Tsavo / Press

"Tsavo should garner more accolades and successes the more they continue to promote their debut... continued persistence and determination should yield great things."

"Thank God there are still some decent bands in the modern hard rock scene."

"One thing i admire about this band is that they can be almost hardcore but the vocals are so relaxed that it can pull off two sounds at once."

"For an unsigned, independent band, there is a load of untapped potential and talent that could really be unleashed with a big studio treatment."

"I would like to thank you for taking the time out to do this interview with me; I know you have had a busy schedule. First start off by introducing the members of Tsavo..."

"It's basically music that would be a perfect fit on modern rock radio."

"Now Tsavo is a completely different creature in my opinion. There's a movement that I've noticed in the NW rock scene. There are actually local bands that other local bands listen to and go out and see. These bands... like to play music. From what I've seen from Tsavo, they inspire this ideal."