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Marshall, TX


Online venue, Marshall, TX, US
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Bio: Music artists performing live for Music Fans that will leave you wanting more!! Streaming live from online and also local clubs/events around the world. Focusing on independent artists with original songs. Rockin Music World staff with over 30 years of experience in the music industry and also new. Website http://www.rockinmusicworld.com under construction. Focusing on bringing independent artists to the fans in a performance to showcase their talents and build their loyal fan base. This is not your basic Live streaming feed..Place for fans to be able to chat right with the artists/bands after their performance.. Bring your Best performance because fans deserve the Best!! :) Rockin Music World will assist by guiding you to others who can help with expanding your music beyond what you can do alone. We will guide you to discounted places where you can get your music mastered and produced to be placed for sale in our music store (if you choose) and your distribution areas. (discounted but high quality). (Would you like to earn extra by actually having merchandise to sale other than music?) We will assist with this too. Plus more. We're a huge music fan of all music---Wow the fans!! Give us your best performance!! :)



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