Violet Eternity / Press

“Leaves Of Gold totally rocks!”

Cat Mclean

“You guys are totally awesome, you rock!!!”

The Time Bomb

“Well written and crafted melodies.”

michael hugh derhamer

“Great stuff!”

BunChakeze and Odin of London

“Love your music!!!The piano is my fav. and guitarist!!!!!!!!!!Great sound you have!!!!”

Jen del rio band

“Wonderful sounds I am hearing!! Best of Luck !”

Jen del rio band

“Your music is a really interesting and well developed blend of new wave and metal”

Acid Easter

“How come all great singers are from england? dig the tunes and esp. lyrics on 'is there really life'. right on”

The Wild Gnomes

“Awesome music !!!”

Crimson City Romance

“Very nice, love all your influences, beautiful voice Marie - great compositions”

Phonic Submission

“u rock!!!!!!!”


“Unusual and relaxing music.Great stuff!”

Chrissy Mcananey

“Awesome tunes! You have a very sweet voice, I could listen to you all day long!”

Signo Nata

“Leaves of Gold kills. Great stuff.”


“Outstanding passion in your sound!!! ”

John Revitte

“Kick ass music. Nice vocals.”

Cal David


Roses For Grace

“Great vocals and guitar. I loved also your instrumental "The Unseen Power" Beautifully played.”

Sue Trickey


Void Inn

“nice sound. really love the vocals. sweet voice”

Steve Walker

“wow! great tracks i´ve found here!!!”

Zeus - Reverbnation

“Nice sound Guys”

Raphaella - ReverbNation

“I really really like your sound. It's most unique and thoroughly enjoyable”

Salariatus - ReverbNation

“Great stuff.”

Stirling - ReverbNation

“We love "Leaves Of Gold" - beautiful haunting vocals...”

Boux/Levin Experience - ReverbNation

“Enjoyed the video medleys and the cat of course”

Stage Parades - reverbnation

“Enjoying your music!”

Ralf Dee - ReverbNation

“Your Music ROCKS ♪ ♫”

Metal Head Melody - reverbnation

“I liked your music..sucess for you”


“Great listening to you.”

Fiona MacMahon - reverbnation

“Digging Elysium right now - very creative writing!”

41 Miles - reverbnation

“Very nice. I raise my lightsabre for you”

JobieWonKenobe, - Reverbnation

“Enjoying your music”

Penny Jayne Black - reverbnation

“Very cool site with a happening sound”

Pat Branch - reverbnatiion

“We love "Leaves Of Gold" - beautiful haunting vocals...”

Boux/Levin Experience - reverbnation

“wonderful sounds”

Healingcolors - Reverbnation

“love your rock touch, incredible idea within great sounds”

Fajri Rusani - Reverbnation

“What an ethereal, good band! Love the unique style and singing. Very pleasant to listen to. Rock on! Peace and love.”

Tracey Lee - Reverbnation

“Nice sound,good job on your songs May the wind of change blow on 2011 and may your endeavors reach their goal.”

Diodorian - ReverbNation

“Wow! Great project here!! ;) Cool sounding!!”

Formek - Reverbnation

“Your music has a big and hauntingly beautiful quality. I'll be back for more”

Patti Best - Reverbnation

“A truly incredible duo! The musicianship couldn't be better and the vocals are beautiful and stunning!”

Rick Frost - Reverbnation

“Keep up the great work!”

Steel Soul - ReverbNation


So Naive - ReverbNation

“...Marie and John...fantastic...love your work, always a special bond and sound between family...thanks for the friendship, kind regards”

Gary Dobbin - Revernation

“great sound/music here! love Is There Really Life! keep on rocking”

Charissa Mrowka - ReverbNation

“Your sound is terrific….Continue to make great music …and much success to you on REVERBNATION and beyond…”

Pat Branch - Reverbnation

“Diggin the sound! Very kewl”

NevertheLess - Reverbnation

“Elysium and Is the Really Life were fun to listen to!! You all have a very good sound and the vocals are excellent! Best wishes!”

Eric Heisman and the Formation - Reverbnation

“cool songs”

James Ferris - Reverbnation

“: "Leaves Of Gold" has a fantastic wibe..deep colored..different sound of lights.”

Liza, WHITENIGHT - Reverbnation

“Awesome!! Love the ambiance you create!”

The Judes - ReverbNation

“Great vox on Burning Flame! Right on.”

Richie - Reverbnation

“Hi!!! Nice sound... good luck!!! ”

Marya Rosa - MySpace

“really enjoyed your tunes! ”

O Pistole - Woho music

“Cool music,keep it coming! ”

Asylum Bedlam - Woho music

“Really like your energy-keep it going guys!”

The Senses on Woho Music

“your music is awesome. Such a refreshing pace from all the deep throat vocal bands are coming out now adays. Really enjoyed this introduction to your tunes.”


“i looked you guys up on youtube and it was love at first note! keep up the great work!!! :) i will definately tell all my friends about you guys”