Whiskey Avenue / Press

“You have a very unique style - and thats what people want to hear. Keep making original music!”

Psy 9 - R.N.

“Nice southern Rock sound Guys Keep it Goin'. This style needs to stay STRONG”

Rick BeauSoleil - R.N.

“Great Sounding Rock!!!!!!!”

Charlie Moix - R.N.

“Love your sound..hear a lot of the same influences I came up on. "What's Left of You" is bad ass!”

John Sullivan - R.N.

“You Alabama boys rock! Somethin in the water out there turns out some great musicians. Awesome!”

Lyndel Lucas - R.N.

"Already Gone" is outstanding brothers!!.."Excellent, lyrics, vocals, guitar work, bass & drums!"..Pete & John

The Honest Mistake Band - R.N.

“Your band defines southern rock”

RT Carter - R.N.

“GREAT SOUTHERN ROCK PLUS !!! Keep kickin' it !!!”

Duane Hitchings/DigitalHitch - R.N.