Trent Hancock / Press

“I’m not very picky with a lot of genres, but one I am very picky with is that of the “singer-songwriter.” My favorites include Damien Jurado, Joseph Arthur, Josh Ritter … toxic artists include Jack Johnson, Gavin DeGraw, and you get the idea”

“Trent Hancock is a newcomer to the folk pop/indie scene. He is multi talented artist. He plays guitars, writes and sings songs”

“San Diego; beaches, Chargers and Shamu. What lay beneath all the staples lay singer/songwriter Trent Hancock. You may think he´s just another boy with a guitar and a pen, but what makes Trent stand apart from the countless coffee shop bandits, is his sense of life and ability to take the kangaroo by the pouch (I swear that'll make sense).”