Vbu / Press

“Wow! I Fucking love your band!”

Hard Drive Minds - Artist

“In the footsteps of no one really: Vbu and Mad Manga.”

Diane Breedveld - Rock Journalist

“Your music is a bit odd but in a really good way”

Femke Giesolf - Person of discerning taste!

“A fine, utterly dotty, piece of work, like the bastard lovechild of Alison and Frank....well worth the money.”

Dj Feral - Noise Department

“I don't mean to argue or anything, but I can't quite agree with your heading. I find you're awfully cool in a bunch of ways. What's cool if you're not? ”

Trace - Artiste

“Funkadelic Shampoo. Don't change a thing, totally works.”

Limey59 - Fan

“Following several complaints from other local residents we must request that you cease and desist immediately playing loud music between the hours 9:00pm and 9:00am. Failure to comply with this request will be met with further action.”

Gwynedd Council - ASBO WARNING

“This music truly sucks!!!Total shit!!! I don't understand why I can not get it out of my head!”

SK8 Fanzine (Seattle)

“Oh, you had me at "Cartoon sleaze-rock groove"; but I listened, and I liked. And... I want that 'winged' Vbu logo for a hood ornament (that's like a high compliment in New Jersey).”

Michele Geluso - Mean Missus Mustard

“Rubberdoll is the greatest song on MySpace. Nice feel to your stuff - conjures up This Mortal Coil, Shakespears Sister, Ruby, and then transcends them, exorcises them, and banishes them to the Phantom Zone. -Riel Langlois”

Riel Langlois - Hot Hail Comics

“I think the music is great !!”

Zoe Ballz - Wild Bunch Radio

“Vbu, you rule! And your awesome music's a proof of that... It's an honor to share this space ride with the rulers of the scene! Keep makin' the world go the Vbu way and have a wonderful day packed with continued success!”

Mona - Secretly Famous

“You got stranded on that miserable planet, too?!? I spent 15 lonnnng years there. Just don't be there when the Vogons drop by... although they might spare you and offer you a ride if you volunteer to do the soundtrack to their poetry. Enjoyed listening to your rockin' sounds. Hard-edged!! You could give Hotblack Desiato a run for his money!! I drink a toast to our new friendship:”

Ford Prefect - The Guide