Umphrey's McGee / Press

“Twelve hours after their arrival, shortly before midnight, Umphrey's McGee left Abbey Road with a new album of their own.”

“...stand revealed as consummate musical alchemists, deftly reconfiguring sounds from rock's vast panoply of styles... ...[T]he sleekly constructed tunes sparkle with a sweetness and soul that's more than the sum of their influences.”

"****" - Live at the Murat is a diligently constructed experience, combining songs and medleys from four sets into a two-CD suite of peaks that proves Umphrey's McGee always have destination on their minds, even when they fly free.

“If complexity is the standard by which it should be judged, ''Mantis'' warranted the buildup. Most of its songs combine sharp riffs with unexpected twists, injections of odd meter, modulations in key.”