Whitney Peyton / Press

“Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, her firecracker personality is totally in line with that city's musical history and the stellar performers from that area who came before her. An undeniable star quality is exhibited in her stage presence and she is in constant demand.”

“Whitney Peyton is an artist with drive that is uncomparable to other budding artists. Her determination alone will fuel her to become a household name not only nationally but world-wide.”

San Lawrence - MAFIA Magazine

“Whitney Peyton and the term unsigned should not even be in the same sentence. All I can say is the music World better wake the hell up and be ready for this POWERHOUSE TALENT”

Rebecca Ferguson from the hit show X Factor

“[Whitney] has brought a value of creation to the rap industry that is… unprecedented.”

"Whitney Peyton is a pioneer as a white, female rapper."

"...something altogether different- a lyricist who is both unabashed and unapologetic about who she is."

"...watch for this cream to rise to the top.."

“Someone this fresh doesn't need to say anything, her music speaks for itself!”

"There is no denying this girl has TALENT."

"...major musical contender.."

The Scene - Merge Magzine

"Not a cookie-cutter rapper"

"Whitney Peyton is one of the fastest moving unsigned artists. I've seen her perform and I was very impressed."

"White Light, White heat. Whitney Peyton, a 19-year- old, white female from the 'burbs' of Philadelphia, has caused quite a stir!"

Matt M. - News Times

"She has a Le-ann Rimes look to her, but don't let that fool you, this girl's about to be Philly's next rap star. She's got witty, raw lyrics and this hottie has the looks to build a package never before seen in the rap industry. A little blonde girl with brass balls and hot lyrics."

"..classy lyrics and a precise flow.."

Pulse Magazine

"I suggest you keep an eye on her."