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““Memoir of a Dying World” Unhailoed plays a style of heavy metal that is very aggressive and hard hitting. While “Memoir of a Dying World” is true headbanging fare, the band maintains enough melody in the music and variety in the vocals to keep things interesting. The Auburn band consists of Jeremy Ludington on vocals, James Sumner and Jess Hudson on guitars, Gabe Wright on bass and Dylan Bennett on drums. The title track starts things off with some eerie sound effects and a guitar riff in a minor key that meshes well with the cymbals. An instrumental number, it slowly builds momentum over the course of one minute and 44 seconds. “Population Control” is built around a brutal riff that is perfect for the lyrical content. “Population mass murder, sacrifice them all/ population control, bury them all.” ”

“Alternative (2010-07-20) Unhailoed Releases New Single 'Next Chapter' Available On Itunes! UnHailoed, starts the new year with the release of their new single 'Next Chapter.' The full-throttled tune 'is about a person experiencing turmoil in their life, the realization that a change needs to be made to experience a tranquil life. All in all it is the settling of one's past, as a better future is just within grasp,' expresses UnHailoed. 'Next Chapter' is the first single from their upcoming album due to release this summer. www.myspace.com/unhailoed”