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Brunswick, GA


3413 Brailsford Lane, Brunswick, GA, US
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Bio: Junior’s Cave, an online magazine, was established in June 2005 by Isaac Joseph Davis Junior, Mikael Linder, Shannon Faust, and Todd Withrow as a concept of what we wanted to accomplish. During that time, we were accumulating ideas as to what shape we wanted the magazine to take. It was formally launched on the Internet on December 2005 and has been a great success since its conception. We believe the strength of this project is that it is tapping into a market that is developing fast; online publication. More conventional printed publications are moving towards the online publication for the inexpensive method of producing materials. The main purpose of the magazine is “online services of information”. The magazine assumes a unique approach to reporting news, stories and information. The magazine engages its readers in the information that we present from an independent perspective. Simply put, we want our readers to feel like they are receiving stories, news, and information from a friend, family member or a co-worker.



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