L4 Black Door

New York, NY


East Village, New York, NY, US
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Capacity: 175 Age Limit: 21

Bio: Once you've found the Black Door we invite you to open it and come in. Join us and leave all pretense and snobbery behind. All are welcome Our humble little space is a place for creativity, experimentation and serves as an artist in residence incubator/nurture joint Be it through music, film, video,sculpture, photo, canvas or any other discipline or form of creative expression we encourage you become part of our family of creatives. Do inquire within or email L4blackdoor@aol.com. Music: We provide a back line which includes: 1 Guitar Combo Amp. 1 Bass Combo Amp and drum shells. Drummers must bring all hardware and breakables including: Cymbals and stands, high-hat n clutch, snare and stands, kick pedal and throne. All bands and or artist must follow house rules, Bands/DJ's: Please arrive an hour or more prior to your set time, have your instruments tuned and do not infringe on your fellow musicians playing time. Guitarist, Bassist and any one using amplification please keep volume levels within practical reason and listen to your Live Sound Engineer, he is trying to make you sound good and make it a pleasurable experience for you and your fans. Loud does not necessarily mean good even if your band is a "loud band" keep in mind that your sound should not over power your singer even if he or she is a screamer, balanced sound always sounds best. Singers, MC's and the like, Please do not cuff the Mic! This is a practice that shows poor Mic technique. We have the best drink prices and great comfort but healthy food at great prices as well. Have your CD release, Bday Party etc. with us! We'll give you a great Deal



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