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“THE NEW JAC BOY ENTERTAINMENT - The Come Up....mixtape http://www.datpiff.com/JACBOY-The-Come-UpMixtape.318751.html … via @DatPiff #TracDaddy #TheComeUp #TheNewJacBoyEntertainment #Free5HUNNID #VMG4Life #Wadesboro #N_52”

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“ATTENTION: I've been listen to a lot of music by different artists. The thing that gets me is, there's no passion behind the songs; They're just songs with sound, nothing more. Who wants to hear talk about, trappin , gunplay , disrespect to women or just plain ignorance, all the time????!!!! Not me.. I refuse to disgrace the gift that's been given me by He, who can end it all. Stay tuned... #REWIRED_TheMixAlbum_TracDaddy”

Trac Daddy - ReWired

“The time comes in every artist's career when he/she , the artist has to take it to the next level of planning. Record exects could care less what you ,the artist has to encounter on the way to the top. Therefore ,the artists takes matters into thier own hands, just so as JAC BOYZ have. We ready for the show down with the industry bitches. FUCK'EM with a passion!!!!”

Trac Daddy - New Day