“Michael Willett (United States of Tara) will play Shane, Liam's best friend and the most popular kid at school. The character is openly gay with an androgynous vibe that goes well with his eclectic sense of style. Shane is over-the-top in his drive to keep his high school a tolerant, accepting place.”

“Well, definitely I want to continue doing films and television, but my heart is in music. I've written for most of my life. I'm coming out with an album soon -- I was going to come out with an eight-song EP, but I'm so proud of all the songs and they're really solid, so we're going to come out with an album. It's really different for me. Acting, I get to explore other people and other characters; with music, I get to express and explore myself. I don't have a journal; I write music. Any way I can be creative is cool for me. I like to do all kinds of things.”