War of Thrones / Press

“Did you miss War Of Thrones live video stream? Here is the replay of Saturday's show! Crank it up!! http://ow.ly/cjg0y \m/..\m/”

“There were at least two opening acts but I only caught the tail end of War of Thrones. These guys are Tampa locals and they can rock out with the best. Led by Wade Black on vocals, the rip snorting guitar work of Rick Renstrom held the crowd against the powerful pull of football in the lobby. It took me a while to notice Renstrom's arms; he has some birth-related hand issues that don't stop him from shooting flames from his guitar. He's playing metal tonight, but I'll bet he could shame the top guitarists in any other genre out there. Mr. Black announces between songs "if you're a fan you need to use ALL CAPS when spelling out METAL." I would advise not getting in a flame war with him, and don't get him going on those soft boy Indie rockers.”

“Took the band up on their three song download. Try wiping the smile off my face.”