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“The Goth Rock community hasn't been the same since Peter Steele's death and it never will be. Trying to find a new band to listen to in the genre can be hard when it's dominated by HIM and TYPE O NEGATIVE but UNDECIMBER are a band to take on the big names.”

“... Due for release this upcoming January, "Dead Inside" should be an early favorite to make my "Best of 2014" list!”

“In my opinion Undecimber are a very great sounding dark gothic metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this album. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Three Pages From Hell" "Scars Of Pleasure" "Wait In The Dark" and "Beyond The Grave". RECOMMENDED BUY.”

“What is the meaning and inspiration behind the name Undecimber? Undecimber is Latin, and can be roughly translated into "the thirteenth month". It was coined by Julius Caesar in 44 BC, he added two months to the year to basically squeeze more taxes out of his people. I think we were just perversely attracted to the concept of the number thirteen, Undecimber seemed mystical enough to fit as a band name. Plus, it sounds cool.”

“Thank you Gothenburg! Last night was awesome, you guys really know how to party. Too much fun, too much alcohol. The name Goth-enburg makes sense.”

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Our sorceress of darkness Åsa Schwarz has announced the release of her latest novel Lust. She will serve you a haunting tale of a twisted mind fated by a sinister evil, Undecimber will provide the soundtrack. The Swedish edition of Lust will be available from June 4th (Mix/Bonnier).”

“Zkipper spent almost 48 hours in the studio doing a marathon drum session this weekend. Driven by dedication and perfectionism alone. And coffee. We hade a couple of goosebump moments over the technical stuff he came up with, very impressive. These recordings will be legendary.”

“Review of Undecimber's album Seven Nights of Sin in Legacy Magazine (Germany) Album Rating: 13 (of 15) Gothic rock is very often associated with a bit of kitsch and sad lyrics. Undecimber's debut album is straight down the line of music that bands like The 69 Eyes and Lacrimas Profundere brought injustice to.”

“Music Video of Death By Design, from UNDECIMBER's album Seven Nights Of Sin. Buy it at Downfall Records (CD) or iTunes (download). Video by director Matte Lundberg (Doomfilms).”

“thanks to all who came to our Release Party for the album Seven Nights of Sin Thursday, 02 June @ Vampire Lounge in Stockholm.”