Ojata Records

Grand Forks, ND


3rd St N. & Demers Ave, Grand Forks, ND, US
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Capacity: 100

Bio: Ojata Records does live shows. We do not discriminate Age, Race, Sex, Orientation, Faith, Politics, Opinion, etc. Most shows happen on the weekend, Friday or Sat., but we're open to pretty much any date you need. 5 band max on the show bills, our capacity is most comfortable @ 25-70 but have & will hold up to 110. We ask bands to wait to load in equipment until they play, to insure adaquite space for show goers, We do not offer guarantees, we split door moneys & distribute it fairly betwixt venue & bands, traveling bands get appropriate gas compensation, according to logistics. We feed performers, & offer discounts to those traveling with them ie. merch personal/roadies. We'll try to help accomidate if need be. We have a strict NO outside lights policy, meaning... if you travel with a light rig, you can leave it in the van. bands with massive merch getups & back drops, leave those outside too, we simply don't have the room ( your fans will buy your merch regardless). We appreciate your following our simple rules to insure the best possibe show for our patrons, your fans & our crew alike. No Drugs or Alchohol permitted in this venue.



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