Tracie Mattox / Press

“Shared the stage with Steel Magnolia at the Rattlesnake Rodeo in Opp, Alabama 3/24/13”

“I enjoy listening to Tracie's music because you can tell it is from the heart. Her voice brings you into the moment and every note has meaning. When she covers a song - I like her version better, but maybe I'm partial! I'm just a Tracie fan!”

“Beautiful well written songs, and a sweet twangy vocal style with a powerful presence.”

“A Very light and good heart-ed tune with a twist of folk blended in for good measure, somehow it faintly reminds me a little of the early Led Zeppelin acoustic folk songs they used to do. Good Stuff sweet Tracie!"”

-Marco Macri, on the song titled, "You Remind Me So Much Of Home"