Vox Inertia / Press

“Vox Inertia is one of those few: new enough to be infants on the music scene but endowed with an unbreakable bond....It's not just the hard rock/alternative sound of Vox Inertia that pulls the listener in but the signature vocal style of Dillon, who sounds unique and unlike any other singer on the music scene.....If that's not enough check out the live sound versus the studio sound of the band; they're practically identical, perfectly timed and in tune.”

“These cats got me hooked!Man....They're gonna be huge!”

Tony C. - Insider

“A powerful mix of deep emotion, inner thought, raw power, and a mesmerizing sound. They bring it all together on one stage! I haven't heard such riveting sounds since days long gone! I am honored to put my name beside these guys!”

Edward Fredericks - Tour Manager for Vox Inertia

"The next Pink Floyd..."

D. Wilkerson Sr. - Southeastern Prodigies