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“While I'm thankful for your music here! I want to pay for the album on itunes you deserve my money. Im gonna search for it right now. cheers!”

Alison Macondray - N1M.com

“Hey I became totally addicted to your tune say ima killa since I got the first promo alert from numberonemusic.com to visit your page, I want to download this one to my collection which I'm playing while driving in my car through traffic jams. Please send me a direct link to buy it from itunes or cdbaby. I only buy from those sites. Let me know, I just can't wait to buy it! Thanks.”

-- Denis Khorev - numberonemusic.com

“Hey! I will never forget that day I cam across your music. I went listened to each tune and could not believe it. Every track was so awesome. After each I hit replay. I probably played it 5 times in a row that first time. I barely got any sleep that day because I was so happy and proud of you!! I called my best friends Miranda and Angela to come and listen. They were excited too. I didn't want to stop listening and I was even playing it tonight. Besides Say ima killa, it is my favorite. Hearing for the first time was like completely a spiritual moment in my life. God bless ya!! -------------Charlene-------------------”

charlene Middleton - N1M

“I lov' that Say ima killa song is my favorite I listened all your songs! u r #1”

Alison Macondray - n1m

“Wow good to hear from you!! I still play "say ima killa"! This one is superrr!! Its going to be a timeless classic!”

Caroline Winslet - n1m

"Dont Make Me Do It" - The best ever made! Love it to pieces Keep on & ON

Faye Alarie - numberonemusic.com

“like this...music is sensational.. you could actually, not be bored with it...it gets you up!!!...tremendous stuff!!!!...wow ”

Joan Berg - numberonemusic.com

“hello out there...i'm so glad i found your music on n1m recently and that's all becuase of my friend who shared your Dont Make Me Do It with me. I'll check your other pages for more music asap and send you my fb like. ”

Hal Reilly - numberonemusic.com

“I want to support you and your music!!! may god guide you and hold you by the hand to the right path in life . i wish u the best in your years to come”

Apryl bailey - numberonemusic.com

“Hi your track don't make me do it is def hot stuff! We fans thank you for your music that inspire our souls. May our God bless you in your jurney ahead”

Antcy - numberonemusic.com

“i love your music, expecting more in 2013! Without a doubt you're going to be HUGE..I can see it...Never GIVE UP!!! We - YOUR FANS be there for you always!!!”

Adgamilton - numberonemusic.com

“OMG!! i really like your songs my favorite is Dont Make Me Do It keep making more music hope everything's good”

Adam Spiel - numberonemusic.com

“Hey, I'm addicted to your musik ever since I heard it first time. Anyway, I think the force is with you and your talent is amazing! :)”

Lucien Sears - numberonemusic.com

“Your music is just wonderful.. I hope someday to meet you .. I'm really a fan .. believe in your dreams and follow your way”

Thomas - numberonemusic.com

“Your music makes my day today”

“ This is my Fav !! LOVE ITT !! T Stone, You Know ;) ”

“God Bless the tstone ”