Wickedtron / Press

“I'm pretty sure these guys are not human, I mean they sure can't play for shit, they never show their faces, and they're always scavenging metal for some "vehicle" no one has ever seen. I even heard E=TRoN sleeps upside down in an aluminum pyramid. Weird.”

Cliff Huxtable - Skeptics Illustrated

“Fuck yall fer comin'”

Guy Terrifico - The one and only

“Sounds like Devo on morphine”

The singer/guitar dude - Sorcery

“These guys really have something here. Its probably syphillis, but its something, and the worlds gonna notice!”

Dr. Smythe - Thundermist Free Clinic

“Although they are obviously ripping off Nickelback, Creed, and every other band who ripped off Pearl Jam, they sound absolutely nothing like them, nor due they dye thier hair! Amazing!”

Hugh R. Addick - Sit n Spin Magazine

“On a recent visit to Mars, I stumbled upon two wiry, paranoid fellows playing earth-style acoustic guitars through a strange, luminescent amplification device, the likes of which I had never before seen. They sang a song about "zombie Leon", which caught my attention because I recently resurrected my uncle Leon, and wondered if there was any connection. I regrettably asked, and they replied,"Yuh frum urth yuh fekkin cunt?" and broke out into their smash hit "Quest:shunned" in a pompous, ridiculing manner. I was blown away! Not by the music, but by a Martian blueneck with a laser gun.”

Dick Fitz - Scrawny Times