Tuatha / Press

"WOW.. first time I have heard your music - at the Fairy Ball.. I am hooked. "

"Found you folks from Druidcast episode 24. I was totally blown away from the one song previewed there. I checked out your website and listened to the other songs available there and am very happy to say that I've just purchased your album, Invocation from iTunes. Can't wait to listen to the whole thing. Awesome work!"

“Invocation is a one of a kind album. Tuatha has created an auditory landscape that inspires the mind and manifests brings to light deep emotions and longings for another time. This album gave me goose bumps and made me dream of heading out on a gypsy caravan across unknown lands.”

“I bought my CD a couple of years ago on the happen-chance of seeing a postcard for a concert. I fell in love with the music and have attended several events to hear Tuatha live. The music is out of this world. It brings out the dance in me. I would recommend this CD to anyone who loves to hear exotic instruments, otherworldly voices and fantastic drums. It is great music to listen to while I do artwork, or if I just need an escape. I eagerly await any future albums and will be the first to buy one.”

“Tuatha is one of the most amazing groups performing sacred, trance, dance music. Every song calls the soul to rejoice,and join in the dance. Truly refreshing, and empowering.”

"Most interesting and impressive was the atmosphere Tuatha conjured up on that stage that many of the other bands could not. They changed the very air in Hodi's with their music."

"If you feel like dancing, then Tuatha is for you."

"Tuatha is all about mood, and their January 26th CD release party at Avogadro's should be a veritable merry-go-round of musical possession, as the rhythms of the Earth flow through their instruments conjuring up a mystical realm of dancing, animism, and perhaps Tempeh."

"Their one-of-a-kind sound brings trance-dance and tribal fusion together in a rocking new agey world fusion mix...They just may be the next great band to come out of Fort Collins, but they certainly won’t sound like any of the rest."