“Loud, abrasive, thunderous, and pretty much everything rock and roll should be. Nothing flashy about these guys, just a no frills kick in the balls that will leave you begging for more. Imagine if Motorhead played a slower, crunchier style and you’ll have an idea about how these guys bring it.”

“Vegatron explode from the first note with killer riffs, snarling vocals, and lyrics that actually mean something. This three-piece is beyond tight, and may just restore your faith in rock. Headbanger-READY!”

“Vegatron – Awakening (vegatron.bandcamp.com) The mainstream would have us believe that rock ‘n’ roll is dead. As always, the mainstream can suck it. Rock ‘n’ roll is alive and well, stronger and heavier than ever. Need proof? Exhibit A: Vegatron, a power trio from Austin, Texas, comprised of vocalist/bassist Andrew Collins, guitarist Ryan Goebel, and drummer Ryan Greenblatt. On the band’s debut album, ‘Awakening’, Vegatron have taken it upon themselves to build a new spur off the fuzzed-out 70s heavy rock highway, melding elements of post-hardcore, pop-punk, melodic doom, and modern metal for a unique sound that feels unique and instantly familiar in equal measure. Not to be missed. The Impaler @impalerspeaks”

"Generally, I prefer singing to screaming but as far as screamers go, Vegatron will show you how it's done... Opting for a no frills recording style, you'll hear an honesty in this album that so many others have left behind..."

“3/5 stars from Austin Monthly who said: “The debut from punk-metal trio Vegatron is as dense as the Earth’s core, from the Metropolis- meets- Mordor cover art to the heavy, virtuosic riffage within. It deftly straddles the smoldering punk-metal- hard rock divide (“[The Wave]” is downright catchy) and is a disc that’ll make all camps smile.””