Waberi Jordan / Press

“Bold, Creative, it’s Pure Art!”

“Great to see this new video from LA-based singer-songwriter, Waberi Jordan. Those of you who’ve attended the URB Alt Festival, have see her. As well you may remember her as the woman who’s done a pretty killer version of “Strange Fruit”.”

"Like most, Blue is mesmerized by Waberi’s angelic voice and musical talent. She stands 6 ft. tall with guitar in hand calmly expressing thoughts of personal growth and individual freedoms inside of songs that she sings in perfect key and spine chilling precision."

“...The featured artist, Waberi Jordan was next. This was simply kismet. Waberi is an astounding vocalist and performer. In fact, I think that she is truly unaware of how sensual and sweetly intimate she is on stage-- and this adds to her charm. Waberi performed a five-song set that left the audience en rapt, and had the owner smiling.”

"As it goes with Waberi, the person, so it goes with Waberi's sound. Warm and brilliant; beautiful, profound and human to the fullest; not without laughter, not without tears; a new spirit, note dancing on the shoulders of duly proud ancestors. I, as will you, listen and be humbled.”

Mark Maxwell - RISE 90.7 FM - KPFK.ORG

“I am happy to say that the incredible vocalist/composer Waberi Jordan was in the house. Her take on the classic "Strange Fruit" was a prime example of her level of artistry. Some songs you had better not touch unless you are a killer. WABERI IS THAT AND MORE!. ”

"...Lead female vocalist, Waberi Jordan offered her own range which went from opera-like peaks to meditative, hushed whispers"...

“I got to the Temple Bar just in time to catch a few of the tunes from a soul sistah on the jazz scene named Waberi. I have seen her many times as a supporter of the music but did not know that she could get down like that! … ”