Viva Fresh Cantina

Burbank, CA


900 W Riverside Dr, Burbank, CA, US
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Capacity: 250 Age Limit: 21

Bio: COMMUNITY TRUMPS COMMODITY AT VIVA CANTINA We have a vibrant Open Mic scene Tuesday nights at Viva Cantina. We demonstrate an alternate music culture driven by the vision that by providing artists with a live stage venue in LA to a supportive and enthusiastic audience, both the artists performing and those waiting to perform draw from the positive energy that drives each to reach beyond self-imposed limits. We are proud of our energetic music community where striving to play at a higher level becomes contagious - An authentic demonstration of community over commodity. It’s immensely satisfying as artists become friends and then friends become stronger performers. We are solely about music and the artists at Viva. We don’t tolerate buzz-kill control issues forced upon our vulnerable open mic attendees at far less friendly venues. Every single soul is respected at the “Openist Mic in Town.” That’s our motto and my invite – Please come and see, artists thrive at Viva Cantina… We launched a Featured Artist set where we reach out to up & comers within the world of country, acoustic, folk, neo-folk to alt, and every other you-name-it new taste to start the evening with a 30 min. set each Tues. before our Open Mic begins. We scour gigs, open mics, and the on-line sea of artists in an effort to find and book those rising above the melee.



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