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“The leather pants were tight, the hair big, the vocals soared over raging guitars and pounding drums. The audience voiced their approval as Wayward Sons jammed to Journey’s “Any Way You Want It” at Brixton in Redondo Beach. “Any way you want it That’s the way you need it Any way you want it...” With long red hair tamed by a black, white and red headband and chest to stomach exposed, lead singer Lawrence Faljean channeled Steve Perry as the rest of Wayward Sons were transported to a bygone era of rock and roll. The Wayward Sons are an all-encompassing arena rock tribute band, giving plenty of love to 1970s icon Queen, among others. “It’s a guilty pleasure. People love it,” said bass player Justin Farar. “You don’t think about it so much, but when you hear it you’re like, ‘Oh, I forgot about that song.’” Tribute bands are a fixture in beach cities’ clubs like Brixton and Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach.”


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“Andy Geisel at The Sheet News had much to say about Wayward Sons upcoming show at the Mammoth Rocks — A Taste of the Sierra festival on August 27th - 29th. “The weekend is sure to be a hit for every rock ‘n roll fan’s musical likes, with no less than seven tribute bands on the bill[including] WAYWARD SONS, Hollywood’s infamous “Arena Rock” cover band, performing chart-topping songs from the late 1970s and early 1980s by Journey, Queen, Styx, Foreigner, Boston, Kansas and more. A few weeks ago in L.A., David Grohl of the Foo Fighters jumped on stage to sing Toto’s “Hold the Line.””

Andy Geisel - The Sheet

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