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“TYR has another EP for all of us. This one’s titled Nudity & Espionage, and it’s a blend of gangster rap, glitch, mellow dub, drum and bass, a little funk, and some Jimi Hendrix on the last track. It’s just what we’ve come to expect from the young phenom producer; some amazingly constructed tracks that perfectly fuse the old and the new, the beautiful and the filthy. This EP is fat, so listen below, and be sure to grab the free download while you’re at it! Enjoy!”

“TYR just dropped a five track EP that has a number of different feels to it. Each of the tracks is a little bit different from the next, displaying how versatile his production can be. A Jimi Thing is my personal favorite on this EP, featuring a classic riff from Jimi Hendrix’s Voodoo Child complimented with a heavy dose of bass.”

“Already seen pruning a most excellent reinterpretation of Moby’s ‘Flower’ last month, Colorado’s TYR kicks into gear this latest 5-track “Nudity & Espionage EP” that’s occupied by widespread bass-crunches and über guitar shredders of filtered burst. Tailing their way into a Jimi Hendrix seam of sampled presence, ‘Informal Surveillance,’ ‘A Jimi Thing’ and ‘Milk’ are all-embracing audio missiles.”

“My boy Wilcox hit me up with TYR's latest EP release, and he put it succinctly: He slayed it on this one. Couldn't have put it better myself. Kid has been blowing up recently, so I couldn't be more stoked for him especially as we were one of the first blogs to pick up his last couple tracks (which are dank).”

“If the title of this EP doesn't grab your attention right off the bat, the music definitely will. TYR's new summer EP called Nudity & Espionage is a five track monster. The Boulder, CO transplant from Las Vegas released his 2012 summer EP earlier this week and it is already blowing up the music blogosphere. TYR has created his own individual style by sampling rock and funk elements and adding heavy dubstep and glitch bass lines with hard-hitting drum rolls. What's most notable about this EP is that it is not just another dubstep album, it takes elements of electro, glitch and hip-hop to incorporate a full mixture of future electronic style music. The attention to detail in the production of every song shows that this EP was not simply thrown together, whether it be the layered starry synths in "Disconnected" or the vocal cuts in "Milk." In "A Jimi Thing," TYR pays homage to one of the greatest guitar players ever, Jimi Hendrix. While at first doubtful about incorporating rock samples”

“TYR has released his 'Calvin Harris Ft. Ne-yo - Lets Go Remix' track for download FINALLY. It was in a competition for best remix but unfortnuatly it did not win. Although unfortunate that it did not win, the track is now free to download for YOU instead of up to buy on beatport. This track is at 64 BPMs so it is perfect for mixing in with House music at double the speed 128 BPMs.”

“TYR’s remix of Calvin Harris and Ne-Yo’s track, “Let’s Go” was in a competition for best remix but unfortnuatly it did not win. Although unfortunate that it did not win, the track is now free to download for you instead of up to buy on beatport. This track is at 64 BPMs so it is perfect for mixing in with House music at double that speed 128 BPMs.”

“TYR came out with his EP called Nudity & Espionage a few days ago and what can I say we just love writing about this guy. This EP uses some amazing samples and has that funky vibe that he brings in every track he produces, we have featured such tracks as Moby – Flower (TYR Remix), Road to Zion (TYR Remix), Settle Down (TYR & Rodway Remix) and TYR – Hard Times EP. This whole EP is pure gold go download it now and show some love on his Facebook and Twitter! Bonus we also have his brand new remix of “Calvin Haris – Lets Go ft. Ne-Yo”.”

“If you haven’t heard this track yet, it’s about time you did. It was in a competition for best remix but unfortunately it did not win. Although unfortunate, the track is now free to download for you instead of buying on beatport. This track is at 64 BPMs so it is perfect for mixing in with house music at double that speed 128 BPMs. Enjoy this slamming TYR track and remember to grab your free copy!”

“TYR better get on your watch list if he already isn't because he's been bringing his best recently, and definitely blazing inroads into the blogosphere.”

“I remember the first time I heard this song at the beginning of Gone In 60 Seconds. I went home and just couldn’t get it out of my head. This is some serious chain gang shit and there is something infectious about it. Well, one of our favorite artists TYR takes this already great track and throws it on the first train to DUB town USA. So you have all the greatness of the original with a hint of womps and wobbles. You have to check this one out. Hey, TYR was nice enough to provide it to us for free!”

“Bring Sally Up and Bring Sally downnn. TYR refuses to let up dropping yet another [FaT] remix of a Moby classic. At 80 bpm this remix is that perfect blend of vocal sampling and filthy dub sounds that leaves you no choice but to bob ya head. Oh yea and since its TYR, the drum beat obviously keeps it gangster.”

“This is going to be the last freebie from TYR before he releases his EP, so snatch it from his Facebook like it’s going out of fashion! Young producer TYR has blown us all away time and time again but his new remix of Flower from Moby‘s Play: The B Sides (2000, V2) is absolutely phenomenal. He leaves just enough of that soulful chain gang in there but also adds some cataclysmic and shredding bass.”

“TYR (Old Norse: Týr [tyːr]) is the god of single combat, victory and heroic glory in Norse mythology. Las Vegas’s Grant Redmond aka TYR (now residing in Boulder, Colorado) cleverly whittles a purist’s dream of addictive flavour, stirring breakbeat, and fortifying electronic zigzag’s too. Spreading his musical seed amid his own current sketchbook of analogue and skeleton testers over on SC, this up & coming 18 year old producer embroils all the commitment needed to make the very best tracks for the future.”

“If you thought the Skrillex remix of “Levels” was epic, think again. This new artist, TYR, has exploded onto the scene in an all-out effort to ‘out-produce’ the production mastermind himself. Check out the track below, and look out for more exciting things coming from TYR!”

“TYR takes this massive anthem, (arguably one of the best EDM songs of 2011?) and ups the BPM to create a pretty solid dubstep remix. Yeah I know, all of you are pretty sick of hearing Levels remixes, but since we never posted the Skrillex remix I thought it was fitting to at least post this one (which is better then Skrillex’s in my opinion). You guys feeling this track? It’s obviously not even close to as good as the original but hey, it’s a new interpretation to a great song. Leave a comment and download above.”

“MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone! My second gift to you wonderful fans of TSS on this beloved Christmas holiday is 17-year-old Las Vegas dubstep producer TYR’s new dubstep remix of Avicii’s song ‘Levels,’ a remix that may be competing with the dubstep juggernaut known as Skrillex’s which you can check out right here. Incase you were wondering, TYR is the god of single combat, victory, & heroic glory in Norse mythology; an everyday fact that everyone should already know haha. This kid is currently going to school in Santa Barbara and definitely has a bright & shiny future ahead of him if he’s already producing at this level; no pun intended. Kick back, turn up your speakers, and enjoy!”

“Santa Barbara’s TYR is coming for ya Skrillex. Well sort of, but in a non-violent, obsessive sort of way. Being that your his only influence on his Facebook page as of now, clearly, he envies you. This remix of Avicii’s anthem, “Levels”, is absolutely next level. He is part of electronic music’s newest agency, Center Stage Classic. Download it or something, or just listen to it here. Just Press Play…!!!”