We Hunt Buffalo / Press

“Luckily, however, the gents are a generous bunch and decided to give away their digital album for free. “It’s a new wave of thinking, music should be free,” says Forsythe, “especially if its digital. And you recoup when people come to your shows and build your fan-base and people buy your merchandise. Right now, you can download our album for free because we think we should just get it out there.” On top of pleasing their eager fans with the notion of giving their music away to anyone who wants to hear it, the boys have landed instrumental tune, “The Hitchhiker”, in a “fuzzomentary” about one of their favourite bands, Truckfighters.”

Beatroute Magazine

“Capping the 45-minute record is the slow instrumental “Harry Barry”, which offers up echo-laden guitars and careful, controlled percussion with plenty of high-hat. A low-toned saxophone played by Forsythe is introduced mid-song, making for a five-minute triumph. All in all, We Hunt Buffalo’s return features the heavy, lush sound the band is known for, with additional experimental flair. ”

The Georgia Straight

“ While many bands that align themselves with animal names might hardly deserve the title, We Hunt Buffalo’s dedication to track down and capture the dying breed of rock and roll certainly gives itself leave to be called whatever-the-hell it pleases.”

The Georgi Straight