Tripp / Press

“While these are classic pop songs in the vein of Costello and Chilton, hints of folk rock and '90s alternative seep in, keeping things interesting throughout.”

“(On 'We Are Happy Here') the band earns attention, though, for the insistent effervescence of Wilkins' songwriting. His is a purer brand of pop than the indie realm tends to traverse... Wilkins has no interest in hiding behind sonic overload or trickery, putting the vocals up-front and pointedly singing with clarity. His bandmates—keyboardist Charles Cleaver, drummer Paul Fisher and bassist Alex Van Gils—flesh out his mostly romantic paeans with engaging melodicism and upbeat tempos, crafting radio-friendly fare for a post-radio age.”

“Led by Wilkins' affable, everyman tone and Swaso's six-string electricity, Tripp writes sharp, radio-ready themes, capable of swooping wide as breezily romantic pop or charging fast as open-road anthems. In both cases, expect a perfect springtime sentiment.”

“Sharp guitar solos blend with Alex Wilkins' laid-back vocals. A lack of ballads leaves emotion that might normally be somber with an optimistically upbeat presentation, making even the most heartbreaking relationship situation seem light.”

"Wilkins' infatuations proffer magnetic infatuations of their own, and his backing band—guitarist Hugh Swaso, drummer Paul Fisher and bassist Alex Van Gils—pushes those hooks deep with a crisp rock flair."