Hot Hitz Radio

Jackson, TN


http://www.spreaker.com/user/damo_entertainment/hot-hitz-radio-live-at-studio-618-midwes, Jackson, TN, US
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Capacity: 1000000

Bio: If you would like for me to broadcast Hot Hitz Radio live at your venue please contact me to set up a date. There is a fee for this depending on the distance I have to drive to the venue. The fee ranges from $65-100 anywhere up to 3-4 hour drive. The best way to reach me for interview, management, questions, etc is to email me at DamoEntertainment@yahoo.com Follow me on twitter..get tweeted every time we play your song @DamoEnt I used to do the interviews on the radio show for free. The website has started charging us monthly to keep the radio show going on their website. But I only charge $20 for the interview and I will promote the interview on facebook, twitter, etc., and the interview will be featured on the front page of my website. I will also send you an audio clip of the interview by request. I promote my radio show all the time including interviews tha I have done on the radio show. That means a little extra promo for you being on the radio show. Click the link to listen to a live broadcast I done at THe Midwest Best $1000 showcase interviewing a few artist that were at the show. I will also set up the show here on reverb and tag you in the show for extra promo My facebook www.facebook.com/djdamoent My Twitter www.twitter.com/DamoEnt Be sure to join my Examiner articles http://www.examiner.com/article/film-exec-and-philanthropist-martino-helps-the-young-advance-their-careers Twitter: @DamoEnt This is where you can here the radio show and get your music played This is Damo of Damo Entertainment on Hot Hitz Radio. I have been in the music business for a total of about 20 years off and on. I just recently for about five years decided to dedicate myself to trying to promote the Underground Artists that need more exposure in the music business. The only way the game can change is if we all work together. I am using reverb and my Facebook fan page as my home pages. I can be found on facebook also under David Damo Morris and my fan page is Damo Entertainment. I will interview any artist on my show of any genre. All I ask in return is that you tell everyone about the show. If you have audio advertisements for your business, products, cd releases, etc. It is very cheap and I can send it to you if you ask. Your webpage can also be posted on the show page for more promoting.



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