Tone Indbryn / Press

“she sticks to the tried and trusted template of inner dialogue and grand gesture. Musically, there is an excellent mid section which takes in ‘Beautiful Man’, ‘Do You Love Me So Much’, ‘I Just Wanna Be With You’ and ‘Vampire Man’, and makes the whole endeavour more than worthwhile.”

“interview Vents Magazine”

“Yeah, one of the best features we've ever had. We adore this witty, sharp, funny, stunningly talented girl. She puts on one hell of a great show! ”

“The Night I Met Alfie”

"Life As A Single Parent Muscian

“Tone Indbryn One of our favorite performers. She makes rare appearances on our stage and now we get a whole half hour!! A wonderful songwriter and performer with a sharp sense of humour”

“ON DECK: Jan. 17th, The wonderful Tone Indbryn! Folk/rock music with a real bite! Funny and thought evoking!! This little gal is a very creative and fearless song writer!”