Tyler Mac / Press

“Check out this experienced youngster who has taken the mantle of the Blues and moved it forward for us all!”

“Like your Blues with a beat, a funky strut, songs that doesn’t regurgitate the same ol’ same ol’ – this baby’s for you. Ya might want to get a copy for your nephew or niece too they gonna dig it like dirt!”

“I gotta believe him when he sings gimme me champagne when I’m thirsty, gimme reefer when I wanna get high” There is a impudent attitude on this track that makes the Stones version sound and feel like school girls in chorus (no offense to school girls or choruses but y’all know what I’m talking about).”

“Mr. Mac’s vocals have grown in scope and polish, his guitar work has opened up the door to the next level and it is a pleasure to hear him on this release and how he has grown artistically.”

“Both of these young men brought fresh and creative expression to their music making their set the perfect kickoff for the event!”

“Awesome player! His singing and slide work remind me of Warren Haynes. With a bit of Bonamassa thrown in.”

John S. Camp - Facebook Comment