Allstar Music Empire

Flemington, NJ


17 Minneakoning Road, Flemington, NJ, US
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Capacity: 100

Bio: Allstar Music Empire is in Flemington NJ. We are a full service music store, school and venue. We have built a professional venue for local bands to showcase their rock star abilities as well as to give the younger kids a place to hang. DJ nights on Fridays and live bands on Saturdays. This is one of the only places to perform in Flemington and by far the most unique and original setting. We even give the artists a chance to make money by selling tickets(Not required). For every ticket that is sold for $10, the artist gets 50% and for every person that comes in the door for that artist they get $5. It is used as a motivator for the bands to get people here but not used as a stress you out tool. No one wants to play to nobody and we don't want an empty venue. We promote all shows via social media as well as word of mouth. We do everything we can to promote these events because everyone benefits that way. We look forward to hearing from you. We also have backline and record shows live.Full PA and lights.



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