, you could be forgiven for thinking that it was Mr Walker’s local.... The opening track on ‘Moon Over Indigo’ could be straight from the Big Easy. ’Walking With The Devil (Voodoo Mix)’ bounces along with a whispering devilish beat. Along with Wily Bo’s deep, often gravely voice on many tracks, a great sounding brass section combines with his lead guitar. They make their presence felt from track two onwards and really add something to the ’big sound’ that is a feature of this album. The slow muzzled trumpet that the title track opens with takes you straight to a sleazy club in Tremé, as Walker’s fantastic drawl bemoans a love affair coming to an end. You can almost feel his pain as the emotional vocals combine with the slow rhythm, while the moaning trumpet gnaws at your soul...simply magnificent! (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' by Wily Bo Walker)”

“‘When The Angels Call Your Time’ has a jaunty beat created by the brass section taking control. I often find it difficult to appreciate why songs with sad or downright miserable lyrics are sung to a happy beat - it just seems strange! At first that appears to be the case here, as Wily Bo sings “I heard last night...goodbye baby, bye bye, I heard last night that you’d gone.” but about half way through, the line changes to “I heard last night, I ain’t got no trouble no more.” Nice one Wily Bo - this time it makes perfect sense! I first heard the Muddy Waters number ‘Same Thing’ performed live a few years ago by American singer songwriter Jess Klein. Her extremely seductive treatment of the song hooked me straight away, and I have to say that Wily Bo’s interpretation is just about as powerful. It’s the second slow track on the album, and his voice is perfectly suited to singing about what can make women so ‘gawd-damn’ attractive. (Album Review: 'Moon Over Ind”

“The album has ten tracks that are a mix of up-tempo bluesy numbers and slow to snail-like songs, all of which tell a downbeat story. It’s a very accomplished pace of work that I enjoyed getting to know. The first time I saw Wily Bo Walker perform was in November 2015 at the Cluny in Newcastle, at the launch of Trevor Sewell’s album ‘Hollow’. I quite liked what I saw, but hadn’t heard any of his material before. Having been given the chance to listen to ‘Moon Over Indigo’, you can bet on me investing in a few more albums while scouring the listings for Wily Bo’s next visit to the north-east. (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' by Wily Bo Walker)”

“Excellent track! (Single Review: 'Tennessee Blues (Three Stars in the Sunset…)' by Wily Bo Walker & E D Brayshaw)”

“Scotsman Wily Bo Walker lives in London and is a man with many musical ambitions. Stone Cold Beautiful is part 2 of his 2015 trilogy and this one was completed with his long time (musical) friend E D Brayshaw. The album is a mini album with only six tunes on it but since some of them goes over the six minutes the total outcome for this album is almost 40 minutes. Leading track Storm Warning is an excellent opener and perfect self-penned blues tune. On Loan me A Dime, originally from Fenton Robinson, Wily Bo hits the blues as no other can do it. Not only his seasoned voice makes it worthwhile to sing the blues but the excellent guitar work by E.D. Brayshaw adds all the extra you need in a blues tune. I Want To Know, September Red and Killers on the run are all self-penned tunes and although they all range between six and ten minutes they are truly worth listening to from start till end. (Album Review: 'Stone Cold Beautiful' by Wily Bo Walker & E D Brayshaw)”

“One of the standout tracks of the year 2016… ('Long Way to Heaven (Chicago Gospel Mix)' taken from the album 'The Wily Bo Walker Story Volume II')”

“Second up was The Wily Bo Walker Band with Wily Bo Walker on vocals and rhythm and Ed Brayshaw on lead guitar. Frankly, my jaw is still dropped after a set of incredible music that seemed to cover Walker’s many styles and showed exactly why he has been featured in the British Blues awards four times in the last couple of years. As an example of what can be right about the British music scene he hit just about all the buttons and Brayshaw added some incredible and original solos to the music that Walker was laying down. They attacked from the off with Walker showing all his moves and bellowing out the vocals with his gruff and gravelly style. Somehow the subtlety in his writing still managed to show through so that it wasn’t just an hour of blast and bluster and he had the crowd completely in his pocket by the end of the set. On any other night I might have left after that monster of a set… (Gig Review: The Wily Bo Walker Band at Tuesday Night Blues, The 100 Club London)”

“I am a HUGE fan of Wily Bo Walker and I thought I’d heard everything he’s done. But I just heard a song that stopped me in my life-tracks. I’m on the 4th play of it. This song is home to me. Wily Bo Walker, Danny Flam and Teddy Charles have captured a disembodied spirit in a song. This song is a life all its own. You Don’t Know What Love Is exemplifies the rich texture of a style of music whose evolution was as vital to the existence of humans as thumbs. Blues gave birth to a movement that set free the torment all artists have been chasing since the first cave drawing. All the pain we artists hide away in our fragile minds drips out on to ivory keys , seeps down steel strings and bleeds into steel microphones in every note and syllable of good blues. This song is a masterpiece. (Song Review: 'You Don't Know What Love Is' by The Wily Bo Walker Quintet)”

“Bo is being channeled by the spirit of this incredible song and not for a split second can you separate the man from the suffering. Every brass note, every brush and beat of the drums…every single piece of soul that passes over strings, reeds and keys are cells of one collective vibration of Blues’ victory joined with the chilling voice of Wily Bo Walker and you can lay me to rest right here with them. This is the one. I Die. (Song Review: 'You Don't Know What Love Is' by The Wily Bo Walker Quintet)”

“I have died and gone home to that seedy Parisian cafe reserved for me and mine. The sexy gravel in Wily Bo Walker’s voice makes me knees wobble. A little Tom Waits, a bit of Leonard Cohen and a whole lot of mmmm mmmm yeah baby (swoon). There is some really fine music going on here but with the smoldering back vocals of Kareña K in the mix, this song is to DIE for. At least you know where you can find me on the other side! Give him a listen then Follow, Like, Love and BUY HIM! (Song Review: 'When The Angels Call Your Time' by Wily Bo Walker)”

“The whiskey soaked vocal style of Wily Bo and The Mescal Canyon Troubadours present a very classy horn driven rocker. (Chattahoochee Coochee Man)”

“Now I’ve played this on heavy rotation for a couple of days and nights; Moon Over Indigo is something akin to a modern day ‘concept album’….don’t fear; that’s only because the songs and the groove inter-link in a way that made me think this could easily be adapted into a kind of stage show; especially if you add the best of those two previous discs. For some reason I can envisage it being a darker Streetcar Named Desire meets Sunset Boulevard in the shitty party of town….but perhaps that’s just me! Oh; the artwork on the album cover and more importantly throughout the accompanying lyric booklet all adds to the ‘mood and to some degree is a tattooists wet dream.”

“Ooh; choosing a favourite is difficult as the album works as a ‘complete’ entity and should be listened to in one sitting; but if you twist my arm I will have to choose between the title track Moon Over Indigo; when Walker’s low growl and twisted words sound uncannily like something Tom Waits may have recorded around Nighthawks; then there is Jenny (Traces in my arms) when you are lulled into thinking Walker has a soft sensitive side; until you hear this beautiful ballad for the third or fourth time….and your eyes will pop out on stalks. There are two well selected cover versions here. Walker not only takes a stab at Willie Dixon’s Same Thing, but he slices it into little pieces then hand sews it all together again until he makes it all his seedy own; and he closes the album with the dirtiest version of Who Do You Love you will ever hear. (Moon Over Indigo Review)”

“Track #3 Walk in Chinese Footsteps quickly takes a sharp left turn with the opening scary synthesiser and it’s no real surprise that Wily sounds more than a bit menacing as he growls over those sexy backing singers; but that’s the general idea. Easy listening this ain’t. For a man so prolific; Wily Bo Walker somehow manages to maintain an exceptionally high quality standard with his songwriting; listen to the haunting New Orleans flavoured When The Angels Call Your Name or the languid and darkly beautiful For The Children to hear the words of a Master of his Craft. On the latter he skirts ‘politics’ with the couplets ‘Oh Angel/I’ve heard so many lies/But with the wars in the East/Corruption to the West/How the Hell are we ever gonna survive?’ all alongside the chorus ‘And who’ll be there to catch our dreams as they fall/Who’ll be there for the children when their nightmares call?’ (Moon Over Indigo)”

“The Dark Side of the Blues That Will Chill Your Heart and Warm Your Soul. At times I wish that Wily Bo Walker wasn’t quite so prolific with his recordings; then I could settle back and enjoy whatever appears to be his latest disc; but no….he keeps on churning out cracking albums that straddle the musical divide as if he has a home-made conveyor belt in the garage. Moon Over Indigo is the third part of a musical trilogy first recorded in 2015 and; in my humble opinion by far the best thing he’s ever recorded. I’m a stickler for an ear catching opening track; and Walker delivers a bit of a classic with Walking With The Devil (Voodoo Mix). A righteous slide guitar opens proceedings before Walker’s grizzled voice crawls out of the speakers, only to be followed by some sexy backing singers; and the mood is set for the next hour or so. (Moon Over Indigo review)”

“…you need Wily Bo's music in your life. IMHO he is the premier exponent of blues-infused music today - genuinely building on awesome foundations and into new places.”

Dr Wart Hoover - Dr Wart Hoover, Severn FM: Facebook Comment

“There is probably no more left field songwriter in British Blues at the moment. Somebody who's doing something new, something different, something unusual. It's part Leonard Cohen, it's part Tom Waits, it's part weird for want of a better description but best of all it's all Wily Bo Walker”

“A writer whose records I've admired for a while, particularly the sound of them, the lyrical content, the quality of his voice too”

“Wily Bo is an artist of Scottish origin characterized by a gravel voice, a bit like Rod Stewart or James Maddock, who made three fine albums in 2015: A Long Way From Heaven, a mini album with singer Karena K. which enabled him a good placement in the British Blues Awards, Moon Over Indigo and Stone Cold Beautiful, the latter in the company of guitarist ED Brayshaw. Born in '57 he has had a long career, with countless collaborations, always with other niche artists and has published twenty discs alone or in company. In particular with Brayshaw he has played in The Baddies and The Jawbreakers, two fairly well known bands on the English blues circuit. Stone Cold Beautiful is a mini album (six tracks of almost forty minutes) of blues rock sung and played with passion and talent. (Album review: 'Stone Cold Beautiful' by Wily Bo Walker & E D Brayshaw)”

“An excellent version of Loan Me A Dime stands out , Fenton Robinson's slow blues made immortal by the performance of Boz Scaggs with Duane Allman on lead, on the homonymous Scaggs '69 disc, but already from the solid opener rock blues Storm Warning, composed by Brayshaw and characterized by the hoarse voice of Wily, incisive guitar and interspersed with backing vocals by Karena K., followed by a fine cover of Motel Blues by Loudon Wainwright III, are perceived capabilities not dissimilar to the duo. Loan Me A Dime is dark and expressive, sung in a voice that comes close to the first Tom Waits and crossed by an exciting guitar, while I Want To Know composed by Wily is closer to soul, with a touch of softness which is good...(Album review: 'Stone Cold Beautiful' by Wily Bo Walker & E D Brayshaw)”

“In closing September Red, a track with the lilting vocals and keyboard in the gospel vein, culminating in a brilliant solo by Brayshaw and lengthy Killers On The Run, characterized by a shroud of organ and a rugged and powerful guitar that dominates the second part the piece, confirming the potential of the duo and the overall quality of a disc worthy of careful listening. (Album review: 'Stone Cold Beautiful' by Wily Bo Walker & E D Brayshaw)”

“Wily Bo Walker excels especially in rhythm 'n blues-type songs with guitars, horns and keys that sound just as raw and nasty as his voice. ...a Scottish singer-guitarist with a very powerful and raw voice. Celtic areas seem to have a patent on this kind of emotional howling vocal style. Think of Rod Stewart, The Nimmo Brothers and especially Frankie Miller. Beautiful, how sweeter sounding background vocals and horns offset his performance. Walker and his many-headed band swinging against the grain; dramatically stops and grinds like a savage. On Walking With The Devil, I Want To Know and Walk In This Chinese Footsteps he nails it without rival. In quieter songs like Moon Over Indigo and great oompah number (with mandolin!) When The Angels Call Your Time, it's going towards Tom Waits or Dr. John. (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“Drive is a self penned, great, up-tempo rhythm 'n blues stamper. By far most of the songs Walker wrote himself, but Bo Diddley is honoured with a very funky / Latin cover of the old Who Do You Love and Willy Dixon with the brooding Same Thing . The emotional ballads For The Children and Jenny finish off the album. Also listen once as the lead guitar comes through. Good writing good music is not easy. This is simply brilliant, raw and soulful music of an excellent singer and his band. The artwork of the album is beautiful. What is it with the Scots, that they can make such beautiful music? (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“These six long songs feature the gruff yet sensitive vocal work of Mr. Walker, while Mr. Brayshaw lays down loads of tasty blues rock guitar. They remind me a bit of a heavier Red Sammy, a Baltimore favorite of mine. But Walker hails from London, so maybe a Joe Cocker comparison is more appropriate here—especially with the soulful female vocals wailing away in the background. This is a powerful album that manages to retain its sensitivity, all while offering up catchy melodic songs. It will take you back to songs of your youth or carry you forward on a heavy ride today. It’s your choice, but give it a listen and see. (Album review: 'Stone Cold Beautiful' by Wily Bo Walker & E D Brayshaw)”

“This you must listen to, in fact if you can turn it up, so much the better, put some headphones on, make those speakers pump.....phenomenal bass playing on this track ('Who Do You Love (NY Chiller Mix)' from the album 'Moon Over Indigo' by Wily Bo Walker)”

“I thought I knew the song. Blues Deconstruction is alive and well and reconstructing classics amongst penning originals ... The Wily Bo Story is perhaps the most important collection of the 21st century so far. (did I really say that?) - I invite anyone to listen and disagree.... ('Who Do You Love (NY Chiller Mix)' from the album 'Moon Over Indigo' by Wily Bo Walker)”

Dr Wart Hoover - Dr Wart Hoover, Severn FM: Facebook Comment

“The wonderfulness of Wily Bo Walker… ('Drive' from the album 'Moon Over Indigo' by Wily Bo Walker)”

“Absolutely brilliant! ('Light At The End Of The Tunnel' from the album 'A Long Way from Heaven…' by Wily Bo Walker & Kareña K)”

“2015 was a massive year for Wily Bo and by collecting all of his output from the year into this highly unconventional release he has definitely put down a marker for 2016 – a personal “follow that!” (Album review - 'The Wily Bo Walker Story Volumes I & II')”

“Wily Bo Walker never does things the ‘normal’ way and this release is a perfect example. In 2015 he released a trilogy of Eps and albums including the magnificent ‘Moon Over Indigo’ and the much nominated ‘Long Way To Heaven’ (with Karena K on backing vocals) from the first of the three ‘A Long Way From Heaven’. His collaboration with E D Brayshaw, ‘Stone Cold Beautiful’ was yet another highpoint. Here, he has collated them into a package along with a number of bonus tracks. With a lot of artists it would feel like he was flogging a dead horse but in this case the merging of the three releases has amplified the quality and created something that is beyond the limitations of the trilogy of releases individually. Walkers vocals are like a bulldog growl, low in the throat and deep, almost spoken but there is still a musical quality there. In many ways he reminds me of Willy DeVille while at others he is Tom Waits to the core. (Album review - 'The Wily Bo Walker Sto”

“On ‘Motel Blues’ he puts out a story of louche desperation and his voice carries the feel of booze and cigarettes but you have to feel for the loser who asks “… come up to my motel room and treat me nice”. He can do a jazzy touch as well – ‘Did I Forget To Tell You I Love You’ has a real swing to it with Karena K’s backing vocals sounding very Dan Hicks like. ‘Jawbreaker’ is a driving and horn led cop chase of a number that leaves the listener breathless and leads into the rather lovely ‘For The Children’: strings and Karena K’s vocals setting up his vocals and a superb guitar solo. Musically the albums have an incredible sense of variety and knowledge of Blues/Soul/Jazz/Rock – it is almost as though he has been playing so many different forms that he turns to the right style for whatever he wants to do and the result is rather like a tin of Celebrations – there isn’t a single flavour you won’t eat but there are definite favourites there too. (Re”

“Wily Bo is a bluesman with an incredible voice. He turns his hand to many a blues style tonight with his troubadours. Another great band twisting and turning the blues with a sound that is fresh and innovative… (Review of Wily Bo Walker & band at The Great British Rock & Blues Festival 2016)”

“The incomparable Wily Bo Walker...just blows me away - but he's always done that! (Album review - 'The Wily Bo Walker Story Volumes I & II')”

“Really enjoyed it...I just enjoyed the whole variety of it, great presentation (Album review - 'The Wily Bo Walker Story Volumes I & II')”

“Wily Bo Walker - voice of the weekend! (Review of Wily Bo Walker & band at The Great British Rock & Blues Festival 2016)”

“There are places and times we would like to be - this show is one (Skegness Rock & Blues Festival 2016). Wily Bo Walker has received a lot of good press over the last year - 'cos he writes great stuff, records it with the right people and plays it live. He is Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds (plus one, two, three - oh and a bit of Cohen) for a new generation…”

Dr Wart Hoover - Dr Wart Hoover, Severn FM: Facebook Comment

“...a modern day bard (Wily Bo Walker's song 'I'm Going Home' taken from the album 'The Life & Death Of…Rattlin Bone)”

“An absolutely super album ('Moon Over Indigo' by Wily Bo Walker)”

“The gentle Scots accent belies the voice you hear on his records. That sounds more like Dr John meets Tony Joe White after a couple of rounds with Tom Waits. ...Let me reassure Wily Bo Walker on the question of whether he is interesting. He is, and so is his music, as long as you can keep up with him!”

“Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10 It is the sense of loyalty to the genre that comes across in absolute spades in the music of Wily Bo Walker that makes the charisma of magic and the spectral allure so fascinating. The mixture between the magnetic offering and the high end cool that struts its stuff between the bars as if walking down a cat walk in the very best of ordinary clothes but illuminated by the sheer swagger and control is not unobserved and as Wily Bo Walker parades with great affection through the album Moon Over Indigo, the eternal spotlight is very much on him. To be big and bold in an album is to be expected, to be able to carry it off with verve is perhaps always an unexpected bonus’ it has the all benefit of being invited out on a monster night out but without the headache the following morning, an hour or so in the company of Wily Bo Walker is to forget the troubles and to find yourself in a different groove. (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker”

“Moon Over Indigo relates arguably because of the undercurrent provided by the band and in the likes of Keith Mack on guitar, the great Mark Gatz on saxophone and the wonderful backing vocals of Karena K, who also joined him on the sublime A Long Way From Heaven album released in January, the music’s mood is not only gripping, pulsating like an overactive heartbeat, it is dark, mysterious and beautifully buoyant; it is heady cocktail and one that slides easily from studio to the ear without breaking sweat. (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“When you play with a devil you don’t engage in small talk, the conversation should be at least entertaining and in songs such as Walking With The Devil, which features the robust allure of Graham Hine, Walk in Chinese Footsteps, the haunting When The Angels Call Your Time and the gracious Jenny (Traces In My Arms) that conversation is a blast, it is out of control and every bit as sexy as coming home from work and finding a message telling you to get down to your favourite restaurant and make sure you wear your best leather for the gig afterwards; some memories just stir the mind more than others. A very cool album and one that completes a trilogy of great releases by Wily Bo Walker in 2015! (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“That song for me just has the perfect vocal blend, I think it's absolutely exquisite ('Long Way To Heaven' from the album 'A Long Way from Heaven…' by Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Wily Bo Walker is a big name in the blues industry in the UK at the moment, nominated for more awards just recently …and blessed with a voice that's like no other. ("I Want To Know" from the album 'Stone Cold Beautiful' by Wily Bo Walker & E D Brayshaw)”

“Evocative …absolutely delicious! ('Motel Blues' from the album 'Stone Cold Beautiful' by Wily Bo Walker & E D Brayshaw)”

“Cool and Grizzled Blues to Rock Your Soul. I first discovered Wily Bo Walker a few years ago and played several songs on my radio show; but for whatever reason he has gone off my radar until a couple of weeks ago when he made a guest appearance at Trevor Sewell’s album launch at the Cluny, Newcastle. Sadly my recent operation meant I couldn’t go, which was a huge disappointment; then totally out of the blue; this disc arrived via Hemifran in Sweden! The mini-album/EP opens with a rip-roaring song called Storm Warning; featuring Walker’s whisky and fag stained voice over a host of squealing guitars and a heart stopping rhythm section – that’s my kinda music and I’m in for the long haul! The pace drops dramatically for a deliciously sleazy adaptation of Loudon Wainwright III’s Motel Blues. A tale of Rock n Roll loneliness with Wily drunkenly seducing a young lady to alleviate the boredom of life on the road. (Album Review: 'Stone Cold Beautiful' - Wily Bo Walker & E D Bray”

“Loan Me a Dime could easily be Joe Cocker fronting Little Feet in the coolest bar on Highway 61. Dark & sexy; with more than a hint of menace in the lyrics makes it a song for late at night when you are feeling very sorry for yourself. I Want To Know is the first of Walker’s own songs and it’s a doozy! A rolling New Orleans Blues highlights the eclectic singer; this time coming across as a smooth but heady cocktail of Dr. John, Roger Chapman and (my hero) Eric Burden; and let’s not forget ED Brayshaw’s smoky organ & stinging guitar solos. Track 5 is September Red; a deep dark and mysterious song, worthy of a being the theme to one of Michael Connolly’s Harry Bosch novels. The EP closes with another Walker penned song, the epic Killers on The Run. Coming in at just shy of ten minutes long, this story twists & turns in all directions as some red hot guitar licks come and go like lightning & the drums and bass could pass for thunder.('Stone Cold Beautiful' - Wily Bo Walker & E D”

“The genre busting Wily Bo Walker ('Drive' from the album 'Moon Over Indigo' by Wily Bo Walker)”

“The imagery in his lyrics is as good as the deep growl of his baritone. ('Moon Over Indigo', title track from the album 'Moon Over Indigo' by Wily Bo Walker)”

“I'm pretty certain that if love didn't find a way, just with that song it will. They definitely made my day when I listened to this the first time. Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K....very busy, as in performing music, creating music, making people feel the blues infused and beautiful voices that they have. ('Love Will Find A Way' from the album 'A Long Way from Heaven…' by Wily Bo Walker & Kareña K)”

“Whilst I would never lay money on it, there must be the possibility that the next Oxford English Dictionary will reference Wily Bo Walker in its definition of 'prolific', as Moon Over Indigo completes his ambitious trilogy of 2015 album releases. Yet unlike others whose avalanche of recordings occasionally brings quality control issues to the fore, Moon Over Indigo maintains the elevated standards set by its twin 2015 predecessors as Walker's perfected menacing Delta growl and howl articulates tales of faithless, big legged women, stolen by the Devil, road trips to Mexico - all in the heat of Southern nights. Bottlenecks scream, basses pop and rumble, horns add textured sleaze and strings sweetness, as Bo's collective, including Kareña K's familiar multi-track harmonies, provide the heft, swing and subtlety necessary to make real his 21st century blues vision. (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“The title track brings the instrumental ingredients all together in a masterly mix to complement Walker's brooding, anguished vocal overloaded with hurt, reprised in the seething protest of 'For The Children'. Perfecting a Willy DeVille/Southside Johnny feel on 'Drive' and the gruffly expressed sentiment of 'Jenny' exemplify the startling eclecticism of a masterly trilogy. (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“The Scottish singer/composer Wily Bo Walker, currently living far from home in London, is known for his strong and exuberant stage performance and the diverse musical genres that he covers. For the EP 'Stone Cold Beautiful' he worked with his friend and guitarist E D Brayshaw again. This album is the second part in a trilogy, of which 'A Long Way From Heaven' released earlier this year was the first. Of the six songs on 'Stone Cold Beautiful' Walker wrote three. The opener, the nearly 7 minute 'Storm Warning' by E D and Lesley Brayshaw, is a blues rocker which immediately lets you hear what Walker's vocal has in store. A deep, raw and husky voice that magnificently sets off the panoramic, crying, driven guitar of Brayshaw. In 'Motel Blues' by Loudon Wainwright III passion and sadness respectively, are given expression by Walkers voice and Brayshaw's six string work. (Album Review: Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E. D. Brayshaw)”

“'Loan Me A Dime' is again a blues classic that Walker approaches in a very personal way. The manner in which Brayshaw's subtle guitar works gives the song even more appeal.The first Walker penned number 'I Want To Know', carries with it a little bit of New Orleans. Pay attention to the beautiful, soulful voice of Karena K, with whom Wily Bo also runs the band The Blue Valentines. Whoever thinks that Walker, whose voice shows some affinity with that of Cocker and Dr. John, would be unconvincing with a love song, is heading for trouble. The self penned 'September Red' is a song, which during a concert, the hall will undoubtedly be filled with swaying smartphone lights. With Walker's rocking 'Killers On The Run' he and Ed pull out all the stops for almost ten minutes, as if we still had to be convinced of their abilities. 'Stone Cold Beautiful' can not be pigeon-holed. With the mix of blues, rock and soul Walker and Brayshaw prove that they form a winning team. (Album Review)”

“Cracking stuff there! ("I Want To Know (NY Funk Mix)" from the album 'Moon Over Indigo' by Wily Bo Walker)”

“Serious contender for track of the year. Such a lush recording ('Long Way To Heaven' from the album 'A Long Way from Heaven' - Wily Bo Walker & Kareña K)”

“There's nothing finer - a great match up! Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K ("Love Will Find A Way" from the album 'A Long Way From Heaven…' by Wily Bo Walker & Kareña K)”

“...the man who gargles with gravel just to get that growly tone through his voice...the fantastic Wily Bo Walker. Haven't got that one yet? Make sure you do that's an absolute topper. ("I Want To Know (NY Funk Mix)" from the album 'Moon Over Indigo' by Wily Bo Walker)”

“...a fine diverse body of work in its own right with excellent orchestration and sophisticated arrangements. It is Wily Bo's tremendous gruff vocal that stands out, redolent of Big Boy Bloater and at times of a typically slurry John Martyn. It is both distinctive and effective over a range of original material with a couple of covers. The lead out track has a swampy voodoo vibe with backing vocals and soaring guitar before a funky 'I Want To Know' with that resonant gravelly growl, more female backing vocal and tinges of brass. More layered orchestration with searing guitar and brass alternating, before the title track, a tour de force ballad with a slurred anguished vocal and tastefully embellished by piano, bass and muffled trumpet. On to a bouncy New Orleans style drinking song to the departed, before the compelling 'Drive'..... (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“'Same Thing' is a great cover with suitably lascivious slurred vocal before 'For The Children', a topical protest song concerning the legacy we are leaving, which begins with a soft female vocal. Cogent and fluid guitar work and that stentorian John Martyn like vocal on 'Jenny' before the final 'Who Do You Love', the classic given its own stamp... A very worthwhile, interesting and stimulating listen at 10 tracks over 48 minutes. I fully intend to seek out the remainder of the trilogy and suggest you do the same. I would also really like to hear him perform live which promises to be quite an experience. (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“Blues, Funk, Rock & Soul from the dark side: Wily Bo Walker's third album in 2015 is a tour of nights, graveyards, grief and a party at the end of the world. Where the previous album "Stone Cold Beautiful" was still a matter for solo guitar, Wily Bo Walker is now landed in a completely different musical cosmos. Songs like "Walking With The Devil", "Walk In Chinese Footsteps" or "Jenny (Traces In My Arms)" sound like the Voodoo Rock of a very young Dr. John, sometimes like a Soul Party from "Rocky Horror Picture Show" ... Simply gorgeous crazy and fabulous! (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“Walker's third album in a year is an enthralling ride. He was born in Glasgow and lives in London but singer-songwriter Wily Bo Walker belongs to the American south. His third album this year alone, Moon Over Indigo is an atmospheric, heartfelt work, his low-set growl setting the tone on frenetic opener Walking With The Devil (Voodoo Mix), with counterpoint from seasoned slide guitarist Graham Hine. Walker gets the most from Danny Flam's brilliant New York Brass, Cenovia Cummins' String Quartet and faithful PP Arnold-esque backing vocalist Kareña K, and he knows how to spice up those play-worn blues tropes too. Walk In Chinese Footsteps and When Angels Call Your Time are imaginatively orchestrated and while Willie Dixon's Same Thing is all about ladies in tight dresses, the impassioned For The Children is a cri de coeur for sanity in this world with 'wars to the east, corruption to the west'. Utterly convincing. (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“He does attract interesting company! ("Walking With The Devil (Voodoo Mix)" from the album 'Moon Over Indigo' by Wily Bo Walker)”

“I love the sound he gets on his records, it doesn't quite sound like anything else that's going on at the moment and I like that. ("When The Angels Call Your Time" from the album 'Moon Over Indigo' by Wily Bo Walker)”

“Now there's someone who's been putting out some great albums recently...and if you liked that then I can assure you there's plenty of other great material on the album ("I Want To Know (NY Funk Mix)" from the album 'Moon Over Indigo' by Wily Bo Walker)”

“This ten-track wonder marks the finale of a trio of top-quality, rocky-blues releases from London-based Scot, Wily Bo Walker. And it's an absolute beauty, full of pace, variety, gritty blues and bountiful, explosive material. Walker is a guy who not only can produce the goods, but who consistently does produce the goods and more. 'Moon Over Indigo' positively roars along from start to finish, featuring Walker's mostly self-penned songs, rasping vocal delivery and strong fretwork. In truth, Walker's voice is an essential ingredient in the mix, a roaring, rattling load of grit and guts that propel the entire package along. Walker is well-known for his gripping stage presence and live performance. With this latest album, he clearly demonstrates his ability to take listeners on a roiling blues ride that simply never slows, slips or falters. (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“Walker includes a great take on Willie Dixon's old number 'Same Thing' here, and a cover of 'Who Do You Love' from Elias McDaniel. Apart from these intruders, all of the tracks featured were written by the guy himself. Walker is to be congratulated for this work. He's a guy that deserves a greater following and general recognition internationally in the blues world. 'Moon Over Indigo' is an album that really is worth catching and showcases his evident talent to great effect. Wily Bo is that rare thing - a true original. Get your hands on a copy of this if you can. (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“Very good indeed ("I Want To Know (NY Funk Mix)" from the album 'Moon Over Indigo' by Wily Bo Walker)”

“Out of left field, so different to everything you've ever heard before but pushing the blues in a new direction. ('Love Will Find A Way' from the album 'A Long Way from Heaven…' by Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Blues with a difference ('Walking With The Devil', first track on the album 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“Probably the most prolific recording artist in the UK. 'Moon Over Indigo' …it is beautiful!”

“The Scottish singer and songwriter Wily Bo Walker is a versatile artist who plays blues, rock, soul, swamp, alternative, indie and even ventures into jazz. He fronts and works with different bands allowing him to offer a varied and extensive repertoire with various colourful forays into the most diverse and varied genres you can imagine. His album "Wily Bo Walker & The Danny Flam Band" released in 2013 was considered for a Grammy nomination. Wily has worked for years with his friend & collaborator, multi-instrumentalist E.D. Brayshaw and they have now released this excellent CD that includes blues and rock songs where the guitar has a dominant role and with enticing vocal arrangements which have extraordinary vividness and subtlety. A tireless musician and capacious both creatively and professionally, Wily always surprises us with new projects, as his New Orleans style band Rattin Bone, with which he is currently working on a new album. VERY GOOD! (Review of 'Stone Cold Beautiful')”

“Wily Bo Walker has had an amazing output this year, three albums worth of material from different collaborations.... One of the stand out songs from 'A Long Way from Heaven' …just magnificent!' (Light At The End Of The Tunnel - Wily Bo Walker & Kareña K)”

“The Glaswegian born singer.songwriter has a voice meant to sing the Blues, as if Seger met with Waits and was infused with a dark bourbon. I did not know what to expect but had been told to check the guy out sometime and here came my chance. We have on this disc six tracks running around forty minutes and it seems it is part of a trilogy leading up to a full album later this year and the series has led him to numerous plaudits and much airplay and a growing reputation that on this evidence is certainly deserved and will grow much more. Great guitar licks courtesy of E.D Brayshaw who apparently plays all instruments here leaving Bo on vocals. Bo writes the songs and they are fine indeed, he knows his way around a good lyric. There are two covers in Loudon Wainwright's Motel Blues and Fenton Robinson's Loan Me A Dime...I Want To Know is the easiest track here but it is still deep. (Album Review: Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E. D. Brayshaw)”

“September Red running at 7.03 oozes in and harmonies build it, easy piano drifts in the background while intensity plays with you as the story unfolds and the song grows and absorbs you while the less is more theme really works so well here (listen to the Hammond) then the guitar comes in and soars away. Killers On The Run closes this (too short) set and is the highlight that has been building here. Wonderful stuff, keep his name in mind as you will hear much more of him. (Album Review: Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E. D. Brayshaw)”

“The powerful raw voice of Walker combined with Brayshaw ‘s energetic creative guitar work, make ‘Stone Cold Beautiful 'a tasteful mix of blues, rock and soul. (Album Review: Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“Wily Bo Walker's done it again , he's got a fantastic, new, full album release out called Moon Over Indigo (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“The album opens with the best song. 'Walking With The Devil' is a dark funky, jazzy blues number, with a large voodoo atmosphere. Graham Hine starts the song with a nice slide intro. The lurid story that the devil went walking with his wife shows Wily masterfully with his characteristic lived in and smoky, raspy voice. Walker takes a completely different direction with the groovy and very danceable 'I Want To Know' . This is funky rhythm & blues....Wily remains groovin 'in' Walk In Chinese Footsteps. " Sometimes I hear here shades of Dr. John...The title song (Moon Over Indigo) is a very slow ballad which spills over with despair and loneliness. Again, the strings are back in action, but it is mainly the voice of Wily Bo Walker grabs you by the throat and that moves you. Also remember that Kenny Rampton on trumpet and Grammy winner Danny Flam on trombone make a substantial and outstanding contribution in this 'Moon Over Indigo'. (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“During 'When Angels Call Your Time "you feel like a few decades back in New Orleans... 'Drive'. This makes me happy. It provides one of the few times on this album with Wily Bo full throttle. 'Drive' along with 'Walking With The Devil' are my favorites on "Moon Over Indigo '. With 'Same Thing' Wily takes us to the deep south of America. The sultry sound takes us to the bayous and swamps. This is one of the two covers on the album, though we must add at once, that these bear little relation to the original recording by Willie Dixon. In the melancholic 'Jenny' shows the singer share with us, in the loss of his love. Guitarist Keith Mack lets his guitar howl in a wonderful way. The closing track 'Who Do You Love " begins with lots of brass attack. In this second cover again we get funky music with a very handsome groove. This version of this Bo Diddley classic has nothing in common with the original outside of the lyrics. "Moon Over Indigo' is an album with many different music styles.”

“Blues award nominee, prodigious songwriter, multi band leader and genre hopping roots rock artist, Wily Bo Walker returns with the concluding part of his 2015 trilogy of solo albums. ‘Moon Over Indigo’ comes complete with a generous 20 page booklet with startling art work and is an album steeped in dark narratives, life experiences and two refreshingly arranged covers, all given expression by his bone chilling growl. Glaswegian Bo doesn’t so much convey a song’s mood as inhabit it. He shifts air molecules with a whisky soaked husky growl that he applies like the darkest colour on an artist’s palette. In musical terms he does this with a series of layered arrangements that are anchored by his band and topped by vocalist Kareña K and a kicking New York horn section. (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“Wily Bo Walker explores a melange of moods, feels, narratives and grooves, no more so than on the opening ‘Walking With The Devil’, which features the triumvirate of Wily, the devil and Graham Hine’s weeping slide playing which threads its way through the heart of the track. Each song feels like part of a broad based musical vision that is rooted in blues, swamp, funk and thick as molasses grooves, but is never restricted by any one of them, as Bo succinctly completes a three album cycle. His subject matter treads a thin dividing line between the autobiographical and his innate storytelling ability. And where his previous album ‘Stone Cold Beautiful’ was a more guitar driven affair, here there’s a greater emphasis on big ensemble playing with Danny Flam’s vibrant horns which give Bo’s husky voice an extra impact. (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“His deep baritone references a familiar roll call of vocalists from Tom Waits, Dr. John, and Edgar Broughton to Wolf, Hawkins, Cocker, Beefheart and in his darker moments even Nick Cave. His unusual phrasing and tight arrangements allow him to immerse himself in his art and sparkle and surprises us with the kind of diversity and contrast that marked George Clinton funky adventures. ‘I Want To Know’ is an unexpected brash, big band outing with Andrews Sister’s style bv’s and a busy horn section that stretches the funky percussive arrangement to the max. There’s a complete change of direction on the synth driven ‘Walk In Chinese Footsteps’, a horn inflected piece with more potent bv’s, as Wily adds his best vocal to fill the track with a characteristic growl. (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“The title track heads for an after hours jazzy feel with a muted trumpet and drifting piano line, while ‘When The Angels Call Your Time’ could have come from Bo’s Rattlin Bone repertoire, except that the track’s natural volition pushes it beyond a funeral march. In sharp contrast ‘Drive’ has a big screen quality, as Bo vocally warms to his task over subtle horns on a kicking arrangement. He transforms Willie Dixon’s lascivious blues ‘Same Thing’ into big band swagger and adds a nuanced string arrangement and big guitar figure on ‘For The Children’, notable for Kareña K’s backing and harmony vocals. ‘Who Do You Love’ .....predicated on an Afro Beat intro and makes great use of a killer horn section. This is blues Carruthers, but not as we know it! ‘Moon Over Indigo’ is an original, adventurous album that succeeds in fusing together musically related styles to provide a shifting backdrop to Bo’s world weary voice and lived in narratives. **** (Album R”

“Deeply scorched soul! ('Moon Over Indigo' title track from the album 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“Fabulous earthy groove! ('Walk in Chinese Footsteps' from the album 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“About the only person who could be called as individual in music today as Clarence (Gatemouth) Brown was in his day is Wily Bo Walker. I can't think of anyone who is a) as prolific as him and b) makes such different albums to everybody else.”

“The third album this year, but every one of them is just a cracker and you've got to go out and buy them. 'Moon Over Indigo' is the latest, go out and get that and then collect the rest ('Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“Wonderful! ('Drive' from the album 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“I've said it before but I just love the sound he makes on his records, very imaginative, cinema-scope sound. ('Same Thing' from the album 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“Prolific and talented ('Drive' from the album 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“The whole album keeps surprising you. This is one of my favourites. ('Walking With The Devil (Voodoo Mix) feat. Graham Hine' from the album 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“This is great ('Jenny (Traces in my Arms)' from the album 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“One of my favourite tracks ('Drive' from the album 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“Wily Bo Walker, he's making a big impact on the blues scene at the moment and he has a very individual style. It's somewhere between Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen...and James Bond Themes. It's a bit different. ('Who Do You Love? - NY Chiller Mix' from the album 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“An absolutely brilliant album ('Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“I’m tempted to ask “who the hell is Wily Bo Walker” because he has released three albums this year and judging by the styles and writing in evidence there must be at least a dozen! Walker writes brilliantly, songs that are dark and heavy, funk laden and Bluesey or balladic and bittersweet but all of them are top notch and show the many different sides he is capable of. The opener here is ‘Walking With The Devil’ and after a slow, sustained guitar line he moves into a New Orleans shuffle – and then the vocals come in: smoky, dark (I mean Nick Cave dark) and captivating. You just have to listen and be mesmerised by his singing and that awesome guitar line. Then he delves into a horn laden gospel/R&B number that you can’t help but dance to (‘I Want To Know’) and keeps the groove going with a number Dr John world be proud of – ‘Walk In Chinese Footsteps’ (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“By now the voice is becoming familiar, never comfortable but you know what the sound is, until whammo – the title track. A slow and heavy New York ballad with film noir in every inch of the lone cornet, you can feel the fog in the air and the searching eyes, the desperation and loneliness in the song. If the rest of the album was crap it would still be worth buying for this one track. ‘When The Angels Call Your Time’ sees him in Tom Waits territory (no bad thing) and then ‘Same Thing’ brings it back to the bayou – sultry, dense and heavy with sweat. No surprise, I think this album is one of the best Walker has made to date and well up there in the best of the year stakes. He was nominated for a British Blues Award for Best Song with ‘Long Way To Heaven’ from his last album and if there is any justice he will get another nomination for ‘Moon Over Indigo’ song AND album. (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“This is the third release from his trilogy of albums in 2015. Wily Bo Walker proves once again what a talented artist he is. After first 'Stone Cold Beautiful' and 'A Long Way From Heaven' having released is now the third and final album of the trilogy "Moon Over Indigo '. It is not for nothing that Wily Bo Walker is again nominated for a British Blues Award. Again oozes quality and diversity. The style is again unmistakable and has influences from blues, swamp, soul and jazz. Add to this the great musicians who accompany Wily Bo Walker on the album and the sum is more than successful. My favorite tracks on the album are 'Walking With The Devil', 'When The Angels Call Your Time' and 'For The Children. My advice for yourself is go and buy this wonderful trilogy. (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“Isn't that just truly fabulous! Probably in line for my album of the year. It's just knocked me out so much. ('I Want to Know-NY Funk Mix' from the album 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“Wily Bo Walker is one of those British lads who seem to have been dispensed Jack Daniels instead of mother's milk as a child, growing up to possess a voice full of Southern grit; think of Rod Stewart or Frankie Miller. On STONE COLD BEAUTIFUL, he teams up with guitarist Ed Brayshaw for a six song mini album that showcases their respective vocal and guitar skills with varied results. When it's good it's very good. Three songs here, covers of Loudon Wainwright's 'Motel Blues' and Fenton Robinson's Loan Me A Dime along with Walker's own 'I Want To Know' are models of soulful bluesy playing with the guitar used sparingly and keyboards creating a comfortable groove allowing Walker's warm gravelly voice space to explore the emotions summoned up in the songs. 'Loan Me A Dime' in particular is a brilliant slow blues number with backing vocals by Karena K adding to the mix while 'I Want To Know' flows like a smooth bourbon. (Album Review: 'Stone Cold Beautiful' - Wily Bo Walker & E D Brayshaw)”

“Wily Bo has been very busy in 2015, producing some fascinating music! ('Moon Over Indigo' from the album 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“Wily Bo Walker is a Scottish blues singer with a distinctive voice. It's a cross between a rasping saw and a gravel drive. Think Tom Waits and you'll be halfway there. He's a songwriter, and a pretty good one too, nominated for Best Song (Long Way From Heaven) in the 2015 British Blues Awards. Here he has written or co-written eight of the ten tracks, plus covers of Bo Diddley's Who Do You Love and Willie Dixon's Same Thing. This album is a good example of Wily Bo's diverse styles. It's blues in the widest possible sense. It kicks off with Walking With The Devil, a standard blues theme if ever there was one. It's a voodoo-mix based around some stand-out slide guitar from Graham Hine. The vocals are so dry they're almost grunted. The next track is more funky. I Want to Know is more upbeat with lots of brass. Excellent sax and backing vocals. (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“Walk In Chinese Footsteps - the Free Tibet mix - wears its heart on its sleeve. The smoky Moon Over Indigo has a jazz feel, while When The Angels Call Your Time has a New Orleans Bourbon feel. Yes there is a lot diversity here. For The Children is a touching ballad, which still has the odd production flourish but is heart-felt. The strongest song on the album is Jenny (Traces In My Arms) with its simple structure - kicking off with double bass and vocals - working a treat. (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“Cannot recommend this album enough! Absolutely fantastic! (Album Review - 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“This is an interesting one, you thought you knew the song...you didn't! ('Who Do You Love?' from the album 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“We always get excited when there's a new release from Wily Bo Walker. How does he do it, so much great music in so little time? (Album Review; 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“'Truly wonderful' (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“I like it! Wily's got one of those big, bluesy, growling, dirty sounding voices. Cracking voice for blues! ('Walking With The Devil (Voodoo Mix)' from the album 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“Every so often an album comes through and I'll pick out a certain track and I think yes, that is like..WOW! Wily Bo Walker, and got to mention Kareña K, what a voice - both of them are fantastic. You'll see what I mean. Absolutely superb! ('For The Children' from the album 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“Superb Album ('Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“Whew! what a song - absolute knockout! ('For The Children' from the album 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“Wonderful track ('Long Way To Heaven' from the album 'A Long Way from Heaven' - Wily Bo Walker & Kareña K)”

“Wily Bo Walker and his wonderful cooperative of high pedigree musical colleagues have produced yet another smart, dark and entertainingly written album. If you have even just half an ear for poetry and a beautiful musical walk on the dark side of the street, then this is the album for you. The continual review comparisons with Tom Waits' vocals must get a bit tedious for Bo - as he has very much his own distinctive voice, powerful, passionate, occasionally poignant - and sounding steeped in Scottish burr and best malt. A better comparison might be with the lyrics which tend to occupy that dark ground on the edge of wry bitterness, (a favourite camping site for Tom) where dark forces are at work, mystery abounds, and devastated love and loss get the full cynical works. Everywhere you look or listen there are dark streets in the moonlight, tears in the rain and in the excellent title track 'Moon Over Indigo', final farewells. (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“Apart from a Willie Dixon cover ('Same Thing') and the final track - a spirited up-beat version of 'Who Do You Love', all the tracks are written or part-written by Bo himself. This is where the album is at its most telling and eloquent. When, surrounded by some huge sympathetic arrangements, including some phenomenal wrap-around backing vocals led by Kareña K and frequent cool and solid brass, Bo delivers some unforgettable killer lyrics. One particular track, 'Jenny' a lament to someone lost, brings a voice of huge passion to a sad story – and you would need a hard heart to resist a line like “now that you've gone I can't say all the things I wanted to say to you”...majestic. (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“One of the best things about the musical arrangements on this album – grateful thanks to Grammy award winning producer Danny Flam – is how comfortably Bo's distinctive voice sits in the middle of all that is going on. Different tracks get sometimes launched by a solid drum beat, maybe a slide guitar or some sock-it-to-me brass with a dashing trumpet solo – everyone gets to have good time – and it shows. The ten tracks on the album are all refreshingly different and effective in their own right but the lyrics and Bo's voice meld them into a totally engaging story. The third album of 2015 and these guys just go on pulling super-good stuff out of their magic music bag. (Album Review: 'Moon Over Indigo' - Wily Bo Walker)”

“This is a six-track EP from a decidedly powerful and strong Scottish singer-songwriter, Wily Bo Walker. Now London-based, Walker noted for his swaggering stage performance and the diversity of musical styles he covers. With this album he teams up with guitarist Brayshaw, to present the second of a planned three-disc set with all tracks penned by Walker and delivered with enormous purpose and strength. Stone Cold Beautiful is not a release that can be simply pushed into any single genre or musical box; it crosses lines embracing blues, rock, soul, swampy alternative modern styles and shouldering come with a health warning, especially when played full-tilt at high volume - when it's really at its best. Guest vocalist, Karena K brings her usual deft touch and style to the table here, as she did on Walker's previous outing. Clearly she is a gal who sings with both heart and pure passion and adds a sure-fired soulful touch to the overall production. (Album Review: Stone Cold Beautiful)”

“Brayshaw's fretwork is always tasteful, torrid and demanding, with riffs and runs pouring from his fingers and driving the tracks along with an element of genuine raw emotion and energy. Walker is currently working on the final part of this planned musical trilogy and expects to have it out on release later this year. On the basis of this EP and his previous release with Karena K, "A Long Way From Heaven ', it should be well worth catching. (Album Review: Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“The British singer Wily Bo Walker has been active in diverse fields of blues related music in recent years , from pieces revealing a love of Dr John and Tom Waits, to music that might be created for Tarrantino film soundtracks. With guitarist E.D Brayshaw he has now recorded songs that are reminiscent in their narrative style to the rock of the 70s. They tell cinematic stories - and leave room for great guitar solos. Wily Bo Walker sets the scene for 'Stone Cold Beautiful' and when the album containing the nearly seven-minute-long "Storm Warning" kicks off, then one understands immediately, slow and menacing, here is a storm that threatens to eventually annihilate every living thing. This is blues rock, the melodic manner of which I enjoy even more, because it did not repeat the eternal clichés and riffs. With the arrival of Loudon Wainwright's "Motel Blues" comes a Country / Blues sound to this version. here you will feel returned to a movie, perhaps in an episode of Altman or so”

"Loan Me A Dime", the second cover on the album, may at first sound a little Gary Moore throwaway, but when Wily starts to sing, to complain, then it becomes a deeply felt and accusatory Blues, its message from the backing vocals is even moved to the vicinity of a church pulpit. "Stone Cold Beautiful" is a tremendously exciting album for rock and blues fans alike and especially for fans of sweeping guitar solos that really share stories, and not just merely exhibit the brilliance of the string technique. Great album! (Translated from the original German) (Album Review: Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)

“I need a cigarette after that and I don't smoke, that song is absolutely incredible ('Long Way To Heaven' - from the CD release 'A Long Way from Heaven…' by Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Stunning, 'A Long Way From Heaven', it draws you in, it's got a certain ambience to it ('Long Way To Heaven' - from the CD release 'A Long Way from Heaven…' by Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Fine, fine track (Rendez-vous Des Cheminots - from the CD release 'A Long Way from Heaven…' by Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Fantastic voice with lots of presence, perfectly suited to your narratives (from the 'Wily Bo Walker Special' on Pete Feenstra's Blues and Rock Show)”

“Fantastic band! (Drive - from the CD release 'Moon over Indigo' by Wily Bo Walker. Also featured on the compilation album 'Wily Bo Walker & the Danny Flam Big Band')”

“Absolutely cracking track ('Long Way To Heaven' - from the CD release 'A Long Way from Heaven…' by Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“The release of Stone Cold Beautiful, right behind A Long Way From Heaven, is the second of what looks like a three mini-album series Glasgow born Walker plans for 2015. With six tracks, totalling forty minutes, old analogue heads, for whom a side of C90 cassette tape defines album length, will consider this to be almost a full release. Stone Cold Beautiful abounds with New Jersey soul tenderness, romanticism and swagger. Blistering guitar contributions from E.D Brayshaw are lengthy but always tasteful, finely judged and sympathetic to the song.”

“The NJ soul prevalence is most emphatic on 'Storm Warning', with Karena K's gospel backing multi-tracked to epiphanal effect as Brayshaw's guitar enacts the storm in a soaring coda. That soul dynamic continues on 'I Want To Know' but goes even further on 'September Red'. Again, there is a huge choral arrangement as emotional, sky -rending guitar leads to a piano figure in the fade, a feel revisited on the tough NJ rock of 'Killers On The Run'. Enormous sounding guitars and heavenly gospel backing vocals enmesh over Walker's urgent pleading, leading to a blissed out funk, as vocals edge in and out of the mix.”

“What a splendid job (Light At The End Of The Tunnel from the CD 'A Long Way From Heaven' - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Fantastic stuff (Drive - from the CD release 'Moon over Indigo' by Wily Bo Walker)”

“Very evocative (Motel Blues - from the CD release 'Stone Cold Beautiful' by Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“That is absolutely brilliant! …like it more and more! ('Killers on the Run' from the CD release 'Stone Cold Beautiful' - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“Great original swampy tunes with the essence of Tom Waits, Fantastic album from start to finish. A must-have for fans of blues, swamps, zombies and Tom Waits. Came across this in a search for some new music, and loved it-'The Life and Death Of" is a solid album and won a fan of Rattlin Bone in me. ('The Life and Death of…Rattlin Bone' album by Rattlin Bone)”

“This is absolutely superb and some great guitar playing on there as well! ('Ain't No Man a Good Man' - Preview track from Wily Bo Walker's forthcoming album 'Tales of The Mescal Canyon Troubadours')”

“Brilliant stuff ('Ain't No Man a Good Man' - Preview track from Wily Bo Walker's forthcoming album 'Tales of The Mescal Canyon Troubadours')”

“That's some serious music! ('Chattahoochee Coochee Man' by Wily Bo Walker & The Mescal Canyon Troubadours)”

“If that song is anything to go by the whole album will be excellent ('Chattahoochee Coochee Man' by Wily Bo Walker & The Mescal Canyon Troubadours)”

“Need to come and see you guys 'live'! Loved the new track and can't wait for the album! ('Chattahoochee Coochee Man' by Wily Bo Walker & The Mescal Canyon Troubadours)”

“Well, if you're going to boogie woogie you might as well do it like that! That is superb!!!' ('Drive' - Preview track from Wily Bo Walker's forthcoming album 'Tales of The Mescal Canyon Troubadours')”

“Fantastic Stuff! ('Drive' - Preview track from Wily Bo Walker's forthcoming album 'Tales of The Mescal Canyon Troubadours')”

“Playing this one over and over! ('Walking with the Devil' by Wily Bo Walker & The Mescal Canyon Troubadours)”

“Crackin' stuff!!! ('Walking with the Devil' by Wily Bo Walker & The Mescal Canyon Troubadours)”

“That one would definitely be on my mp3 player! Imagine being on the open road… ('Walking with the Devil' by Wily Bo Walker & The Mescal Canyon Troubadours)”

“This has got movie soundtrack written all over it. That bass is crankin' it! ('Walking with the Devil' by Wily Bo Walker & The Mescal Canyon Troubadours)”

“Geoff's guitar is stellar. We'll be playing this a whole bunch on Lunch At The Barr on Hotmix 106. This is going to spread around the globe like wildfire. ('Walking with the Devil' by Wily Bo Walker & The Mescal Canyon Troubadours)”

“Really bad ass! That's one of the best tracks I've heard recently by anybody, anywhere! ('Chattahoochee Coochee Man' by Wily Bo Walker & The Mescal Canyon Troubadours)”

“Totally jumping!!! ('Chattahoochee Coochee Man' by Wily Bo Walker & The Mescal Canyon Troubadours)”

“Wily Bo Walker & The Mescal Canyon Troubadours brought plenty of funk, blues rock and a solid, tight band to stage. A good guitar section of Geoff Slater, with Tommy ‘Le’ Rhodes on bass join Max Saidi on percussion and deliciously dark Kareña K on backing vocals and keys. Wily Bo is ‘ringmaster’ and vocalist, and takes on ‘Rattlin Bone’ form complete with top hat and skull cane to finish on the glorious ‘St. James Infirmary Blues’. The band having grooved their way through ‘Chattahooche Cooochee Man’, maybe some lost moments with ‘Did I Forget’, to decide it IS, ‘Time To Forget’, completely unphased by the troublesome power glitches. Maybe they had forgotten to switch on the lights!”

“Rattlin Bone are… "Part of the underground zombie burlesque and voodoo circus scene with a hellishly good brass section, smooth and seductive backing vocals and a lead voice that reeks of bourbon and candlelight, Rattlin Bone is an incredibly tight 14 piece band out of London, England. And I do have to say, their leader - Mr. Wily Bo Walker - is one of my favorite people. He is not only an amazing talent, but damned nice guy, too. (And yes, you can tell him I said so)" (Online blog about Rattlin Bone)”

“Lordy! Going thermo nuclear! Talk about bringin' it …what a fat sound! ('Chattahoochee Coochee Man' by Wily Bo Walker & The Mescal Canyon Troubadours)”

“The night ended triumphantly with 14 piece rock and roll burlesque gypsy voodoo jazz from Rattlin Bone, complete with deranged clowns. Soulful backing singers, a jazz band and the raspy rocker vocals of the lead singer demonstrated the band’s ability to transcend the boundaries of musical genre and create a sound uniquely theirs. The band’s cover of Merle Travis’ Sixteen Tons was a crowd pleaser, keeping the audience on their feet after a night of heavily-involved shape-throwing. (Rattlin Bone 'live' at The Hootananny, Brixton)”

“If Wily Bo Walker even glances at a CD we'll play it. This is a great song… ('Chattahoochee Coochee Man' by Wily Bo Walker & The Mescal Canyon Troubadours)”

“Fabulous horns and a dark, smoky voice dominate this track ('Speaking of Happiness' by Rattlin Bone)”

“Absolutely wonderful album (Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“Fantastic album (Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“Fine, fine stuff...really, really like it, go out and buy it ('Loan Me A Dime' from the CD release 'Stone Cold Beautiful' - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“Absolutely fantastic stuff (Killers On The Run - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“'These are musicians of the highest quality, absolutely amazing track, could sit and listen to that all night long' ('Chattahoochee Coochee Man' by Wily Bo Walker & The Mescal Canyon Troubadours)”

“A real classic (Killers On The Run - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“Such a fabulous contrast of vocals and such a lush sound (Long Way To Heaven by Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“I love this more and more and more (Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“..it's cinematic, epic..such a beautiful album, it's something that you just have to go grab hold of. (Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“The opener ‘Storm Warning’ (written by Brayshaw & Brayshaw) is a blistering soundscape of Blues/rock with Brayshaw’s guitar screaming and Walker’s gruff and hard vocals telling the story of a new American dustbowl, Karena K providing backing vocals to really drive the emotion. The guitar solo at the end is terrific, exciting and picking the listener up time and again, ebbing and flowing like the storm itself. Wily Bo supplies tracks that have a softer feel, soulful and rolling; ‘I Want to Know’ very much feeling like it is steeped in New Orleans (his vocals have a touch of Dr John crossed with Robbie Robertson) while he can also turn his hand to a love song as he does on ‘September Red’. They do a superb version of Loudon Wainwright’s ‘Motel Blues’, giving it all the seediness and desperation it deserves but somehow keeping the sense of pleading passion it describes. (Album Review: Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“My personal favourite is their version of Fenton Robinson’s ‘Someone Lend Me A Dime’ – a standard on the Blues circuit but they make it sound dark and down at heel without the usual overwrought ‘passion’. Brayshaw’s guitar is subtle and even when he tears out the solo he doesn't lose the character of the song. It is a very good album, loaded with great playing and equally fine vocals… (Album Review: Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“Stone Cold Beautiful is up there with album titles that just fit so well that the sides slip easily into place, the join never found and the crease ironed out so flat that the harmony between man and guitar soars higher than an Eagle with a jet-pack attached to its body and an oxygen mask strapped firmly to its beak. Stone Cold Beautiful indeed, for where the listener could rightly expect Wily Bo Walker could be as charming and delightful as he has always been, this latest set of songs is almost as if the listener has been allowed a private audience and the sound of generosity of spirit is sacrosanct to the appreciation found. Whilst other albums will make perhaps a greater claim to be being a focal point of beauty, Stone Cold Beautiful has definition of character and above all two men playing throughout as if the Venus Di Milo was able to clap her hands and giggle with excitement, as befitting a muse. (Album Review: Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“Whilst only being six songs long, Stone Cold Beautiful adds much weight to that new adage of the modern age, less is more. It seems to work for the bands bringing though more E.P.s than albums, but it is also a double edged sword in that it also lends speculation and talk to the argument that the concentration levels of the population has regressed. For this album, whilst beautiful and stoic, also perhaps dips into that realm. Half a dozen songs or not, there is nothing quite like the quality of the arrangement and the lyrics that sit comfortably in songs such as Motel Blues, September Red and the gorgeous Killers On The Run. They blaze like a red hot poker and smoulder like a adoring gaze from a secret admirer, for that alone Wily Bo Walker is once again to be congratulated on bringing taste to the Blues deprived. A wonderful set of songs that leaves you wanting so much more. (Album Review: Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“This is an absolute gem (September Red - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“Sounds like Tom Waits with Carlos Santana …so good! I'm totally lost for words ('I Want To Know' from the album 'Stone Cold Beautiful' by Wily Bo Walker & E D Brayshaw)”

“It truly is beautiful (Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“With a vocal style and delivery of Tom Waits meets Bob Seger on a rain swept whisky induced night, Wily Bo has a voice that is meant to be singing the blues, bringing extra life to the lyrics by frequently lingering on every syllable in a monotone pitch. This comes especially to the fore in one of the two covers on the album, a cover of the Chicago Blues player Fenton Robinson's 'Loan Me a Dime', a blues standard that has been recorded by luminaries such as Boz Scaggs and the late Duane Allman. The other cover also plays homage to the 1970's in the guise of Loudon Wainwright 111's autobiographical 'Motel Blues', a story of a touring musician and what happens when the show is over. Wily Bo's vocal workings are complimented by the silky voice of Karena K; another of Wily Bo's long time musical associates, who tonally adds the right balance of light and shade to the whole album. (Album Review: Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“The album overflows with expansive guitar licks courtesy of the very talented E.D. Bradshaw who also plays every instrument on the album. From the deft Gary Moore touches on 'Somebody Loan Me a Dime' there are shades of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Buddy Guy, Joe Bonamassa and Eric Clapton elsewhere. The stonking guitar solo on the seven and a half minute melodic 'September Red' demonstrates the best of E.D.; soulful rendered chops of the highest order delivered with subtlety and panache. This is a track tailor made for night-time radio. (Album Review: Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“'Killers on the Run', the final and longest track on the CD at nearly ten minutes, is a powerhouse number growing from an acoustic guitar and Fender Rhodes beginning to a Hammond motif reminiscent of Benmont Tench ,and then a full on journey of rip roaring guitar and keyboard breaks. It's a song similar to classic Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers around the 'Damn the Torpedoes' era. 'Stone Cold Beautiful' spans many shades of blues but above all, it's an entertaining one and one where you might feel obliged to grab a tennis racket, play air guitar or pick up your instrument of choice and play along to. Me: I'll just pour myself the Bourbon or mescal thank you. (Album Review: Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“Excellent track (Storm Warning - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“This is material you can't afford to miss (Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“My favourite acapella song ever (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“...the whole album is another step forward in 21st century blues - built on the tradition, but not a slave to it. Wily Bo Walker is fast becoming a national treasure...(Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“...the amazing vocal prowess of Wily Bo Walker, guitar chops of E.D Brayshaw and great vox by Kareña K....absolutely love that ('I Want To Know' from the album 'Stone Cold Beautiful' by Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“It is unusual for The Hat to review two albums by the same artist so close together but 'Stone Cold Beautiful' has proved irresistible. This album is already getting a lot of preview air play and it is easy to see why. Just six tracks, all good, with the first and last, powerful and full-on, book-ending four beautiful moody blues noir pieces that are so laid-back they are almost horizontal. Any of these central tracks could be quite comfortably slotted into a gritty Louis Malle movie and improve it. The opening track 'Storm Warning' kicks in with a cracking six minute smack in the face with both Wily's husky vocal and his collaborator E.D Brayshaw's guitar buzzing at full gallop with all the valves open. Floating above all this are some melodic backing vocals from Kareña K beautifully complementing a terrific high-flying stramash. (Album Review: Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“A big change of gear for the Loudon Wainwright cover 'Motel Blues' and the lyrics of this, together with the mellow 'Loan Me A Dime' which follows it, seem purpose-built for Wily's soulful voice and E.D's beautifully paced, gentle, easy and mean guitar. These are smart track choices, as is the self-penned 'I Want to Know' which is Wily the story-teller looking mournfully for answers to the familiar blues elusive love problems. This track is also peppered with some terrific sneaky keyboard fills which give it both width and a cool Southern back bar flavour. (Album Review: Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“I suspect that 'September Red' is a track that will be around for a long time. It is a lengthy piece (7.30) that oozes confidence and gives everyone breathing space to strut their stuff. A beautifully constructed track that works at every level and I do hope that the radio stations can find room for it despite its length. The final number 'Killers on The Run' has E.D Brayshaw's ripping, raw guitar front and centre, taking the album to a riotous grand finale with full vocal backing and seeing us out with some urgent driving keyboard and frenetic percussive support. Leaves you breathless... (Album Review: Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“This is a big EP at nearly 40minutes and I gather they have plans for a Volume 2, funds permitting. I hope they go ahead. The Hat noticed that the album was final mastered at Abbey Road and certainly the arrangements and the production standards are hugely professional, giving both vocals and instruments a good balanced input. However, that is just a bonus to what is a fine album stuffed with style and talent. (Album Review: Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“I think it's terrific (Loan Me A Dime - Wily Bo Walker & E.D Brayshaw0”

“Wily Bo Walker is a solo singer-songwriter; on this album the Glaswegian has teamed up with guitar maestro E.D. Bradshaw to create Stone Cold Beautiful with the backing vocals from Karena K adding extra tonal range creating six tracks full of musical colour and interest. Opening with Storm Warning, a bluesy track where the storyline hits cinematic proportions when the melody rises to a crescendo and you are on the road with a storm looming and coming up fast, with its powerful blues/rock anthem guitar chords this is a six-track album heading out of the starting blocks with some mighty licks. Loudon Wainwright 111’s Motel Blues, brings some country acoustic blues into the mix a stylish delivery suiting Wily’s vocals. (Album Review: Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“The other cover has opening guitar that is stylish with hints of Gary Moore as the notes sear through the blues tempo and the vocals growl and draw out the words giving them a dark blue effect with the desperation of Loan Me a Dime. This is blues that is steeped in misery and the backing vocals from Karena K adds a bitter-sweet air that makes the track work so well. September Red is a melodic, full sounding track with backing vocals that take on choral proportions as autumn fades and leads to Winter Blue. The album finishes with Killers On The Run full of percussive drive and keyboards that hook you up to the lyrics sung by Wily in his distinctive gravelly Tom Waits infused vocal delivery; leaving you with a smile at Stone Cold Beautiful’s delivery of blues with a rocky attitude. (Album Review: Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“This is an album of six songs that span many shades of blues and for nearly forty minutes you are transported to music that entertains, and blends rock with blues in perfect proportions, it is a pity not more tracks to really explore the potential of the music they offer. (Album Review: Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“Just do yourself a favour, go out and get it, I'll be playing tracks from it forever I think..it's one of those album that just grabs you. E.D Brayshaw's guitar is phenomenal, Wily Bo Walker's vocals are to die for and the musicianship on it is astonishing. Just a fantastic album! (Album Review: Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“The first of what appears to be a 2015 series of three mini-albums from 2014 British Blues Vocalist nominee Wily Bo Walker, sees him team up with Karena K to deliver six tracks in their contrasting “barbed wire and angels” vocal styles. Both soulful, his adds the gruff, sub-Waitesian gravitas, whilst hers is sweeter, but no less passionate. ‘Love Will Find A Way’ sees both on the attack over a heavy doo-wop rhythm and arrangement and ‘Angels In The Night’ sweetens this to a more soulful burning, almost chain-gang groove, spacious and choral in feel as gospel harmonies, piano and sax drift in and out of the mix, until a smooth Gilmour-esque guitar coda brings it home. The downbeat gospel shuffle in ‘Did I Forget (To Tell You I Love You)’ is pure New Jersey in feel, with Walker’s upfront pleading beautifully bedded by the multi-tracked Karena backing chorus. (Album review: A Long Way From Heaven - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“'Rendezvous des Cheminots' is described as “film noir swing”, which describes its brass-laden late-night jazz club swing to perfection, Walker’s growl and Karena’s scatting prompts ideal foils for each other as horns blaze and guitars chime. Karena’s own ‘Light At The End Of The Tunnel’ ties it all up. Content to provide hip-swaying Sweet Inspirations backing as Wily Bo takes the lead, over nearly six minutes theirs is an exemplary vocal fusion of soulful collaboration, which, best of all, sounds spontaneous and heartfelt, a description that befits A Long Way From Heaven in its entirety. Walker’s second mini-album of 2015, Stone Cold Beautiful, co-credited to E D Brayshaw and due to be released in May 2015, is due for review in the July/August issue of R2 magazine. Moon Over Indigo, the third planned 2015 disc over his own name, is slated for "Q4 2015" release. (Album review: A Long Way From Heaven - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Two of the most dynamic voices in blues (Long Way To Heaven - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Ten minutes of bliss (Killers On The Run - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“...an outstanding album (Stone Cold Beautiful - Wily Bo Walker and E.D Brayshaw)”

“What a wonderful sound-scape that record has ( Long Way To Heaven - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Excellent stuff from Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K from one of my favourite albums of last year (Long Way To Heaven)”

“A Long Way From Heaven is a mini album of contrasts. Over six songs, the contrasting singers Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K deliver a set of brass heavy, swinging songs that range in intensity from full on rockers to lighter almost Doo-wop songs. Wily Bo Walker is a talented songwriter, with a distinctive voice that has the depth of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits, and the weight of the much missed Joe Cocker, particularly in the opening title track. (Album review: A Long Way From Heaven - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Love Will Find A Way is a Doo-wop 50's inspired pastiche, whilst Angels In The Night is a brooding slow blues song, with one of those saxophone solos that is both technically perfect but dripping with emotion. Did I Forget (To Tell You I Love You) is a swinging jazz blues number, with a pleasing beat and clean guitar, and The Danny Flam Big Band add a lot of depth to Rendezvous Des Cheminots, one of those brass heavy songs which is part Bond theme, and part good time Saturday night song, whilst the E.P closes in good style with Light At The End Of The Tunnel, a slow brooding atmospheric song that shows the vocal contrasts of Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K to good effect. At only six songs, this release is a good taste of what this ensemble promises live, and promises good things for a full album. (Album review: A Long Way From Heaven - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“A Long Way From Heaven - the gravel of Tom Waits meets the sultry velvet of Nina Simone across a bluesy swamp! (Album review: A Long Way From Heaven - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“'Multi-tracked vocals and multi-layered harmonies _ and even a spot of whistling -feature on the gospel, blues, pop and pyschedelic cocktail of Wily Bo and Karena's 'Love Will Find A Way'. Lovely stuff! (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“One of my favourite albums from 2014 (A Long Way From Heaven - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“‘Angels In The Night’ is an atmospheric swampy and gospel tinged blues that is almost totally dominated by Wily Bo’s phrasing, save for Kareña's sonorous soprano line and counterpointed vocals. It’s also a track that captures the kind of noir vibe that seamlessly slips from their music to the lyrics. The closing Kareña K penned song ‘Light At The End Of The Tunnel’, nicely rounds off an impressive 6 track CD with a bluesy after hours feel. ‘A Long Way From Heaven ’ smokes, smoulders and burn bright by turns, as Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K redefine the blues on their own terms. (Album review: 'A Long Way From Heaven' - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Such is the versatility of Wily’s vocal on this track that he initially sounds like Tom Waits and his fellow countryman Tam White, and when he soars and growls he’s Joe Cocker in his prime. He’s also a decent guitarist too, who rarely overstays his welcome. ‘A Long Way From Heaven’ is a beautifully crafted piece of work which pays particular attention to the minutiae of the project. This extends from the rich vocal performances and well crafted arrangements to the Susan Shulman’s art work and the effective album sequencing. Thus the impressive opening ballad is followed by the handclapped, acapella, close to the mic vocal of ‘Love Will Find A Way’, with its light and shade vocal parts that gives all 6 tracks their essential dynamic. Wily and Kareña add whistle, bird song, ‘lalala’s’ and alternate lines on a totally compelling track, which although completely different to the title track is just as essential! (Album review: A Long Way From Heaven - Wily Bo”

“...the perfect blend of voices, inspired playing and refreshing material makes ‘A Long Way From Heaven’ a delightful introduction to a duo with a difference. This narrative and gravel voiced CD journeys through colourful narratives, sophisticated arrangements and always showcases the arresting voice of Scotsman Wily Bo Walker. The title track is a stunning introduction to a couple who weave in out of a horn led arrangements and lyrically interesting piece that you could imagine finding a home on film soundtrack. (Album review: 'A Long Way From Heaven' - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

““Wonderful sounding track (Angels In The Night - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)””

“This could well be my favourite album of 2015. (A Long Way From Heaven - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Such rich vocals on that (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“FIVE STAR REVIEW: I only discovered Wily Bo Walker and Karena K last week thanks to Twitter and I'd love to see them live. Really love the music, the lyrics and sounds. Fabulous! (A Long Way from Heaven - Wily Bo Walker & Kareña K)”

“These guys really know how to swing and 'Rendez-Vous des Cheminots' has the kitchen sink thrown at it.. This is great big band stuff with rocking horns that is absolutely busting out all over with its call to get on the dance floor and throw some shapes. The EP closes with them all back in relaxed mood with an original number penned by Karena K, 'Light At The End Of The Tunnel' which fades us out with a beautiful bluesy sad guitar. This may not be your take on The Blues but be in no doubt, Wily Bo Walker has Blues Form. He has in the past been nominated for The British Blues Awards and his previous album with the Danny Flam Big Band was considered for a Grammy nomination. This is a polished, smart and sassy album. He's back in London in March. Take your dancin' shoes! (Album review: 'A Long Way From Heaven' - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“If you like to venture off-piste and mix your blues with some stompin' knock-em-down swing and a little relaxed mood indigo then this is your bag. Wily's voice and noir lyrics are all over these six tracks like a young liquor soaked off-spring of L.R.Phoenix and Tom Waits. It kicks off with 'A Long Way To Heaven' where the growling lyrics are supported by a delicate piano ripple, strings and a cool female vocal backing. The mood changes immediately with 'Love Will Find A Way' which is a classic dance 'doo-wah' aided and abetted by harmonies with the mellow voice of Karena K and a clear nod to the Bobby McFerrin acapella classic 'Don't Worry, Be Happy'. 'Angels In The Night' by contrast, is a noir piece, with sad sax and guitar which has 'film score' written all over it. (Album review: 'A Long Way From Heaven' - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Here’s a mini album with maximum delights. The prolific Walker (frontman in two bands – Rattlin Bone and The Mescal Canyon Troubadours – and recording a solo album) teams up with his backing singer Karena K (also his partner in blues duo The Blue Valentines!) for a memorable mix of moods in a six-track collection of classy originality in which nothing is overdone. Karena K adds the smooth complement to Wily Bo’s gravel-rash vocals. Hers is the back-up sound which hits in with just the right punctuation. Opener “Long Way to Heaven” is the brassy big ballad opener which could have been written for Joe Cocker to power out at Woodstock. Instant mood change sees the finger-clicking acappella of “Love Will Find A Way” briefly threatening to overstay its welcome but it hangs in there with cool aplenty as the duo alternate around the lead microphone. (Album review: 'A Long Way From Heaven' - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Chilly, late-night slow blues follows with “Angels In The Night” complete with moody alto sax and an expressive guitar finale, subtly added almost as a coda. “Did I Forget (To Tell You I Love You)” shows the true triumph of the duo’s contrasting vocals and again features some more fine guitar....The Danny Flam Big Band join in to add big band swing to the sassy jive of “Rendezvous Des Cheminots” before the slow-cooker finale “Light At The End Of The Tunnel,” again featuring just the right vocal light and shade and more soulful yet restrained guitar, underpinned by chunky Hammond, to complete a swaggeringly confident set. (Album review: 'A Long Way From Heaven' - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“As a whole the CD is very moody, mellow and stylised. Bo's unique gravelly vocals remain prominent throughout and it is he who provides the 'Barbed Wire' and has also penned five out of the six tracks. He would fill the late Joe Cocker's shoes admirably on the outing of the title track alone. (Album review: 'A Long Way From Heaven' - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“In your late 50s Cadillac, drop into a US diner to sample beehived, sassy blues, and then demolish a whole lot of hand percussion led Do-Wop before some late night, big band, sexy sleazy sax. The album was recorded both in London and New York, with the final gloss added by Abbey Road and this quality shows throughout. It might be a long way, but this is both Wily Bo's and Kareña's stairway...to heaven perchance? (Album review: 'A Long Way From Heaven' - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“The six tracks, Long Way To Heaven, Love Will Find A Way, Angels in The Night, the utterly superb Did I Forget (To Tell You I Love You), Rendezvous Des Cheminots and the stunning closer of Light at the End of the Tunnel tangle with the art and craft of well presented set of songs and the sight of that green dress shimmering in the moonlight of a New York night; the Devil sated and happy to have helped you dance. A Long From Heaven can only lead you to become a gumshoe, the private eye in search of their next recorded clue; it doesn't matter how long it takes, that clue will be found and prized. (Album review: 'A Long Way From Heaven' - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“This highlighted work of Walker and Karena K may seem like a small token to appease the music lover, however sometimes what seems like the barest offerings hold a multitude of beauty, the intriguing wonder of what else is to come if you go and search for it. Not a best of album, more like a scratch the surface and breathe deeply, for the rest is yet to come. If this six track album is A Long From Heaven, then perfection must be unobtainable. Throughout the album it is possible to feel yourself floating gently as a man in a smoking white tuxedo and a hot blowing trumpet reels you in, the area around 77th Street in New York bustling with the sound of expectation and a dream like quality that serenades you in the form of a devil in a flowing green dress and the smell of Cuban cigars infiltrating your senses. It may not be Heaven but there is no doubt on how heavenly it sounds. ('A Long Way From Heaven' - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10. There are combinations that are just made to make the heart swing that little faster, the amalgamation of seemingly different flavours that somehow go together and produce a slice of unexpected and much admired bliss. The album may steadfastly proclaim that it’s A Long Way From Heaven, however just an hour in the company of Wily Bo Walker and Karena K and the highly original songs that come across the innocent sounding space between speaker and ear is soon filled with the sweet resonance of angel siding up to a Blues/Jazz combo and uttering the immortal words, “Turn up the heat baby, you’re on fire!” ('A Long Way From Heaven' - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Beautiful song, you just have to listen to that till the last drop (Long Way To Heaven - Wily Bo Walker & Kareña K)”

“A great little album, I highly recommend it (A Long Way From Heaven - Wily Bo Walker & Kareña K)”

““I wake up with this song in my head, it's that good (Love Will Find A Way by Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)””

“Mighty Fine Stuff (A Long Way From Heaven- Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“The amazingly voiced Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K”

“A Long Way to Heaven is one fine collaboration by Wily Bo Walker and Karena K. With the grittiness of Wily Bo Walker's voice and the sultriness of Karena K's voice they bring you some of their greatest work so - only one thing better - hearing them perform this live!”

“Fantastic album ( A Long Way From Heaven by Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“If you like your blues with a funky feel and lush vocals, then this should be for you. The opening title track - A Long Way From Heaven - features the distinctive bass-rich raspy vocals from Wily Bo, that will surely rock your speakers. Next up is Love Will Find A Way - a do wop tune complete with birdsong. Angels in The Night is a brooding slower number with the emphasis on the vocals. The rest of the instrumentation is mixed way back in the mix with guitar only coming through towards the end. Did I Forget (To Tell You I Love You) another smaltzy slow shuffle. Rendezvous des Cheminots is more upbeat featuring horns from the Danny Flam Big Band. This really swings along very nicely. The closing track Light At The End of Tunnel was one of my personal favourites. A slow burner that just oozes style with some sympathetic guitar cutting through the vocals. All in all, a well-produced set of songs. (Album review: 'A Long Way From Heaven' - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“A Long Way From Heaven maybe a bit closer to the fires below with this very strong bit of blues and grit from a talented duo. The Devil's music at its best in this six-track extended EP or short CD album. It's really take your pick here. All tracks are gripping and wonderfully produced to provide an excellent overall result.Fretwork is excellent, swampy and slithery at times with Wily Bo Walker's vocals rasping along like a road-repair crew shoveling aggregates. This guy has a voice that would make Dean Martin seem gritty! Luckily his vocals are perfectly counterbalanced by the sweeter notes of his partner, Karena K. A positively recommended effort from an exciting, dynamic pair of quality musicians. Worth checking out. (Album review: 'A Long Way From Heaven' - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Cracking extended EP/short CD album - take your pick. 6-tracks of good, strong fare here (A Long Way From Heaven - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Stunning. Absolutely love that track...does me in completely (Long Way To Heaven - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Superb track from a superb album (Rendez-vous Des Cheminots by Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

"an extraordinary vocal performance…" ('Same Thing' - Wily Bo Walker)

“This really rings my bell (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

"2014 was a great year for Wily Bo Walker. He scored hits with The Danny Flam Big Band, Rattlin Bone, The Mescal Canyon Troubadours and Kareña K. For the 2014 British Blues Awards Bo was nominated for Best Male Vocalist and Rattlin Bone for Best Band. The single 'I Want To Know' featuring Kareña K on backing vocals, as well as the album "Wily Bo Walker & The Danny Flam Big Band" are both currently being considered for a Grammy nomination for 2015. "A Long Way From Heaven" is a six track mini album highlighting the work of Wily Bo Walker & Kareña K. Their voices, described as barbed wire and angels, bourbon and roses, work so well together."

“Two really interesting voices, go and get that (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Black and white vintage on steroids (Light At The End Of The Tunnel - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“They are an absolute talent (Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“I absolutely love that. I think it may even be better than love making. Totally blew me away. (Light At The End Of The Tunnel - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“You have the machismo and then the sexy and sassy, one of my favourite songs of the year (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Incredibly good (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Very sexy stuff indeed (Light At The End Of The Tunnel -Wily Bo Walker & Kareña K)”

“A voice to die for”

“The kind of quality we've come to expect from both these artists (Light At The End Of The Tunnel)”

“I really dig this (Love Will Find A Way -Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Beautiful Song (Light At The End Of The Tunnel - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“I love this...marvellous song (Love Will Find A Way -Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“This next song will have me smiling the rest of the day ( Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)””

“These two could sing the phone book,. I'd play it (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker And Kareña K)”

“When Wily Bo is on, I have both earphones on so I don't miss a thing”

“FIVE STAR REVIEW: Fantastic album, everything in the right measure, absolute delight. Delightful swinging drumbeat brushed in quick time, mute trumpet, sax section... that’s what goes into The Openator. Moon over indigo has a full richness to it, while the guitar blends in smooth ‘n’ easy on Jawbreaker. Funky rhythm comes in on Irritated Shadow feat. Amir Ben Haim. Long way to heaven and When the angels call your time sound heavenly with choral backing in just the right measure!”

“Barnstorming CD, I'm in love with this album (Wily Bo Walker & The Danny Flam Big Band)”

“'This has got legs...we have a freakin' hit right here' (I Want To Know, NY Funk Mix)”

“That should be played on mainstream, it gets in your head (Love Will Find A Way -Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“I just can't get this out of my head (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K”

“Nasty ass groove, love it (Walk In Chinese Footsteps)”

“I love it, that is brilliant (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker & Kareña K)”

“When Wily Bo Walker & Kareña K sing together they have a unique charisma. You just have to listen to the very last drop of the song in your ear”

“That is one sexy, swinging track - (Rendez-vous Des Cheminots)”

“FIVE STAR REVIEW: Wow ! This is a wonderful album ! This is a big and diverse album with style elements from traditional big band jazz, blues, cabaret, retro pop styles and more ! Wily Bo Walker & the Danny Flam Big Band sing and play with style, power, grace and virtuosic skill. Awesome recording too ! As the great Duke Ellington said, " there are two kinds of music - good and the other kind " . This is definitely the GREAT kind . Enjoy !”

“Kooky enough to be ultra cool (Love Will Find A Way -Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“When Walker's voice finally drops into the mix on Rendez-Vous Des Cheminots it hits you like your best girl talking dirty in church. It comes out of nowhere and instantly has your full attention. What more can one ask for? Wily Bo Walker and The Danny Flam Big band is crafted to take you on a journey and it does so brilliantly from beginning to end. This is the perfect album to play when you desperately need to be transported to another place.”

“If you're listening while driving don't join in with the clapping, it's infectious (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Danny Flamtastic, that was lush (The Openator)”

“Big, rich, delicious sound of the Big Band Era (re The Openator)”

“Superb and sublime (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“When you guys break here you will have an album of hits....Freakin' Epic! (Comment on Walk In Chinese Footsteps)”

“Another one I'll be buying! That was phenomenal, bloody excellent in fact. (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker & Kareña K)”

“damned brilliant' ' Great Tune, catchy hit !!!! Would love to see this hit the top of the charts' (Love Will Find A Way -Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“This song kills me (Rendez-vous Des Cheminots)”

“I love the drama of the production this is pure mind cinema racing through a film noir feature. Driven by sonic mojo that rivets your head all the while caressing your heart. Good night sweet heart... taking a draw on cigarette..... walking off out the shine of street lamp into a foggy night.... Angel....(Angels In The Night - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“'love this song, got the old skool sound going on...nicely done' (Love Will Find A Way, with Kareña K)”

“This song rocks my pants off (Walk In Chinese Footsteps)”

“I absolutely love this (I Want To Know)”

“'September Red' Review: Wow, does this track causes goosebumps. Haunting harmony, nice bluesy rock feel to it with an amazing solo later on and carried on the shoulders of those great lyrics. Anyone who is a fan of Chris Rea or Mark Lanegan will adore this. Exceptional quality.”

“No two voices ever sounded better together, than Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K on this song (Long Way To Heaven)”

“Can't wait for the album, brilliant (Walk In Chinese Footsteps)”

“Tom Waits, eat your heart out (review of Long Way To Heaven)”

“'Good job I ditched my undies, Wily......makes me damp, LOL' (DJ comment on Same Thing)”

“'If Wily Bo Walker even glances at a CD we will play it'”

“Awesome tune …got my feet tapping! ('Chattahoochee Coochee Man' by Wily Bo Walker & The Mescal Canyon Troubadours)”

“Wonderful bluesy, jazzy stuff that just uplifts your soul' (Review of Rendezvous Des Cheminots)”

“Wily Bo Walker et al hit hard on The Openator, followed with a bluesy, late night Wily original, Moon Over Indigo. The depth and ability of the frontman and his band are clear to all. Pure brass-led magic.”

“'You guys have the groove tighter than a crabs derriere...and that's waterproof....I like the subtle under tacking' comment on airing of Rendezvous Des Cheminots”

“I do love it...it has that "stripper" thing going”

“'The bass is talkin!' 'Who does your charts? Great arrangements..' 'EPIC FREAKIN' BAND...' Comments re Rendezvous Des Cheminots”

“…I'm sure I will see him on LETTERMAN SOON! I know that's what I told the listeners last night! Unmistakable sound of a great musician and music…”

“'Fantastic Song' (When The Angels Call Your Time)”

“'You can never get enough Wily Bo Walker'”

“'...delicious voice..'”

"…'Jenny' gives me goosebumps…beautiful song and awesome vocals!"

"Wily Bo Walker’s voice is stratospheric. The more I listen to him sing You Don’t Know What Love Is, the more I understand the subtle interplay between melancholy and passion, the yin/yang at the heart of this Jazz Standard."

“'got one of those Joe Cocker voices' 'makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck...love it, love it, love it.... featuring Karena K, beautiful voice also...'”

“Drive goes more into soul R&B music but with a very special touch. I have listened to it 6 or 7 times one after another. Not too many songs get that from me. Wily Bo Walker has a really big thing going on…The sound is amazing.”

El Sotano Radio, Spain

“(Review of Angels In The Night). Absolutely gorgeous, works so well with both of their voices and the orchestration is absolutely astounding....this track is absolutely wonderful.....” ”

““Dirty, horn-filled boogie perfectly balanced by smoky, husky, whiskeyed vocals. Hot band on a dirty old-school Saturday night…” Florence Lamb Wily Bo Walker from Glasgow UK is ratcheting up the big band blues sound and raising the bar in hard hitting R&B. An instant classic “Drive” the debut track from Wily’s soon to drop CD “Moon Over Indigo” is driving it forward and turning up the heat. With Wily’s classic strong vocals and occasional blues wolf growl leading the way, spiced up with swinging horns and rocking string sections, on top of a solid rock foundation and you have got a great song with a lot of party energy and “Drive” captured within.We dig it and you will to. Giving you a glimpse of what awaits us on Wily’s new CD for the time being we will have to be satisfied with getting this track at iTunes until the whole disc is available. Go Get “Drive” Now! ”

“Review of 'Drive' Wily Bo Walker's gravelly, bourbon-soaked voice impresses on this debut single from forthcoming album 'Moon Over Indigo'. His vocals are bolstered by a punchy, soulful brass courtesy of the New York Horns and Keith Mack's surf rock guitar riffs, forming a sound which makes for a groundbreaking amalgamation of genres. ”

Tom Short - The Musician (Musicians Union Magazine)

“Just finished listening to debut single 'DRIVE' … it was awesome. It's such a pleasure to listen to great music that comes from the soul. Can't wait for the album.”

Music News, Scotland

“When I first heard it my reaction was wow! It's just such a big sound....very powerful, very strong sound and it's a great song (Drive) ”

“Wily Bo's version of Same Thing is… 'a grinding lap-dance of a track - all sweat and sex…'”


"Drive… is eclectic alternative rock and roll with a bit of big band horns and 50’s be bop guitar infused in to it…like something you’d hear in a Quentin Tarentino movie or David Lynch movie like Lost Highway…"

ANRGIRL - Nashville