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“It is clear from speaking to Beau Tyler that this is a band that is fully committed to their art, and committed to making a difference in the world, both musically and otherwise. As they continue to pick up steam, people around the world will begin to take notice, as they have already begun to do. 2014 will see the band pass landmarks big (the release of their new albums) and small (the first-ever TV appearance of one of their songs on Bad Girls Club), all on the road to a brighter future. Now is a perfect time to get to know this promising new band, brimming with refreshing talent and ambition.”

"Tyler's brand of pop rock may be the self-aware music necessary to fuel the future of the alternative rock/indie genre."

“I’m seeing Maroon5 spirits floating through Jay-Z, I’m seeing We the Ghost. I’m seeing Simple Plan and One Republic fans seeing these ghosts for sure.. How I love a good multi-genre band. 1/3 Electro pop, 1/3 indie rock and 1/3 Rap. Deep Synth beds, catchy radio friendly lyrics and a beautiful violinist soaking the band with short bursts of romantic riffs. When I land on bands like We the Ghost, I wish we were a record label or distribution company. These boys (plus the estrogen!) are ready to deliver to teenaged girls around the world. They are no one-hit-wonder either, with an album of the year Hollywood Awards credit under their belt already, this band has a solid music portfolio.”

“The membership of We the Ghost have more chemistry than Breaking Bad”

“(From the 2013 Hot 100 to watch) We've written a lot about We the Ghost this past year, and they keep getting better. This up-and-coming local band won three ABoT music awards, had six nominations, and released a new EP just last month. We the Ghost just might have some staying power.”

“We The Ghost burst onto the scene two years ago in Tulsa OK. Since then they have taken their unique blend of pop/rock, indie, reggae, urban acoustic and mashed them altogether for a sound all of their own. For fans of The Script, Maroon 5 and One Republic, We The Ghost have shared the stage with Imagine Dragons, Neon Trees and others in their short time as a band. WTG is nominated for ‘Rock Album of the Year’ at the LA Music Awards 2013 and their unique sound is a breath of fresh air and will undoubtedly put them on the map. Make sure to listen to “Let Me Know” and their new video for ”Sinking Suspicion”.”

“Every time I listening to the music of We The Ghost, it gets my blood pumping. The band seamlessly blends influences like Pop, Rock, R&B and Reggae to make a sound that glistens and gleans, leaving me feeling like I am bathing in the afterglow.”

“A true case of the old adage 'The whole is greater than the sum of the parts' and you get something almost completely foreign from your expectations. With the arrival of We The Ghost, Tulsa has spawned one of those bands… the music itself and chemistry within the band is far from what I had imagined. This isn't your typical power trio, however. Instead of the expected bass, drums and electric guitar, Samuelson plays djembe and Tyler sticks to primarily acoustic guitar, giving the songs a more organic sound and feel. Perhaps what is most impressive is how much Tyler's songwriting has grown. Instead of feeling forced or formulaic, the songs have a natural flow to them and the trio's strengths really shine through as Tyler, Adams and Samuelson play off of each other.”

“The album that has been creating the most advance buzz just arrived within the past couple of weeks, as We The Ghost released its third studio EP, Sinking Suspicion, on Oct. 15. Easily the band's most focused effort to date, this seems to be the one that the group (and many outside sources) are banking on to break the band on a national level. Packed tight with eight songs (seven new tracks and a holdover from the White Noise EP, "Let Me Know") the disc contains probably four solid potential singles. Produced by Rockwell Ryan, who has raised his game yet again with this release, the disc seems primed for radio airplay as the group continues to develop its signature sound, blending dance rock with a touch of hip-hop and reggae underpinnings. Now is the time for We The Ghost to strike as radio is primed for this sound and We The Ghost is poised to capitalize on it.”

“We The Ghost have been making waves in their native Oklahoma for the past year, but lately have been sending those waves all across the country, getting people’s attention. How have they done it, you ask? They are doing what they do best, making fresh music. And it certainly doesn’t hurt this music video for “Sinking Suspicion” is hot!”

“… Just in time for Christmas. Granted, the star of this disc is We the Ghost and band leader Beau Tyler, but Rockwell Ryan Ripperger's production has definitely lifted the band to a new level. Last spring's debut EP, The Mixtape Summer, revealed Tyler stepping into a new chapter of his career and creating some of his most natural-sounding songs to date. The arrival of White Noise, however, finds the band in a matured state, with the addition of Jocelyn Rowland on violin to add texture to the songs and guitarist Matt McHan finding his pocket within the songs. Everything about White Noise is more mature, from the songs' structures and melodies to the production. Whereas The Mixtape Summer was a great preview of the band, a year of playing together and Ripperger's direction in the production have added a polish that take the band in a new direction, shifting from sounding like an independent band with loads of potential to a band that belongs on the radio now...”

“Next up was a band from Tulsa, Oklahoma, We the Ghost, who were one of the most original bands I think I have ever seen. Beau stood at center stage, and on stage left was the bands bass player as well as their percussionist, who played a bongo. Stage right held a backing female vocalist and an electric guitarist, while the groups keyboard player was set up back on the drum riser. And the stage setup wasn’t the only thing different about the band. At times Beau’s singing style seemed to mimic that of Hip-Hop, while on others it sounded more Reggae, and then there were times where it seemed to be a mix of both genres. They fit several songs into their set that pushed 40 minutes, and I found myself liking each one more than the last. I was legitimately blown away by these guys, I mean, WOW. I’ve seen Beau in several different bands, but in my opinion, this is easily the best thing I’ve seen him do.”

"The big show on Friday night is being hosted by one of Tulsa's favorite indie rock acts, We The Ghost, as the band headlines a free "Halloween Extravaganza" at The Shrine which will include performances by O.T.S.B., Alan Doyle, Shake Shake, a costume contest, drink specials and, of course, a headline set by We The Ghost."

“With a half dozen acts and that much talent, it's hard to call anyone the main headliner of the evening, but with seven nominations for this year's ABoT music awards, We The Ghost is inarguably the hottest band in Tulsa right now. We've already spotlighted the band when it held the release party for its Mixtape Summer EP, but that was just the beginning of the ride for these guys. Beau Tyler started out in Tulsa, moved to Dallas and has been part of more than a half dozen bands, but none of them have sounded as natural as this project as he pairs up with Dain Samuelson and Jimmy Adams. Add Branjae Jackson to the mix with Matt McHan on guitars and Kris Stone on keyboards and the band has grown even more. The band is up for best male and female vocals, band of the year, best newcomer and album of the year. When a band is this hot, there's no way we can't have them be part of the show.”

G.K. Hizer - Urban Tulsa Weekly

"Beau Tyler has the voice of and the vocal presence of an older, much more experienced singer .... Tyler frequently channels the almost criminally hypnotic Bryan Adams with ease.

Chicks With Guns Album Reviews

“With the quality of songs that the band has in hand and a free flowing and natural sound that engages listeners immediately, it's hard to believe that We The Ghost won't be able to find its audience relatively quickly.”

“Tyler, Samuelson, Adams and Stone played off of each other with a tangible chemistry. The longstanding bond between Samuelson and Tyler is readily apparent, but the chemistry that the group displays as a whole belies the relatively short amount of time the group has played together. While Tyler's songs and lyrics are central to the band, it's Samuelson's energy and flow on djembe that really ties all of the members together. Literally bouncing around the room and from member to member, there's an unbridled excitement and joy in his eyes that is contagious. Sure, it draws the audience in, but it also flows throughout the band in a way I haven't seen previously. Even in the most intense moments of a song, smiles are breaking out and you can feel the pull between members with the ebb and flow of the music. It's a chemistry that can't be faked or imitated and it lifts Tyler's songs to a new level that hasn't been reached before.”