Whitney Myer / Press

"Whitney Myer might be known for her stint on NBC’s the Voice, but with a new album she’s reinventing herself as one of the West Coast’s premier solo artists."

“Her first solo EP since stepping away from her family band, a five song CD titled Articles of Luminous Nature, sees Myer taking full ownership of her sound on a record that’s personal, intimate, confessional, soulful and at times exquisitely beautiful. Her musical advancement is clearly evident in her breath control, vocal coloration, and in her signature vibrato, phrasings and inflections. Whitney Myer now sounds like Whitney Myer, rather than a funky amalgam of disparate influences. Myer has never sounded better; nor has she been more fearlessly introspective as a storyteller. “Wake and Watch” opens the CD with a wallop (“I haven’t seen you for days/But I remember your skin/The way your mouth tastes...”) and creatively engages the listener with a subtle suite of sonic accents that counterbalance the longing in her lyrics. My favorite cut, the funky uptempo ditty “Orange Sky,” again shows off Myer’s growing prowess as a lyricist"”

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