Travis Shallow / Press

" Shallow’s vocals have an ethereal quality and the song blends together somber tones with gospel reverie."

"The solo acoustic driven show will be fitting for the new material, as much of it was written with that atmosphere in mind. Shallow’s singer-songwriter and Americana material is carried further by his soulful, memorable voice. The new album was recorded in the way of the albums he loved growing up – on analog tape, not digitally. To do so he traveled to Oxford, Mississippi to record with Andrew Ratcliffe at his Tweedy Recording Studios."

“One look at Travis Shallow and you could be deceived. Long hair, blue jeans, worn cowboy boots and sunglasses, toting a guitar case, it makes you think he’s always wanted to be a musician, swagger and all. But that’s, not true. ”

“Shallow has a graceful voice with a lot of heart. He sings songs that can be tender and those that traffic in darkness. In all he does so with restraint, whether on country tinged acoustic ballads (the excellent “Amen”) or aching confession-drenched numbers”

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